Is a $150 Laptop Worth It?

With full Windows 10 is a $150 laptop worth it?
Lenovo IdeaPad 100s:

While there have been really solid Chromebooks below $200 cheap Windows laptops have been few and far between. Lenovo aims to change that with the IdeaPad 100s, an 11.6″ laptop that runs Windows 10 that’s a true budget piece of tech under $150.

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Teal Girl says:

I have that one

miner crafter says:

This is how much a laptop should actually cost but there a lot of laptops in the $1000 that don’t have good specs

Cinny Nadin says:

Even though this machine is considered “old” and 150 usd is 6000 pesos in my country, this notebook and all the similar options go for 16.000 pesos, or 400 usd. It’s almost impossible to find something decent enough and cheap, and ordering from amazon is possible, but the customs in here will make you pay over 50% of that price as duty. Sad sad sad Argentina … :c

Makshood Ahmed says:

Ive Got That

Henry Huynh says:


CommunistBread says:

I have one and its completely hecked

Timur Productions says:

I have the 14″ version and it’s great with browsing and watching videos and with the great battery i only recharge it once in the day. I didn’t wanna format it and install the newest version of Windows 10 because it has very low storage and it might prevent me from installing the drivers from Windows Update. I give the Lenovo Ideapad a thumbs up.

M Z says:


Ginny Potter says:

What’s its full name? Lenovo ‘what’?

Skullboy Gamer says:

Can it play fortnite

EastAngliaUK says:

I got a Lenovo IdeaPad 110S for just £20 at the weekend need a charger but got windows reinstalled and for only 2gb ram win 10 is very snappy.

AR Edits says:

For $600 get an MSI gaming laptop. SSD+ GTX 1050 and its dope

Fernando Cruz says:

Can it run Fortnite?

spooky says:

Hell No

the kittens says:

So guys I found a good lenvo laptop I believe that it’s gonna be a great laptop it. Has 4gb ram and a 1tb hard drive it’s a 15.6 inch and it’s only 219 dollers when I by this laptop I’ll do a video on it on my channel and yes it’s an ideapad

Gamer Ali intros & more says:

is it better then windows 10 better than lenvo if it is rip my money on dat lenvoo thing

Pixel Shibe says:

What about the teacher computer? The black Lenovo laptops?

Josh A Beatz says:

Would Fl studio work on this?

parco lam says:

the big disadvantage was the trackpad you might not know the budget laptop made by Lenovo is made out of plastic so no smoothy glass.

- _/That one boy_ - says:

tbh this laptop is trash. Can’t even put up with the daily things i do with it everyday at school

Bryson Anglin says:

Could I play an Xbox one game on this

Hurricane Beryl says:

I have that computer

ettore filippi says:

What a good ad…ehm,video.

cardsfanbj says:

Was hoping for Lenovo to have an updated version of this today for roughly the same price. Nope. Amazon just has one from third party sellers for $260…

Stop Hating On Aqua says:

Is a $56 laptop worth it? If you got an eBay Laptop, yes.

Sangeet Khatri says:

2GB non-upgradable soldered RAM? Good to skil this one.

The hash slinging Slasher says:

I have this thing and well it sucks

LegoKidMelik says:

I like that laptop.

エモリーキャロリン says:

So this laptop is $250 now

Dragos Olar V says:

I’m curious if Windows 7 can be installed on this machine.

DISCLAIMER ALERT: It comes with windows 10s! That’s S for “suck it”

RobertW says:

2080: can a $15 dollar PC from 2025 worth it?
Gtx 1050
16gb ram
Ultra thin design
2 tab storage.

Braden Scott says:

Game streaming???

Death Stroke says:

Dam that camera is trash

CheeseCake says:

I’m still to broke

Dillon Hydro says:

I have that laptop and have for like 4 years and its ok

Toby 1 says:

I’m planning on getting one of these cause I’m broke. But is it actually good?


I have this laptops competitor
The HP Stream 11
It’s nice and fast while not being noisy and being light. The speakers are really loud and I got it in a sale with a copy of Microsoft Office 365 for £170 so about $200

Brandon Javon Biggers says:

Im getting this laptop for christmas

alex stolzenberger says:

Battery life is …..?

Rohail Aitzaz says:

can you do on lenovo ideapad 120s

AidanTheCrazy 329 says:

Dude you that was my old laptop

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