Laptop FASTER than your Gaming PC? – ASUS Zephyrus GM501 Review

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The last Zephyrus was interesting, but you might actually want to buy the new one.

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Andrew Morris says:

NEXT VIDEO IDEA! you did the most expensive PS4 at around $3000, great video by the way. How about showing an Xbox one x vs ps4 pro vs a budget build pc of something more 2018. We all know how much the prices have changed due to mining so some kind of video post showing the best bang for your buck would be great. We trust you Linus, only guy left who isn’t a complete sell out.

Brady Wittmer says:

Can anyone point me to a decent gaming laptop that doesn’t break the bank. 1000 or less. I want to build one a rig, but am not able to now.

A7llaman says:

Max QD = Overheating

Flare78x says:

Linus how do you feel about overclocking a laptop screens refresh rate? I have an asus GL702VM 7th gen and it has a 1080p ips 75hz and it can do 100hz. If I ran it at 100hz do you think it would last at least 2 years?

Donald James says:

I just got the 1060 variant today, came from a Surface Book 2 that was a lemon. I’m liking it so far.

Darren Lobo says:

Can you please review Acer Nitro Spin 5 along with the benchmarks

Demar Thompson says:

As soon as you transition to an advertisement, I transition to different video.

TheItterror says:

Which game do you need a webcam for?

sofukingwhat says:

Great timing , I just found 2 grands in my pocket while doing laundry

Salvador Pacheco says:

False, I had this laptop and returned it. Overheated fast. Not worth ir

Catchdown says:

Great machine. I’m looking to get a GL703GS though. 17”3 screen, 300$ cheaper, and only 0.5kg heavier. Specs are all the same. Still almost as portable as this one in my opinion, can’t justify paying 300$ and having a smaller screen for a fairly minimal portability bonus. Like I mean 2.5kg vs 3kg isn’t that important… And I don’t think Zephyrus is cooling better even with it’s “open-back” design.

Mehdi Alfiguigui says:

7:28, screw standard drives, M.2 + overkill battery for the win !
I mean if you REALLY BADLY want to boot on a standard drive, you can easily do it with an USB 3 adapter. New USB specs like USB 3.1 and type C and all this stuff is more than capable for a casual use. Just saying.
Sometimes I wonder if manufacturers think about futureproofing that much.

Professor D says:

What is the weight?

Rowan Gordon says:

Wise lightly nail acknowledge global shower character.

Ryuudo123 says:

ok pack me one o’these

Kimkaiju says:

came to watch a tunnel bear advert 🙁

_-SageOfMadNess -_ says:

I try to game on a notebook

Matt Menendez says:

I miss max. Hire her back at double.

Angelo Mattei says:

tooooo expensive

myPHPnotes says:

1:54 Whose hand it was, LINUS?

insme says:

Nice Red Hot Chilli Peppers reference

STAG official says:

What about tunnel bear ?

Nathan Watson says:

Help me! Should I get the ASUS Zephyrus GM501 or the Razer Blade Pro(4K Fully Upgraded One)

Austin Lyles says:

The weekly schedule in the background said, ” Thursday – Cry, Friday – Cry some more, and Saturday – Yay!” Story of my life…..

Chris Alexy says:

Faster than my gtx 1080’s in SLI? ha.

Tom says:

This thing is $2200… I just build my gaming pc with $2000 I have ryzen 1700, 16gig ram, gigabyte 1080, 35″ ultra wide monitor, and an Aorus ax370-k7 gaming mothreboard , and a $100 phantec case. and I built this in the middle of the GPU and memory shortage. That laptop is trash compared to building your own. hell even going to a prebuild site is better value than this.

Samuel Gordon says:

Mass appearance welcome apologize park barn personnel strong folk strip.

kain seviers says:

That Bezel is killing itself, damn…go 99% screen with 8 hours battery life then Great to Go. It’s almost 2019 now !!!

Cabalistic says:

Had you switched the screen’s refresh rates to 60hz?

_-SageOfMadNess -_ says:

So then I try to Build a PC and got scammed

Fabian Firman says:

Definitely should have sacrifice the HDD bay. Replace it with 2nd M.2 slot like Gigabyte Aero 15X

MikeWithaBike says:

i love that they went with a small battery and a 2.5 inch. I love having a ton of storage space.

Mo T. says:

Why? To play Minecraft and DOTA?

luca errico says:

Wow man! Where’s TunnelBear?

Jorn Van der Wal says:

wow an ROG laptop that doesn’t look like shit

Qruis S. says:

*Sees $2000 price tag*
Yeah…. no.

SOADer SOADer says:

Yo Justin Y, where you at?! Im waiting for your unoriginal and boring comment that gets blown up.

thegamercave says:

What’s with the Summit1g reference? Does he have this laptop? The interwebs is confused, I call on all twitch plebs to rally and demand an answer!

Dean Daniel says:

hahahaha i fucking died “just like our sponsor square space!!!” 8:10

Tim Longson says:

Why does this laptop not come with an OLED screen? 40% of the power would be a HUGE improvement on the battery life, with an improved colour range on top! There is NO excuse for not including OLED in high end gaming laptops anymore – even phones come with them!

icydec says:

why was he one tapping with the p90 on rainbow?

AuRon_ says:

I got a ad for an adblocker… lol

Koriander.K says:

A prime example of what a Mac COULD have been, but nope

Patrick B says:

Defiantly have to keep the 2.5 drive It’s crazy when you’re talking 500 for a 2ttb NVME with great read writes!

omar M R says:

is there anything with better performance in this price level or lower?

Gamer Studio says:

do a giveaway for this please

Antidote Harry says:

Well mobo looks cheap

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