HP ENVY x360 15.6″ Laptop review Back to School

What’s up guys, here is my review on HP ENVY x360. This is a 2 in 1 laptop that offers some pretty good specs for back to school. Watch and find out if it;’s worth it.



Super Smoke says:

Did you experience any crashing with this laptop

nobody important says:

This laptop looks amazing and works perfectly the first month but then the next month it always breaks down and whenever i take it in to fix it it breaks again. It’s so annoying and i’m going to get a different laptop.

Alli Douglas says:

does anyone have any suggestions on an equivalent laptop w/ a better webcam, or has someone found any way to improve the functioning of this webcam? I like the laptop but the camera quality is so terrible and I use zoom for work ://. Considering buying something else…

OPY718 says:

This is the exact same laptop I saw on stores when I had to buy a new laptop! This might be worth it. Also wondering if you can do some gaming testing on this.

null says:

i’m literally buying one right now lmao

Henry Perez 14 says:

Would you recommend this for video editing??

ardit tidra says:

Please help me ? To chose of these two types envy 13 4K or envy x360 15 wich can be better ?

James Bond says:

Make the TouchPad centered with the 15inch model!!!

Sadiq Zafrullah says:

I also think that the glossy reflexive screen is the most annoying part of this laptop. Otherwise, it is a very good laptop with a very satisfying performance!
You can watch my review here. Let me know what do you think about my observation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19iK5u3tjSI

zarusoba says:

does it run games okay?

백윤진 says:

It’s total garbage. I got 2, one with ryzen and another one with 8th gen i7. One came with defective ssd and the other one came with a defective screen. And they had been sitting at a service center for almost 2 months. Don’t torture yourself.

And ryzen isn’t there yet. Wifi drops all the time, drivers are wonky and windows crashes a lot.

Soccer Clubhouse says:

Stats HP – ENVY x360 2-in-1 15.6″ Touch-Screen Laptop – Intel Core i5 – 8GB Memory – 256GB Solid State Drive – HP Finish In Natural Silver

asianpopprince says:

Will this be OK if I were to use it with cad, office, visio and planning to install a video editing software as well?hope someone can answer me.. Because I will be buying this laptop very soon but I have apprehensions on it.

Ashutosh Narayan Saxena says:

Model no????

ishitha ahalya sivakumar says:

Is this touch screen ??

Alex Ross says:

kinda disappointing that the option for the backlit keyboard requires more expensive screen options to be added on as well.

Vipin Nagarabavi says:

Is the RAM user replaceable?

mustafa kareem says:

من الافضل spectre or envy

Khaled Bahkaly says:

can anybody find the differences between this laptop and the spectre x360? because i think its very confusing!

Jaswanth Sridharan says:

Hey Andrew is this a good laptop for coding and programming?

Hana Zhafirah says:

Is it possible to edit a video without getting slow? Not like a professional but just like an easy simple vlog

Cristhian S says:

How is it for programming?

Julien van der waal says:

Wow. Here in the netherlands they range from 950-1250 (1250 being with 16 gb and 1256GB of storage)

MajorMomentMedia says:

hate the color breakup either go all black or all silver

Boi Mesa says:

what are the most common issues with this laptop?? Also where is the RAM slot??

Oleg Kim says:

Do he has Windows Hello?

twista101287 says:

Nice review, I have the exact same laptop but the ash color, what pen would you recommend for it?

Random Things says:

Can you do one work thesame model but the better better version written the i7 and 32 GB?

Amir King says:

This laptop is slow af DO NOT BUY

Lord Rixuel says:

did they improve the hinges?

Oskar Kamiński says:

I would like to give you just few improvements on speaking.

The pauses you do are very good for understanding what’s said. Aside those it would be beneficial to say phrases and sentences in between slower and with varying voice intonation. Currently most of the sentences is in one tone/pitch i.e. accent on first word, all words in one tone, and last word a bit higher – this is very monotonous. Changing the pitch every now and then will make it easier for the listener to follow and distinguish in memory the sentences.

Sultan Saif says:

Is this portable? Right now it’s cheaper then the 13 inch version and idk if it’s worth the portability? Thanks

Nuha Shaheen says:

I have this laptop and i just wanted to know….the laptop says that its pen and touch supported…but where do you get the pen for this specific laptop?
Is there a pen for this laptop? i just wanted to know, and where would you get it from?

Super Human says:

I have the same thing same model but the only problem is my webcam is so bad quality. Plz tell me how did you get it so clear.???

iB3RNAL says:

I have this laptop but for some reason I experience some pretty bad thermal issues when it comes to just watching YouTube or Netflix. Does anyone else experience this?

Mad Engineer says:

Model no plz……

Wayne Colman says:

Guys sounds like Mr Mackey ..mmmkay

faheem muzammil says:

Model number ??

Robert Gomez says:

I bought the amd version but it only has 128gb SSD and i really need more than that for my programming software uhhh how do I upgrade the storage

Tom Jones says:

Does this laptop have a M.2 SSD slot AND an empty bay for a SATA drive?

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