Is Acer’s £9,000 Gaming Laptop Any Good? (Predator 21 X Review) | The Tech Chap

You can buy the Acer Predator 21 X for $8,999! The 21 X comes with 2x GTX 1080 GPUs, 64GB RAM, i7-7820HQ and a 21” Ultrawide Curved Display. This thing is insane! (Here is an ACTUAL affiliate link if you want to make my day lol!)

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Western Gents United says:

Can it run 5 chrome tabs?

Eden Roth says:

will you do give a way with Acer $9000? :D:D:D:D

Mister Motel says:

so what is the point of this being a laptop :S

Proscriptus says:

To be fair we use to call 14″ CRT TV’s portable.

bbliquids website says:

how is it 9000 dollars and 9000 pounds, 9000 dollars is like 7k

Chin Gary says:

I would rather hire somebody to carry my pc arround.

aaron4820 says:

“This is like the Lamborghini of gaming notebook”

I’m sure owning this is going to have the same effect as driving a Lamborghini to the opposite sex.

SoneDiadem says:

completely unnecessary… just bring your desktop around, its way lighter

Richard Dale says:

My god this thing has been doing the rounds. It’s right load of bollocks too. Ugly, over priced and totally impractical.

dosduros says:


Nawaz Waseem says:

That’s not a laptop.. That’s an offensive weapon.

Rakibul Haque says:

$9000 and still can’t play Uncharted ??… No thank you

Manish Chetia Patra says:

so 300 of this useless shit ,better customize yourself a desktop of same size with dual gtx 1080 at less than half of the price

saturnotaku says:

I prefer to think of this as more like a Ford GT as opposed to a Lambo: an exotic product from a mainstream manufacturer. As you said, hopefully some of the tech will make its way down to more affordable products, particularly the ultrawide display since MSI has already done a mechanical keyboard in a “portable” computer. It’s interesting that it uses two power inputs as opposed to a single input with a breakout box for two adapters as on other SLI-enabled notebooks.

Glotch says:

Great video Tom!

True_ Dublock says:

This thing just looks stupid.

Ali Asgur says:

A £9k Acer WTF

Ryan Kelsey says:

Who do I have to service to get one of these?

Sharib Shahzad says:

I can make a better pc for just 2¢

Noctis Lucius Caelum says:

This is sow impractical. Who from Acer though it is a good idea to create that think! Learn from Msi guys that 18,6 laptop is amazing

TechStuff says:

not even qhd acer=bs

Tech Master says:

You could build a desktop pc for less money that is more powerful and include peripherals for a lower price than this laptop. Its good that acer is trying something ew, but could they ever simply lower the price with this overkilled device.

Na Son says:

if anyone is looking to buy a rx 480 8gb for cheap leave your gmail. asking for $160

protato911 says:

I can’t believe I’m saying this but the Asus one is actually a better value for money by a long shot, yes its cost 6000usd but you get a quality 4k screen, 1 terabyte more of nvme ssd storage and a water cooling docks. the Acer Predator might have a ultrawide screen but the resolution is 1080p ultrawide and 21inch is too small for an ultrawide so there is no point having it on a laptop. but I have to admit that the mechanical keyboard on the Acer one will be quite a bit better then the Asus one.

TheRoyalOG says:

why did u buy it? if ur car cost less and u already have an awesome pc

Shubham Jaiswal says:

Man many youtubers getting this 9000 dollar beast

Shubham Patil says:

It is an awesome product. ACER is doing a great job! I love this laptop!

Kaiyz Video says:

I think u should buy Asus Zephyrus, more compact

WaterLily says:

Definitely an overkill. At £9000, it should be at least 4K. I would rather have a very good gaming desktop computer and a 34″ ultrawide curved monitored for a fraction of the price.

Aspirer says:

I think it’s great. It’s as you say Tom, it’s the super car of laptops. I hope major companies keep delving into the realms of excess 🙂

Budget Gamer says:

This item should only exist in concept and a waste of money.

Lars loves Tech says:

what is there to say….it’s a stupid idea from them…only rich arabs will purchase that type of crap and then only ever use it for watching ‘the tech chap’…although i do love tech seeing this kind of wastage in the world today puts things like poverty into real perspective

Shell Casing says:

Even if it was free I’d pass.

ali monster says:

not worth it at all !!!!!!!!

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