Laptops: What I Would and Wouldn’t Buy, Jan. 2018

Lisa Gade talks you through the state of the laptop and convertible PC- from Ultrabooks to gaming laptops, to Always Connected convertible tablets with Snapdragon CPUs, to AMD Ryzen to Macs and tells you whether it’s a good time to buy or not. CPU generations, graphics cards and all that good stuff come into play here.


_ says:

Please list out upgradable laptops . thanks .

Garrett Davis says:

Is there still going to be a smackdown between the hp spectre x360 and the lenovo yoga 920 as mentioned a couple months ago? There haven’t been any videos comparing these two (from anyone) and they seem like they would be natural to compare.

I lean toward the yoga 920 because of the screen size (goldilocks between the two spectre x360 sizes) and seemingly better hinge construction (I’ve read many people have issues with the left hinge on the x360). But the x360 is cheaper and you keep referring to it as the BoB. All of that to say, I’d love to see a head-to-head smackdown between the two so I can feel confident in my decision.


David Reyes / JDRC TV says:

Lisa, I’m looking at getting a 2in1 laptop which can handle light Photoshop and video editing in 1080/4k. Will this late 2017 15inch Spectre (8th gen)(16gb) do it? Your help in this matter will be very appreciated.

BalthazarTheGreat says:

The only laptop i would ever have interest in would be a gaming laptop since they have real performance not just for games but video editing and could actually get real work done on the go, im not really into the whole ultra book scenario if i just need something to watch video, brows the web or share a few documents here and there an ipad or a surface pro is more than enough for that need and is far less unobtrusive than fold your laptop in half every few minutes.

henry3889 says:

Would you still recommend the matebook x (i7)?

Steven Foster says:

Once again another awesome review.

Juan says:

was that the msi gs63?

Tim James says:

Lisa is the best.

Hey now says:

Lisa love your vids, could you please review the Asus Zenbook pro ux550. It’s their top of the range model but there isn’t any reviews on it!

Bill Feinberg says:

Great video! Wish that I needed a notebook with the power that these have. Not a gamer or video editor. I’ve have the same Lenovo T430s with 16 gb of RAM and a 512 SSD for 5 years. It’s Ivy Bridge so I missed out on the Haswell battery life.

I also have a mint condition mid-2013 MacBook Air that I bought from a friend in 2016 from a friend for $375. Great computer for travel but only 4 gb of RAM…lots of beach balls.

For my use, upgrading now doesn’t make sense, but these look like incredible Notebooks.

sankalpa acharya says:

You look like lesley winkel from big bang theory but a little older

Kraky Krake says:

ITV: Awkward initial frame

Life Is Hell #1 says:

What about mid range and cheap netbooks?

Jordan Howell says:

god damn, the one thing you actually say to wait to buy. I just bought a 15″ MacBook Pro, top specs maxed out, except for a 256 hd, I got everything you can get on this laptop. and it is incredibly fast, incredibly thin, and so far exceeding expectations. usb c is a good move but a little tricky for right now still, need to get a couple adapters, but aside from that, I love it. I’m curious as to what you or any6one else here thinks apple will do in such a short timeframe from now that will make any significant changes to this model MBP…as an apple technician, I see maybe a gpu update (which yes I would be salty about and want to upgrade) but otherwise I don’t see them changing much on this perfect piece of machinery. what do y’all think?

Terence Alderson says:

Why don’t you put links in the description? I think you get money for it (??I think??) and it would be convenient for me to go look at current prices 🙂 Thanks.

John Carmichael says:

Lisa – hope you can review the Acer Spin 5 – great price point (Costco & Amazon) and pretty good specs. Wish it was a bit lighter (3 lbs or less would be ideal), but @ 3.37 lbs – it’s not bad for the price and specs. Particularly appreciate all the ports that it comes with 2 USB 3.0, USB C, HDMI & SD card reader – so it’s easy to set up with a monitor and speakers @ home and just pull the HDMI when you want to get up and go. Decent speakers and OK screen. Again – most of the time – I’m going to be hooking it up to an external monitor, so I don’t want to pay more for a 4K screen etc. CNet just reviewed it and gave it a very positive review on the ‘bang for the buck’ scale. Would really like to get your take … TIA

Ginanjar Aryamarta says:

What?? A regular shirt with nothing on it? Cmon lisa you can do better

Sreenath Paramasivam says:

recommend me best gaming laptop under $1000

Seth Ford says:

Although AMD has their driver issues, cooling issues and battery life problems, I have a strong feeling this year’s going to be AMDs next huge come back (which they almost never seize to have) where they make better things than Intel. But they’ll have their big fall again. Much love for including AMD though 🙂

SSB_Seal says:

Shame you’re a tranny. A smart female tech-enthusiast is always too good to be true.

E Ho says:

You should make one 4 2018

Good video btw

respekt200 says:


OhMyBooda says:

Hey Lisa when do you think you’ll be able to get your hands on the Acer Switch 7 Black Edition? Looks so good!

Srii Prasad says:

Hi mam … How about purchasing a HP 15bs146tu model. Could it be worthy to buy this model? Expecting your reply.

Joseph C says:

I will not buy any Apple products.

mkd1r says:

Laptops: What I Would and Wouldn’t Buy, Jan. 2018. Buy: Nothing. Wouldnt buy: Everything.

Jeremy says:

this is not a good time to buy laptops. why do you lie?

MaxJansen says:

is the msi in chinese if you purchase on amazon?

Aquila Imperiale says:

Asus Zenbook UX331UN best 13″ . i8550u / 16gb ram / NVIDIA MX150 2GB

Jorge says:

Love your vids! You gained a sub!

TheKawaiiLegend I TかわいいL says:

Dont know why, but that beginning frame make me lought so hard xD

CaptainVane says:

Got my XPS 13 9370 4K today!! I can’t believe how small this thing is, especially coming from a 2017 XPS 15. Microsoft goofed and sent me an i7 model instead of the i5 I ordered. They offered a free exchange with an upgraded SSD, but I just paid the extra $200 to keep the i7. The gold/white color scheme is seriously hot, too!!

Jay Bugatti says:

Hey Lisa, what would you say about the surface pro? I currently have a surface 3 and I’m kind of interested in something that’s more newer, faster, bigger, and more powerful, definitely better battery life as well. Would a core M surface pro be a good upgrade or should I wait till Microsoft release something else?

Amir Bright says:

I totally disagree on the gaming laptops performance is very important, so it is not a good time to buy because the jump in performance from 4 to 6 cores i7 is huge, on the GPU side nVidia will probably launch new GPUs in the near future.

Luv patel says:

Thx you too much

Kenya Sullivan says:

Lisa, you are one of the best unbiased reviewers on YouTube, thank you for being so detailed. I’m dumping my 2017 MacBook Pro (horrible) reviewed you videos and going with the surface book 2.

Sridivya Subbu says:

I got an inspirion 5379 i5 processor. Should I have gotten the Lenovo yoga instead ? It’s just for day to day use. Normal standard applications. Nothing technical or anything.. still confused

Evolution1101 says:

It’s Jeff Holiday’s mom.

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