Lenovo ThinkPad E580 Review | An Affordable Programmers Laptop!

The Lenovo ThinkPad E580 is an affordable laptop which to me is not only designed for business users, but also for programmers. If you are looking for a good affordable laptop to start programming and doing light design work the Lenovo ThinkPad E580 is the laptop for you.

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Ebrahim Kheriwala says:

I have have this laptop with I7. It has so poor cooling that the fan runs at full speed even on simple task.

Dead Blast says:

Can you tell me more about the battery life details.? I’m doing programming and have to travel a lot, So if you can tell more about the battery life would be nice…

Gameengineer says:

Use ist with Linux-extremly silent lol

Edsel Crooks says:

No fan noise on mine… as a mater of fact no noise at all super quite mine has the Intel i5 7th gen

Alin742 says:

overlord ftw yo !! also thanks for the review i heard that fan problem needs like a bios update or a driver update smth like that also undervolting it could increase performance while decreasing thermals

Echoing Time says:

Love lenovo laptops! Right now I have a lenovo s210 ideapad and it worked great over the years! However, after 4-5 years and the hinges broke. (may have been my fault) Now I am waiting on this e580 thinkpad for programming and other school related stuff. How can I prevent hinges from breaking? Do you have a video by any chance on this or advice?

Ivan Fran Officia says:

how long it the battery with editing and office

Araiguma says:

Hi BTNHD, did you have the same thermal issues and noise with the Lenovo L580?

Thank you

Phaenome says:

Not buying a lenovo laptop. Quality has degraded significantly over the last five years.

Incremental Earth says:

How old are you man?Those are some wrinkly fingers man,damn,what have you been doing with those?lol,jk

Shiney says:

Watching on my e580 😛

1NDecent says:

Great review. Just so happens that I’m surveying for new laptops for our company dev & design dept. Would love to see a 585 review as well.

Kuwait Kuwait says:

Very nice review and helpful

Natsumi says:

I’ll get the e585 (because ryzen for video editing) in the maxed out version for Christmas ^^

KIRA A says:

I want that laptop it’s beautiful ,,I don’t have it on my country great reviews

Navid Moghadam says:

Hi man, how is the rx550 2gb performance? There’s a Thinkpad E580 with i5-8250u cpu and RX550 2gb gpu I’m thinking of buying

Zohaib Shah says:

i have this leptop with i7 8th Gen: but im unable to fine out the TPM option in BIOS even after updating its BIOS.

القلب السّليم says:


music says:

thanks for warning about noise

nilpo19 says:

The ThinkPad E580 has a backlit keyboard option.

Tfy Ufgu says:

What is the better choice e580 or e585???

KungUn says:

Unique youtuber. Uses coins for measurement instead of a ruler.

Дима Протопопов says:

Thanks for review man.

Henry Bees says:

The e-series line of ThinkPads aren’t really considered as “real” ThinkPad by people in the Thinkpad Community due to their construction being not as good as older models, in addition to other things. It is still arguably an above-average laptop and a decent choice, IMO.

KIRA A says:

It’s non backlit not good

Dead Blast says:

Can anyone tell me about battery details on this laptop. Specially when programming and image editing..

Dead Blast says:

is there any performance issues because of the heat

Gil Shrem says:

Hello, thanks for the video . one question please, how do you feel after working a while with that laptop? what is your opinion about the screen?

S F says:

great review….thank you

Muhammad Huzaifa says:

Brother! Does this laptop have an multi gesture feature on keypad???

Yung Al-Ghazali says:

is this backlit keyboard?

Lufasu Mafalu says:

at the beginning you said ‘Lenovo Stinkpad’….. is this hidden meaning of the whole review ?

KIRA A says:

First viewer lol

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