HP Pavilion Power Gaming Laptop 15t Review – 2017 Low Cost with GTX 1050 !

Currently $749 at HP: http://lon.tv/43kv7 (affiliate link) – The Pavilion Power 15t is a great low cost gaming laptop with IPS 1080p display and decent battery life. A great back to school / college laptop. See more gaming laptops: http://lon.tv/gametops and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:54 – Pricing – sale is back on!
01:10 – Display
01:41 – System specs
02:10 – Upgradeability
03:08 – GPU
03:20 – Battery life
03:41 – Weight
04:07 – Keyboard and trackpad
04:47 – Speakers
05:08 – Ports
05:45 – USB-C port
06:40 – Performance: Web browsing
06:55 – Performance: Web Browsing
07:24 – Browserbench.org Speedometer test
07:56 – Performance: Microsoft Office / Word
08:16 – Gaming: The Witcher 3
08:49 – Fan noise discussion
09:10 – Gaming: Street Fighter V
09:31 – Gaming: Rocket League
10:17 – Good for video editing, etc too
10:26 – 3Dmark Time Spy Benchmark
10:41 – Thermal performance
10:58 – Kodi and movie playback

Amazon link: http://lon.tv/kcfdm (affiliate link)

HP always has one or two PCs in their lineup each year that fly under the radar but deliver tremendous value. This is one of those PCs. It’s too good of a deal at the current $689 sale price to pass up. The sale appears to be an on again / off again thing but definitely check the HP link! Even at its usual $820 or thereabouts price tag it’s a fair price for what you’re getting here.

Performance is good and on par with other sub $1000 gaming laptops we’ve looked with similar configurations. But unlike those the display on this one is so much better.

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Joseph Mcqueen says:

Would have loved 1050ti , I would love to pay more to play more .

bbgarnett says:

Keep up the great work.

Kaushik Paul says:

does have trusted platform module 2.0 and HP Coolsense technology??

Lon.TV says:

Update on price – I indeed paid $689 for this one with the 1050 but it appears that this is now what they’re selling the AMD version for. The 1050 version is $749.

Vince says:

You should’ve tested GTA 5 on it.

DearHasanNYC says:


Justin Frost says:

Cost way too much for me

I love clorox bleach says:

Can it run crysis

r4wn4k says:

Far Better Than That Shitty Overpriced Dell 7567

metro2002 says:

I just bought this laptop a week ago with the 256GB NVME SSD for 1000 euros and i got to say it’s a great machine! I bought it because it is a gaming laptop that doesn’t scream “GAMER”. It looks like a normal laptop. Battery life is also pretty good for a gaming laptop.

Senen Espada says:

7200rpm HDD, now that’s dangerous if you carry your laptop while still operating.

Hafdasa Thrax says:

Does hp website make international shipping transactions?

skdrowe says:

Current HP price of $679 is with a Radeon RX 550. With a GTX 1050 its $749. This is just a observation not a complaint

Fiery Bros says:

Low quality video squad where you at?

Darin Waters says:

What exactly do you mean by “basic tasks” when you mentioned battery life? I just wasn’t sure about stuff like what browser you’re using with how many tabs, background apps or not, etc.

Boytastic PAD says:

Nice review. I myself just got the Acer Helios 300 laptop.

Chris Pistocco says:


Warren McClure says:

Oh yay new video!

Joseph Mcqueen says:

I would pay 1000 for 1050ti i5 , because there is not a single laptop with both touch and 1050ti , not a single 🙁

Morris Tatel says:

great. finally a review in english. been checking this laptop for a month now. in dubai, we only have the version with the green back light and logo which really makes it look like a gamer laptop. ive noticed that theres something like a vent/exhaust right on top of the speakers which is pointed towards the screen. meaning the air will be blowing directly to the screen. is that a potential issue?

Neumonic Videos says:

A sleeper laptop

astyfoo says:


tipoomaster says:

Anyone see it on their Canadian site yet? My google-fu says no

Jason Matthews says:

I saw this labtop its pretty cool, good review Lon as always

Tachanka Chanka says:

This is amazing, a gaming laptop that doesn’t look ridiculous

LiquidEvilGaming says:

Personally around this price range I would always advise paying that bit more (If possible) for a laptop with a 1050 Ti if gaming is going to be a concern. Especially given the 2GB of Vram on the cheaper 1050 model. But if the extra cash isn’t feasible this is a good deal for someone looking for a gaming capable laptop. I’m curious given my past history with HP laptops did you actually use any software to measure exact temps while under heavy gaming or bench marking load? In my experience the cooling on HP consumer laptops is fairly poor.


Akshith Anand says:

any idea about %sRGB coverage ? And heat issues ? Is the charger too big to carry around ? Also, the viewing angles don’t seem too good.

adrian s says:

So glad I got mine got 632.49 around the total cost for that acer mx150

Илиан Атанасов says:


adrian s says:

My laptop performs way better on power it’s such a good deal

SirW0nka says:

Hey Lon. You should definitely consider reviewing the Acer Swift 1 (N4200 Pentium CPU, Full HD screen, nice design, for €400).

Get Schwifty says:

I really enjoy your reviews. You talk fast, you don’t bull around, you get to the point. Pure information. That’s how everyone should do it.

alittleolder says:

I am looking for a nice Notebook for a relative in this size, should be fast so this would be a pretty perfect choice. Thanks for the review.

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