Is The Walmart Overpowered Gaming Laptop Really THAT BAD?

Walmart has decided to make their way into exclusive gaming laptops and desktops with the Overpowered branding. These laptops appear to be designed for esports games according to the box, however there are some weird design decisions made around the pricing of 1,000 dollars. The base model fell in price rapidly, so for the bargain price of 600 dollars, is this laptop really that bad?

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JoJo Rox says:

It is a Seagate… of course it is failing.

Carlos Rios says:

you should liquid metal it and see how it helps with the fans and temps.

Cees Timmerman says:

SpeedFan should allow for a more gradual cooling profile. I’d buy one regardless as it turns out i’m not away from a socket for 10+ hours with my new (couple of months ago) HP laptop with Vega3 that doesn’t match its paper specs due to 8 GB shared RAM for 530 euro.

IndoorSherbet says:

Why not review the 17 inch laptop? The specs on that are stupid for the 999 price tag.

microRiZu says:

Can you do a review on the 799$ OP laptop?

Joe K says:

dude what the fuck is this shit? Are you getting desperate for views? Let other fucking YouTubers handle this you’re supposed to be a game reviewer

Adam Mazziotta says:

I already own the 17″ version but would love for you to do a review on it! Get the word out!

Jason Brown says:

2GB of video ram is not enough these days and it really hasnt been for a few years now

Hugo diaz says:

500 is a great deal. Try getting anything near what this has on other brand for less than 800.
The 144herts display already a buy .the keyboard is great.
I was giving the 1060 version. For Xmas not was only 699. I love it.
This 500$ one is great. For Fortnite and e sports.
Also Seagate drive die fast.. Order 10 n 7 die in a week- month. Only 3 are still alive. I stay with WD now.

microRiZu says:

I ordered the 799$ OP laptop with Gtx 1060, 16gb ram (im gonna sell the 1 stick 16gb ram and replace it with 2 8gb rams for better performance) 144Hz panel, mechanical keyboard, RGB lighting, Corei7 8th gen. hopefully it lasts me 4-5 years. i dont like the idea of installing nvidia drivers myself and game center. wish they would’ve come pre-installed but meh. Also im new to laptop/pc stuff if you could suggest any programs for better performance. the fan problems you were talking about it’ll help a ton! <3

Carter Baker says:

Hertz to frame rate is NOT a 1 to 1. You do get less eye strain on a 144hz monitor. Adversely some people get horrible head aches going from 144 to 60. The refresh rate of most office monitors.

ShadowX012 says:

That laptop was $1400, and brought down to $800, you’re not getting a better deal at that price.

Prim says:

At any price point Wal Mart is making a profit, better bet your sweet ass that’s right.

Softnumnums says:

Back in stock! I bought the $799 OP laptop today! 144hz ssd hhd 1060 i7 8750H! First time I’m happy buying something from walmart!

Vixi Fairy says:

i could only wish for that many frames. im lucky to get 30 to 60 in games. i need more money. XD

winggod2 says:

Hello Need your Help Is The OVERPOWERED Gaming Laptop 15+ 144Hz, Intel i7-8750H, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Overclockable Like The Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop, 15.6″ FHD IPS w/ 144Hz Refresh Rate ?

TheRiseofdaBeastTony says:

What WiFi does it have

homeless scootaloo says:

These are amazing prices for what you get.

Toshin Lu says:

that model is only 500 bucks now

for 1k u can get a Intel i7-8750H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, Mechanical LED Keyboard, 256 SSD, 2TB HDD, 32GB RAM.

i would buy now if i was in the US.

Tsp Tsp says:

At 530$ it was a great deal let’s be real. You get an entry level gaming desktop for that money, and you’re still probably short of a monitor and the peripherals.

Gage Parker says:

Better than a fuckin macbook

5persondude says:

3:07 *_God has joined the server_*

Christopher Imperiale says:

I cranked the fans on my ROG GL702 and the video was genuinely louder. And this is a loud machine.

verison9.5 says:

The Souljalaptop would destroy this laptop

HCIbn says:

That laptop was seriously ready for take off.

PlayStation 4 Pro: Hold my beer

DetachableLegJeysin says:

jesus christ that sounded like a jet engine taking off when you were showing the sound of the fan during gameplay

Serj Star says:

its actually a plesent fan sound many begin to hum

Alo T says:

That fan sounds like my PS4

djturbo123456 says:

i said no at gtx1050

Uncaged Studios says:

On Rollback for only $500 now. Buying one later today.

Shirley Márquez Dúlcey says:

Linus Tech Tips reviewed the higher spec model with an i7 and a GTX 1060. The high refresh rate screen made a lot more sense on that model, as it was able to hit the full refresh rate of the screen in some games. However, they did find that the system didn’t live up to the full potential of the CPU and GPU, so your concern with the cooling was well placed. The OverPowered was well behind another computer with the same components (but which cost a lot more money than the current Walmart price)… but was good for $800.

This burger looks tasty so I am going to bite it says:

Got a laptop from them for 479 usd with a i5 8300h quad with hyper threading, a 1050ti, a 60hz 1080p display, and 1tb hard drive. I love it so far

Muhammad Rahadiansyah says:

Holy shit this is the deal of the century. I’ve been informed that the quality of the products is really good for the price, and damn that specs alone makes me wanted to emigrate to US

IntelliPocalypse says:

My Dell has that loud fan problem too because it is by no means a gaming laptop

Jinwoo Lim says:

Why does his “This” intro sound eerily similar to Doug Demuro?

Emyl Malanum says:

this would’ve been great…

If the product wasn’t out of stock

Allan Davis says:

Initially I thought Soulja Jerk had another product…

Angry Thumb Thumb says:

c r i n g e

A says:

It was $499.99 at its lowest when it first went out of stock

Lapis Eye says:

These may not be bad for a casual gamer I suppose but for the price of some of these laptops you could just build a proper pc and then you’d know for a fact what’s in it. Watching other videos dealing with walmart pc’s they list it’ll have a certain item but upon further inspection you’ll find that you aren’t getting that particular hard drive, graphics card etc.

Bogdan Toma says:

For that original price money you get an asus rog, 17″ 500 ish is fair

Angry Thumb Thumb says:

Your problem with the 144hz screen seems like you want to have a problem with the laptop. Also, Walmart did not make the laptop so the fan curve was not up to them. It was made by an OEM, can’t remember which one.

Author Tim Cohen says:

Are there any in-built diagnostics on these Walmart OP laptops (e.g., that could be launched from the BIOS or with a Function key at start-up)? I always like to immediately test the hardware of any new system I purchase, and especially since these do not offer ECC memory, I’d like to be able to run full-blown memory and processor diagnostics right out of the box—before I take time to set-up the system for actual use.

Krzysztof Skalski says:

As someone who studied acoustics at university I can’t help but question what was the point of placing the microphone right in front of the fan? I know it wasn’t scientifical measurment or anything but nobody plays the games with thier ears there. Aside from that great video as always.

bluej511 says:

If you check backblaze and their hard drives, seagate does MUCH better then western digital these days. It’s pretty much all my PCs at home run and I’ve got some that are 5 years old without a single issue or errors.

Serj Star says:

perfect game on this is fortnite

matilija says:

My acer nitro has a worse thermal design and still doesn’t get that loud…………..can you adjust the fan curve on that thing?

Chris Cantrell says:

OverPowered you are cleared for takeoff runway 27 right.

jerrica benton says:

Did you replace the thermal compound before you replaced the heatsink?

What were the fans? were they standard/easy to upgrade with a better fan?

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