I Bought A $39 Laptop From Amazon…

The Coolest Phone You’ve Never Heard Of… https://youtu.be/MjSeHQpEoTA?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34

Craig Wireless Netbook (USA Link) – http://amzn.to/2vBJko1
Craig Wireless Netbook (International) – http://geni.us/YOsN

I had hopes that this $39 laptop may exceed expectations (considering the price point). Turns out I received a lemon. Several keys on the keyboard did not function eliminating my opportunity to properly test it. The entire user interface was bizarre and the entire experience was reminiscent of a previous technology era (rightfully so, the manufacture date on this laptop is 2012). I would steer clear of this laptop even at $39 on Amazon.

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حقائق صادمة says:

Still better than Iphone XS

Andre Nelisi says:

omg we used to use those when i was in school

General Airon says:



mcseport says:

the fact is $40.00 or $4,000.00 product, companies don’t stand behind their products anymore. From Apple to Craig, it’s all the same garbage at different prices. Pretty sad, my2cents…

Benjamin Nicolas says:

I’m watching this on the exact OS on that thing ya got there.

woozy ASMR says:

what the macbook should be…..20 yrs ago

Wackyjim says:

You could have bought an old ass think pad for half the price of that and all of the keys probably would have worked

Serpent DE says:

This video and the comments are gold

John Doe says:

amazon is your “friend”

Rahul Singh says:

I laughed through the entire video. That thing doesn’t even worth 39 cents.

DunnickFayuro says:

At some point, I thought it could make a decent youtube station for the kids. But even this is out of its capabilities…

T'was an old username and I'll change it soon. says:

But can it run Crysis?


Can u donate things to mee..that is not in use?

Jazz Rajah says:

Play fortnite on this

Luke MacInnes says:

Kinda looks like a DSXXL

lance Hilbert says:

Ah Craig’s. The box always promise so much. I bought one once and there all pure trash mine did the same shit,lmao. Certain keys don’t work can’t even run YouTube. Anyhow I got mine on sale at rite aid for 60$ and returned it the next day. Craig has been around awhile I got a portable CD player long ago early 2000s. The antiskip didn’t work at all the slightest move or tinest tap and it would stop playing or skip.

Zack Forbing says:

I had this laptop as a kid

salty savage says:

But can it run fortnite

J G says:

It has more ports than a MacBook through

Adam says:

I’m impressed actually

Suzaku 4000 says:

Thats 39 dollars wasted!

Vishaldeep Singh says:

uhhh can that even play your youtube videos

Karma says:

This guy is fucking awesome! Hahaha I Loved it. “good, haha. GOOD” hahahaha…. good loord. I wish I could run a channel like this one.

Dark Mugetsu says:

just buy an old lenovo thinkpad for 40$ I garantee that old brick will opperate better

Hyper Tuber says:

Fortnite ‘typing where is the N

Jason Lange says:

“Just has a female USB port”

Did you just assume that USB port’s gender!?

Liquid Tension2 says:

The 4 dollar phone is better

Diti Diti says:

Fuck this!

Sven Guli says:

It sucks

Live. Life. Love says:

I like watching unbox therapy but have mercy on those things, don’t just flip them suddenly or throw things anywhere -_-

John Doe says:

it is not the fault of chinese (english illiterate) manufacturer. the fault is in congress (allowing this to happen)

Michael Jackson and Jesus says:

I could get a 30$ apple laptop

xilimitzz says:

damn, you can’t search up pornhub..

Jasmine Mo says:

work harder.
get a mac.

Ostkreutz Rox says:

Offering a computer for that price is a great idea, but this is just a ripoff for gullible people.

Pie yield _ says:

And u made 5000$ off this video

RegularStrong says:

just download nox android.. its like the same thing

Aazam Ben says:


Fangsonofgreatfang says:

Go and buy a $39 hammer and smash that fucker to pieces and I’ll sub you.

Gabriel Stop Motion Studios says:

Who thought he actually recieved a lemon when they read the description

Just me? ok

jaetrill says:


not amouse says:

Party like its 1999… in the pictures folder.

Justin Y. says:

It looks like an extra extra extra large DS

15,000 subscribers with no videos says:

how to piss lew?

give him a 39$ netbook

Colin McMahon says:

Do you ALWAYS have to B-RIGHT?

General Airon says:

No B
No Right Arrow


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