HP Spectre Laptop 13t Review

The HP Spectre Laptop 13t is THE WORLD’S THINNEST TOUCH LAPTOP. By bringing powerful performance and a stunning 4K touchscreen to a thin and exceptionally crafted design, it is almost too good to be true. See at HP Shop http://thrifter.com/syuX

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MeritocraticMafia says:

have you been bulking up lately? it looks like your arms are about to burst out of the super tight shirt

Abdurrahman AlQuran says:

Spectre x360 13t 8th gen review?

Hanno Rymerais says:

Looks lovely. But the gpu is a shame.

Arildhgs says:

Seems like a great device other than the damn synaptics driver… It’s probably fine, but seriously…

Chris Auman says:

Does anybody know how many PCIe lanes are through Thunderbolt?

Johnathan Dalipsingh says:

Time for me to go back to HP then.

Muhammad Irshad says:

A great copy of the first thinnest gold edition HP sepectre

Pawan Kumar says:

Very good review, again “NO COMPLAINT ” 🙂

Veselin Marković says:

Shirt shrinkage?

Armia Khairy says:

the most important , will this laptop survive the long term usage. most HP laptops I’ve used doesn’t last longer than 2 years. one of my friends had an HP laptop that his screen just suddenly got black after 1 year

Dijon Mustard says:

Dude you are bulging out that shirt, too much gains 😛

Jack Keenan says:

I love HP’s designs, but I cant bring myself to buy a £1000+ laptop that its a 2-in-1 or powerful. pretty just isnt enough. awesome review guys.

Abdullah Sulman says:

Cellphone screen bezels have dropped to like 5 mm at maximum point… Whens that happening for laptops .. its 2018 and you have 20 meters of bezel at bottom … And yes that goes for xps too !!

The RaRa85 says:

Just such a beautifully made, sexy device.

Shamsiddin Nabiyev says:

about trackpad, there is a way to install Presicion Trackped drivers on almost anything in Windows 10

Ved Shah says:

So Dave 2d made a video that tells you how to install precision drivers on synaptics or elan hardware….worked for me….maybe give it a shot ?

Mark Holle says:

Look for HP discount codes – Just bought the Ceramic White Spectre 13t with the Core i7-8550u, 8GB Ram, 512GB SSD, & Windows Pro for $1,199 with the 25OFF599 coupon code. I skipped the 4k version to maximize battery life and avoid some of the scaling issues you can find with high resolution laptops.

vinq says:

The hinge design is horrible. Does not tie into the aesthetics of the laptop.

obfuscurity says:

I have one and love it. Funny to hear everyone’s PoV on here, I actually chose this laptop specifically because of the usb-c/thunderbolt ports and that they’re hidden away on the back. Nice to have all the cabling hidden behind the laptop when in use.

Iván Carrillo says:

stuff continues to become thinner and thinner! why people!? why!? thinner stuff = less powerful, smaller battery, less ports and more expensive units…it has no sense!

af1rs2jl says:

Finally, a review where a picture of Dan isn’t in the thumbnail.

I still prefer my Surface Laptop, 3:2 aspect ratio screen has changed my life and productivity.

Eli Suryana says:

I think we have a winner! 😀 great performance to thinness ratio, great specs with quad core i7 8550u, 8 or 16gb of ram, and up to 1tb ssd, full hd or 4k display, and up to 7-8 hours of battery life 😀

chirag gomber says:

This looks amazing

Chris Fischer says:

I just can’t stand the weird HP keyboard layout with the page up / down, home, end etc down the right side.

GreenAlexPower says:


Digitalguy says:

My samsung notebook 9 is virtually as thin (and lighter) and has all the ports. The new samsung notebook 9 2018 beats this hp in every department….(battery life, weight, ports, touchpad, and the screen is gorgeous)

Jagdeep Sandhu says:

My man! Good shit

zorkor says:

Good looking, shit quality which you expect from all HP Products.

AntonioR Software says:

Really nice and unique design.

Eddie Perkins says:

I thought the macbook pro had a poor choice in ports. Im willing to compromise but bringing nothing to the table is disgusting.
1. no sdcard reader
2. no USB 3.0
3. only USB C but theyre all in the same area which is annoying.

but hey we have a dongle! no that’s why i got rid of my macbook pro with touchbar. Was considering this but glad I got the high end Yoga 920 with 4k display, type c and 3.0.

I believe content creators need at least 2/3 things between a USB 3.0, USB type C, and SD card reader. I understand the whole future thing but my T7I Camera and other peripherals arent ready for strictly C with no other slots

Muath B says:

Hey Dan! Good review.

Can you please confirm if we can switch up Synaptics drivers for Windows Precision drivers on this laptop?

Vinith T says:

there is screen bleed on the right edge of the display..

Stremitelnij says:

Give me 2!

EspHack says:

microsoft should just install precision as the default driver for fresh installs, pretty much any modern touchpad works with precision, and considering I wouldnt even boot this machine after unboxing it, that would be the perfect solution

j says:

How can you breath in that tight ass shirt?

Uma Sai Teja Velagala says:

From where did you get that wallpaper

Donald James says:

I need that wallpaper !! If anyone knows what it is please share.

besweeeet2 says:

It’s still an HP, and they only focus on design. Build quality and reliability is still extremely questionable across the board.

Paddy Farry says:

God help the human species ! to see hardware getting more fragile.

The Ceiling says:

how many lanes tb3?

Murali Elumalai says:

What is that game he is playing?

Gurdeep Singh Sidhu says:

Suscribe, I always hear this

Samir Aria says:

Great review

Chris Gorgolewski says:

I was able to successfully install precision drivers on this laptop by following this guide https://www.windowscentral.com/how-enable-precision-touchpad-drivers.

Patrick Brathwaite says:

What’s so good about precision drivers?

focussed beams says:

I hope my wife doesn’t see this…otherwise we will be getting ANOTHER laptop 🙂

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