GPD Pocket Mini Laptop Review | Smallest Laptop 2017

Smallest Gaming Laptop – GPD Pocket Mini Review
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In Todays video I will unbox, setup and test out the GPD Mini Laptop which is said to be a gaming pc! I was able to successfully run SNES games on an emulator and also most Playstation 1 games as well. Stay tuned for more awesome stuff soon to come!

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Thank you guys for watching and being part of my dream! The channel is alive and better than ever! I hope this video helped in deciding if this is the one for you!

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Toxic Tj says:

What’s the point of this if I can already do all of this on my phone

Cam Dachs says:

HEHEHE NAAAAWWW LOVE small thing :O :)) <3

Dean Fisher says:

Damn bro that’s a bad ass laptop just wait till the projectors start coming with Windows

Drew Bord says:

Presentation on Point as usual but this is not a product for me..

DJ Gutierrez says:

me give me plszzzzz im im philippines

yerika gil says:

looks great!!!!

Andrew Pavia says:

does it open up all the way like a tablet mode

• sheep • says:

Hmm, hoe good is the screen quality? Can you run art programs in it and will those be good quality to run on this laptop?

Edgar Lugo says:

Good review

Kavin Serrano says:

I think that I saw another one that is smaller than that, I don’t know if it was in kickstart or something but I will send you the link if I dound it again.

spikedpsycho says:

It’s like Derek Zoolander’s little cell phone

Owen Morgan says:

Holy shit, It’s tiny and I dont hear that a lot

Keeperofsecrets65 Velez says:

Wow its nice but pricey , does it come with less memory at a cheaper price?

Kenytnyt says:

Dude.. I’ve seen gpd run gta v, call of duty, battlefield 1.. so i don’t know why this gpd can’t even play a platform or 2D game properly.. it must be bad or it’s just not built for gaming I guess..

Tom says:

THE laptop looks amazing i have a gtx 1050ti 4gb +i5 7500 gaming pc with my motherboard and stuff, great video! 🙂

Morten Larsen says:

Please make a short follow-up video, playing CS:GO on it 🙂 Low settings, just to see how it handles. Thanks

InfiniteKing_ 21 says:

Dead island would probably run really well as well as left for dead 2

Marshall Kilgore says:

Mind seed in the morning! Haha liked and shared bud

RattyScorpion says:

At first I was hoping it would be like 300 hundred dollars. Sadly it is not. Good review though! 🙂

Will Wheatley says:

there is a reason you arent a big youtuber

Ajay Bamniya says:


tylervapes 0777 says:

Bad ass lil piece

Hazman says:

This device purpose only for Windows 10 functionality…others like browsing, video, gaming can do on smartphone now day…so, why buy it??

eliana Langford says:


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