Huawei MateBook X Pro Review — The best laptop of 2018?

The Verge calls the Huawei MateBook X Pro “the best laptop.” That’s a lot of praise. Is it worth it? Watch this review to find out if this laptop can really be considered one of the best of 2018.

The MateBook X Pro has a gorgeous touchscreen display, a fast CPU, a dedicated MX150 GPU (some models), and a great keyboard. Many reviewers compare it to Apple’s MacBook Pro, both in build quality and design. But there are some things to watch out for, like an underclocked GPU and a loose touchpad. At the end of the day, should you buy this laptop? Watch and find out.

0:23 Specs & Price
1:32 Body
2:08 Ports
2:37 Display
3:36 Keyboard
3:50 Touchpad
3:55 Loose Touchpad
4:09 Fingerprint Reader
4:18 Performance
4:57 Underclocked MX150 Variant
5:29 Battery Life
5:43 Speakers
5:53 Webcam
6:07 Conclusion


* GEEKBENCH (Version 4.2.3)

CPU Single-Core: 4688
CPU Multi-Core: 14029
Compute OpenCL Score: 40537

* PCMARK 10 (Version 1.0)

Overall: 3505
Essentials: 7330
Productivity: 6073
Digital Content Creation: 2631


Time Spy 1.1
Overall Score: 858
Graphics Sub-score: 781

Fire Strike 1.1
Overall Score: 2417
Graphics Sub-score: 2667

Sky Diver 1.0
Overall Score: 7581
Graphics Sub-score: 8046

Cloud Gate 1.1
Overall Score: 9386
Graphics Sub-score: 16603


CPU: 520
OpenGL: 85.53

*CRYSTALDISKMARK (Version 5.2.2)

Settings: 1024 MiB x 3, Int = 5s, Data = Random

Sequential Read (Q32T1): 3155.50
Sequential Write (Q32T1): 2033.50
Random Read 4K (Q8T8): 721.53
Random Write 4K (Q8T8): 985.47
Random Read 4K (Q32T1): 326.77
Random Write 4K (Q32T1): 258.07
Random Read 4K (Q1T1): 53.19
Random Write 4K (Q1T1): 115.37

* GFXBENCH OPENGL (Version 4.0.13)

Off-screen / 1080p: 174.0
On-screen / Native: 58.5

Off-screen / 1080p: 98.3
On-screen / Native: 44.3

Manhattan 3.1
Off-screen / 1080p: 81.4
On-screen / Native: 26.3

Car Chase
Off-screen / 1080p: 57.8
On-screen / Native: 19.8




Valerie Plain by Rondo Brothers — YouTube Audio Library
Buddha by Kontekst —


Pictures of MateDock 2 from


Xabeiz says:

I´m writting this comment from a Matebook X Pro and I absolutly recomend this laptop. Its performance and temperatures a very balanced and it has an awesome screen

Nicolas Marshall says:

the dock in the box xD says:

And they haven’t made an lte version, can’t even buy it in the UK….!

Safdar Mahmood says:

Nice I need this in blue colour

Altiano Gerung says:

So, what’s the Best laptop of 2018?
It is the question right?

Othniel Jones says:

Great Phones now Great Laptops…

Make a good gaming console and I’m leaving sony !!

Puknuti says:

Imagine the backlash if Macbook pro had a loose trackad


wallpaper is nice can you give me the link

PK Bailey says:

Would the battery be better on the it varient?

J1824 says:

it would be nice if you could film the laptop more instead focusing on your face

TheCosmique11 says:

I can’t find the home button on the keypad? Is there a way to simulate the home button functionality?

LegendaryWaterBottle says:

I remember the dongle only comes with the highest configuration 😉

Cenot4ph says:

I’m sorry but this is just going on looks alone, I find the key travel distance appalling and the give in the chassis is definitely too much for my liking. I’d go with the Thinkpad carbon over this any day of the week.

Jonathan Yau says:

Dell xps 9570 15 vs the matebook x pro for video editing

Trịnh Quốc Việt says:

Hi, do you know how to use ethernet cable with this laptop?

kenniikalonji says:

So I just ran geekbench on my pc and got a score of 20,800, if a laptop is getting 14,000 i feel like i should get much higher on a desktop. I know this isn’t the point of this video but idk that score feels low, does anyone know what could cause this?

Lockheed Stark says:


Travis Raeyn says:

As a warning, if you buy this laptop and it comes with a toshiba ssd, the drive will not properly work with any windows build 1709 and above. You will receive drive speeds about 3x slower than it should be. As of the moment, I have returned my matebook x pro 3 times and have received 3 devices with Toshiba drives that have had the same problem. I returned for the last time and bought a different computer.

paul durao says:

Does it run Linux ?

FLOXshui Lee says:



There is a big problem with sound! connect headphones or speaker to 3,5 jack, you’ll hear a big sound delay… it’s a factory’s fault, all MATEBOOK X pro the the same! I bought it and then refund …

J Law says:

The thermal throttling is due to the weird partition that came with the factory preset in early production, just gotta delete the D: and merge with the system drive.

زولك ZoLaK says:

You speak like Chef John from Food Wishes!

NyttNorge says:

Macbook Air is still the best laptop.

SnappCloud says:

I bought the high-end laptop today! Should come to my house betwee 1 ~ 5 October. Bought it for video editing and study purposes for the University so we have lecture’s whereby battery life takes it roll. Can’t wait!

Avengerie says:

Such an unexpected wholesome moment at 3:29

Kris C. says:

How does this device work with a dual boot including MacOS, or MacOS in Parallels?

tru chretienne says:

Instantly subscribed because you gave Canadian data, and I could hear and understand everything you said. Thanks.

RE7WERKS says:

I have the i7 model and it’s not that great, this guy is hype level 9000…the glare is super bad …

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