Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2018) review: A near-perfect laptop for professionals

The X1 Carbon is the business laptop to get (if you can afford it). The new edition for 2018 brings an optional HDR display that is out of this world and performance that matches Surface Book 2. Here is our review. . See at Lenovo Shop: http://thrifter.com/syK4

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Anirban Chakraborty says:

Coming from a macbook pro, how easy/difficult would it be to get accustomed to x1’s trackpad/touchpad? The touchpad is the only reason I hardly used a windows notebook.


Can i ask something??
I know someone who bought the x1 carbon 6th with HDR Dolby. He noticed x1 carbon is seen to be red hue in monitor. Is this because ms window does not support the hdr dolby pannel?? Is there anyone to know clearly????

Testing Liu says:

It also turn off microphone when you turn off thinkshutter?

Erwin Alva says:

Seriously. The TrackPoint is one of the reasons you buy a ThinkPad.

KD7BWB says:

This video was in my Youtube recommended page…

Uh… so knowing they installed a lousy dog of an OS (Windows), Lenovo now has to add panache to the product by carbon fiber casing parts, which many believe remains ugly.

I’m walking away shaking my head in dismay…

Tanddant says:

One fix I’ve found for the fingerprint reader is to simply add the same finger 4-5 times (it’s a bit finicky to get it to add the same finger but keep trying), now it never missed my fingerprint.

Abe says:

Such a great detailed review!

4pirsquare says:

what’s that wallpaper on 3:55?

petevineaux says:

It’s kind of sad to see so much great PC hardware coming out (albeit expensive) and Windows 10 letting it all down. So you spend two grand on a beautiful laptop like this, and still get buggy search, tonnes of crashes, constant updates, and janky app store/win 32 combination.

Jaime Vega says:

Nice review! The biggest problem of the HDR screen is that is glossy… In comparison with MacBooks or other laptops, how reflective it is?

Dick Johnson says:

keyboard is bad – compared to the old days

c@mbaz says:

I hate win 10…i hate it more than internet explorer…oh i forgot its called “edge” now…

Pablo Wasserman says:

Wish they had Vega graphics, it would be the perfect laptop with no compromises

Anant Chandak says:

Why no windows central podcasts anymore?

Chase says:

Love it but Windows 7 on it

MrDennis112 says:

Your reviewing a business laptop, and  you spend about a third of the review talking about the screen being beautiful for videos. How bout talking about which screen is good for text!

usbpc2 says:

Am I safe to assume that you can plug in an external GPU on the Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port? If you wanted to do 4K video editing for example. Granted I know there’s other options out there that might be better suited for the task, but damn, this is one good looking laptop.

Eddie O'Connor says:

Just a note. not everyone is crazy about touch screens. I work in the IT industry, and the amount of “business professionals” who like / use / need / are interested in touchscreens on their laptops = 0. I think the touch screen craze is more geared towards home users, and have you ever SEEN someone who has a touchscreen laptop? YOU NEED A HAZMAT SUIT WHEN YOU WORK ON THEIR DEVICE!….smudges everywhere, and streaks that have hardened, and what (you HOPE & PRAY!) is a piece of CHOCOLATE stubbornly clinging ot the upper left hand corner! Nah, touch screens only matter to those who are either into some kind of mobile industry where they have to ensure that their app works with a touch screen interface,…..or else they’re in the media industry and need to be able to capture some sort of media or noise or sound effect or music instantly. But most business professionals, aren’t looking for a touch screen in their devices unless they have a direct need for it. most people in the corporate atmosphere just need a good machine that can survive a few bumps and jostles when they’re trying to cram into the elevator to head to the meeting…..LoL!

911zhenxiang says:

Add a 16:10 or 3:2 screen and i will buy it! Not gonna buy this thing with a 16:9 screen!

Zakaria Azami says:

wallpaper please ?

who are you says:

very nice video and love the demo apps run on the laptop!

Ervin says:

annoying voice

Diego Barba says:

Can you do a review about the x1 yoga 3erd gen?

Andrea says:

is 2in1?

Bobo Dlux says:

Poor audio is a dealbreaker..

Manny says:

would this be a good device for an architecture student running architecture software? (AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, Photoshop, etc.) What are some recommended devices??

Keith Appanah says:

Still undecided between buying this ir the new XPS13. The X1C has much better keyboard, more useful ports, bigger screen and is lighter. But pretty damn expensive compared to similar configuration of i7 16gb ram and 512ssd in the Dell. If the ThinkPad was priced better it would be s no brainer but the XPS13 seems better value for money.

Morgan Pugh says:

Had mine for a month now. Getting 13-15h on battery for light web/office/Spotify and around 10h for video (Netflix). Fan hardly ever comes on. Amazing keyboard. Super light at 1.1KG and of course the TrackPoint which is perfection. TouchPad is decent as well as it is a proper Microsoft Precision one. But yes that 1440p HDR screen is STUNNING. Even better than my MacBook Pro 2017 screen. Plus the CPU is excellent, synthetic benchmarks get roughly the same as the 7700HQ which is incredible. And the Samsung SSD (PM981) is crazy fast, fastest available at the moment I think?

In short – Best laptop I have ever owned. Love this thing.

Ai Em says:

nice. but i’m getting huwawei matex pro. 16/10 display with dedicated graphics will make for a better workhorse

Geoffrey C says:

Money aside, I am wondering if for every day use, work, travel, and play, this X1 Carbon or the Surface Book 2 makes the better purchase. Think the latter may be heavier, but more powerful and better looking and this one to be able to take a beating. Both with great keyboards. Thoughts?

leecm says:

Dan, thanks for the video. I saw this at Costco (the FHD version) yesterday, and it was really interesting. The keyboard is awesome. I know you said you’re going to be reviewing the NP900X5T (Samsung Notebook 9 15″ 2018) soon, but I was wondering if you could tell me whether or not you would buy the X1 Carbon or the NP900X5T? I can get the HDR with i7/16gb/256 from lenovo after student discount for approx $1580 and I got the NP900X5T for a great price (after unidays discount and price mistake by samsung, I got it for $1200 including tax). I’m considering selling the Samsung simply because I don’t really like the keyboard. I think I’mn getting used to it, but I’ve honestly had some buyers remorse. I also wish it had a touchscreen (which I know the HDR on the lenovo also lacks, unfortunately). Just wanted to get your input on which of the two YOU would get if you were going to spend your money. OR would you get the Huawei Matebook X Pro for whatever ungodly amount they’ll probably charge? 😉 Thanks!

Siavash Sajadi says:

how handles the thermal issue? heat issue?

surject says:

Who else got a X1 2017 and is a bit sad now?

jeffer1984 says:

Would have been nice to see the 2 different screens at the same time so we could also compare screens

ZeroLife says:

Want a version with VANTABLACK XD
Hinge looks pretty rigid / solid, that’s good for the touchscreen.

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