Lenovo Legion Y530 Review // $750 For a Gaming Laptop!? 😍

Lenovo Legion Y530 Review. This Gaming laptop is currently on sale for $750 USD! That’s a steal to get you gaming. It comes packed with a GTX 1050/1050ti and the new 8th Gen Processors! Lenovo completely redesigned the Y series this year that’s a lot more attractive! Watch for the full review.

My review unit retails for $930 USD but it’s on sale for $750 USD if you buy it with a NVIDIA GTX 1050 instead of a 1050ti. Link below:


Acer Predator Helios 300 (2018) Review – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQJeIQYHCnE&t=79s

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Xtreme Gamerz says:

Hope the y730 is under 1,100$ after tax shipping etc .

Wolfear says:

I love it, it’s not very expensive, it’s beautiful and it works great !

Cool Dude67 says:

Are you reviewing the 750 dollar version or the other versions I’m curious because my birthday is coming up soon and I am curious on if the 750 dollar version is good thank you if you can help.

Evode Iraguha says:

Do you think I can get 1080p 60fps video editing done on the lowest spec model of this? I’m just adding clips, cutting and trimming, and boosting saturation, so nothing intense in my opinion.

Rabladol Error says:

3:32 music?

Om Roopchandani says:

Matte display or glossy?

haydenddddd says:

Is the OS on the hard drive or the solid state drive? Just wondering if when I get it if I will have to move the OS to the SSD.

Josh Cook says:

Everyone needs to review gaming laptops this way…show real-time gameplay with the settings on the side. It shows that there’s no lag. Great idea. Everyone has that going through there head when trying to purchase a gaming laptop. Awesome review.

Blokcade says:

Now I kinda regret of buying a dell inspiron 7567 D:

Mohammed Al Mamun says:

Loved the vid. Will consider buying this. Can you give me the name of the track you played while testing the speakers? Sounded pretty dope!! Thks.

totally CHILD FRIENDLY says:

Whyyyyyy did I buy my G7!

Xin Shi says:

My question is that, does anyone even use the webcam at all for gaming laptop. Just take it out if it’s that bad, especially if it doesn’t have window hello

barrie rankin says:

Thx 1060 ships in August and we have. 300nit 60hz panel option available

Champ says:

Great review, though I had some questions.

I’m thinking of buying this but the model I want just comes with the hard drive. What would the process of reinstalling windows to boot from an SSD I put in look like for me?

A. J. says:


山内淳カイル says:

Still love my Y700 which has a subwoofer

Bad Max says:

cmon guys this guy needs more subs lets help him – Greetings From Croatia!

Anh Vũ Trần says:

Why Amazon don’t sell it

Yvan Manabat says:

What do you think is the best for gaming and has excellent build quality?ACER PREDATOR HELIOS 300,DELL G7,HP OMEN 2018 OR THIS?

Maulana Zuhri says:

can you mention which laptop that offer better display? (Higer sRGB percentage, brightness)

AndreaFromTokyo says:

Cant call a 1050 gpu laptop a gaming laptop.

*drops mic*

Prabhjot Lidhar says:

Well guess what I’m buying

Arebyant says:

fresh design from predecessor

kazmaz626 says:

can you do a review on this Singaporean brand called “Afterschock” they do custom pc’s and laptops. here’s a link to their website: https://www.aftershockpc.com/

Bad Max says:

no sd card reader? anyway i would probably buy this one . just what about thermals

mansour farokhinezhad says:

give me the laptop i need it for research purposes,shipping charges with me :D.

Matthew Moniz says:

Here it is! Redesigned Lenovo Legion Y530. Looking so much better than last years Y520! Plus its starting at $750 USD. Just opened up a discord server feel free to jump on: https://discord.gg/SpfSN7z

Anthony R. says:

haha see you put USD in your comments – i know you’re posting the link – but you are a Canadian content creator – bring CAD dollar into the pricing please ! thanks!

Roni says:

Love the port locations like you said – don’t like the lack of Thunderbolt 3 or a GTX 1060 option. GTX 1060 is (In my opinion) the sweet spot for a GPU. Capable of 1080p 60HZ for pretty much any game on the market, possible to hit 144hz on less demanding eSports titles.

jacobspeeds says:

Watching this on my 5yr old Y500…what an upgrade this would be 😉

vaibhav Boliya says:

Nice video

Hrigőm Byýth says:

This is kind of dumb but; Is it possible to see a room tour?

I absolutely LOVE the background (the wall and lighting) and wish to see what it all looks like. You seem to have a very sweet sense of style m8

Piti Pablo says:

That’s a beautiful laptop

Alex Erwin says:

Hey thanks for this video too lol just coming from your nitro 5 video and i think this one will be a much better choice.

RoyisDaBEST says:

What laptop do I get that is low budget and high performance but isn’t very portable and low battery life? Right now I am looking at the Acer Predator Helios 300, should I get it?

Juchille Jae says:

I really like the build design to accommodate its cooling. Now I’m so torn between this and Dell’s G series.

Dominik Nguyen says:

I wish i was in us man… prices in europe are so expensive

J C Lovera says:

Hi Matthew. Hi from Colombia. Great video and really good pc. Im looking for something with this format but i want to use it for editing photos and ocasional videos. The sRGB of the display is important to me. Do you have any experience or comments on the display of the alienware 15 FHD or UHD IPS with coffee lake??? Not easy to get information about the IPS displays of the coffee lake version of the alienware 15.
Thanks and keep that great work.

MrBob2k99 says:

Nice review. Needs a better gpu upgrade though from the 1050TI

Rew Official says:

i think this is the only left-handed guy actually use mouse in the left i knew.i am a left-handed but i use mouse in the right.am i the only left-handed like that ?

Saadh Sam says:

Great review man. But for the price of the variant you have, it’s possible to get the Y520 with the 7700HQ, 16GB RAM, and the 1050Ti from Microsoft Store. I think that would be more worth cuz it’s the one I have right now and it still performs well.

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