Huawei MateBook X Pro Review: Practical beauty

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This is the Huawei MateBook X Pro, a laptop that many consider as a clone of Apple’s MacBook Pro.. But for reasons I don’t understand. I mean, I’m not saying they don’t have a resemblance, but this computer is sooooo much more than a clone…. So much so that it’s one of my favorite products of the year, and I know it’s early. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and if you wanna learn why.


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uktech says:

By the time this laptop is available to buy, Aliens would have landed on earth.

lam duc bao says:

did you lose any data by deleting the partittion? the fan on my gaming laptop going crazy
all the time.

ですLoli Hunter says:

Huawei: Yo, I heard y’all like the iPhone X and Macbook Pro. Here’s a Matebook X Pro. Next up, Matebook X Pro Plus featuring Dante from the DMC series with Knuckles.

Denver Naicker says:

palm rejection on the track pad is key to basic functionality – the need to either update the firmware or we wait for version 3

aquarellstifte says:

Could you do a step by step for deleting the partition? I am planning to get this laptop next week

John Harrison says:

Finally, an appropriately priced ultrabook. This is what we should have been paying all along for these specs. I’d like to thank Huawei for correcting the market. If they can keep providing appropriately priced, high quality products like this, they will have earned themselves tons of loyal customers, including myself.

jaideepwadali says:

price is gonna be around 1499 euros thats around 1lakh 20 thousand in india,v high price

CIII I LeGeND Dynasty says:

2:19 £3?

Bryan Lee says:

Hi Pocketnow , for editing photo or video , which you will recommend between Huawei Matebook X Pro or Apple Mac book ?

Dreista Ye says:

Could you please enable the TPM in BIOS and check out the TPM chip manufacturer from tpm.msc?

Nyiko Lucky Mashaba says:

Very nice product indeed

RViee Bella says:

Can u buy this in the US yet??

Spawn says:

It’s not productive and not useful. Every time you touch screen there will be fingerprints all over. Not ergonomic. I love my Macbook Pro.

Anthony Ramos says:

I decided i am going to wait for their next year model because while this laptop is beautiful it has complaints about the camera the sensitivity of the touch pad and especially the fan noise. I am hoping that their next year model will fix these issues.


Jaime, can you please shed some more light on this 100mb partition (I know you meant megabyte, not gigabyte as I’m staring at the partition on my Matebook myself.

Do we just delete it? I tried and it gave me a warning saying that the partition was already in use..

Prabakaran Manoharan says:

hey I got my new huawei matebook pro today. can you please tell me how to do re partition ?

Joey Luu says:

Definitely interested.

IceColdKilax says:

What’s the Color Gamut sRGB ? NTSC ?

Apricity says:

I’m… Haifgerpokwemveprgaa

Brad Ling says:

Your ending lines sound like a Spanish-language drug commercial.

IceColdKilax says:

Huawei And ZTE Phones And Devices Are BANNED for use in the USA by the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security. They are full of spyware and track everything you do. Chinese spying on Americans. Not a joke look it up. #lowkeyforreal

Ρωμανός Νικολάου says:

Huawei means: Copy and Paste

Kere Amohau says:

Wow I just priced the Macbook Pro 13 inch (No touch bar) with similar specs. That came up to $2200.

This is going for $1500?

Guess I know my next laptop.

Clubtropper says:

This? Or 13.5 inch Surface Book 2?

Prashant Chilwal says:

where to find that Desktop wallpaper?

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