GPD Pocket 7″ Windows Laptop Review

Lisa Gade reviews the GPD Pocket, a 7” mini Windows 10 laptop with an aluminum casing, full HD IPS display and a surprisingly responsive keyboard. It’s also available with Ubuntu Linux. This 1.1 lb. / 0.48 kg UMPC is 18.5mm thick and truly can fit in a large pocket or the palm of your hand, yet it packs as much power as a high end netbook. It has a quad core 1.6 GHz Intel x7-Z8750 CPU with Intel HD 405 graphics, 8GB LPDDR3 RAM, 128GB solid state storage, WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1. This tiny laptop has surprisingly loud stereo speakers, a 1920 x 1200 IPS touch screen clad in Gorilla Glass 3. It comes with a smart size USB-C charger.

Get it on for $509 here:


michieltoebes says:

My girlfriend has to work on Excel and Word docs while on the train or bus. Because of her work she is travelling a lot and has to carry around a laptop. Showed it to her and she wants one because it will fit in her purse and she can leave the backpack at home. I can also see it for business use as some kind of PE. Taking notes at meetings, checking spreadsheets and docs on the go and not having to carry around a big laptop.

Ale Zuvic says:

Review tor GDP Win1


build looks quite sturdy like a miniature macbook especially the hinge part…. i like it!

John Reyes says:

Hello, can you upgrade the ssd capacity to 512gb? Is it m.2 ssd? Thanks

Moonface00z says:

if only my mom is so techie like you

johnmonk66 says:

Why is it so surprising? Surprising build, surprising keyboard, surprising quality,

Raphael says:

I could use this with Linux and turn it into a portable hacking laptop

ben davidson says:

Pretty cool looking. Shame it’s way to expensive. For almost the same specs I got a linx1010b tablet with docking keyboard for £129

premier69 says:

i wonder how swedish keyboard alphabet would work with that layout

Keith kowalski says:

this thing is getting way too much press

Jered Hunter says:

Right now I’m using a tablet to type this comment but I’m also using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. My tablet is on a stand and it is currently plugged into mains power. I use my tablet like a notebook PC. I think most people do this. So, any kind of small computing device running a full desktop OS would be great for me. It makes sense for some people. I guess I’m in the target demographic.

Marius Egeland says:

Had it been 2 inches longer I would have been a happy camper… Yeah walked right into that one… or no I didn’t I broke my nose instead I’ll stop it with the bad jokes. But had it been a 10 inch device I would have bought one hands down. It would come in great for me as an engineering student.

premier69 says:

but can it run crysis!? no but seriously, if this thing can play starcraft 2… woah..

OtterNZ says:

@MobileTechReview – “you know, Kim Dotcom’s company, Mega” … Kim Dotcom left Mega in mid 2015 and doesn’t have any involvement or authority there (he had a falling out with the board and started selling his shares). Mega isn’t the same service that MegaUpload was. It’s just a service like dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, except with end-to-end zero-knowledge encryption similar to SpiderOak or Tresorit.

Loring Li says:

amazing laptop

tanakattack says:

i want one of these but the price is way too freaken high for what it is. Especially the linux version.

TVperson1 says:

You can use it with USB 3.0 video capture hardware and run x86 software. So it’s better than a smart phone.

Sear Seazer says:

Reminds me of i-mate Jasjar. Pretty cool.

coxxycabee says:

Awesome review Lisa!

CEM FX says:

it’s adorable…kinda reminds me of the oqo back in the day

MrVikingsfootball09 says:

for 499$, this device shouldve included:
– a screen that folded back 360′ into tablet mode
– unlocked 4g lte

btw, waiting for hdmi-in on a laptop to become a basic port

Skylark says:

This looks like a device designed by Mickey Mouse.

Shrinidhi M. Naik says:

Can u plz do a review for Lenovo Ideapad 320s

AJ Brown says:

I’m on call 24/7, and this would be useful to carry around with me when I didn’t have my laptop, but it would need LTE built in to be really useful. Also 256gb SSD would be better.

John Alich says:

I’d get this if I didn’t already have my Surface 3 (non-Pro).

sdushdiu says:

Add Skype in and out and you have a device that is more functional than a smart phone and costs less than most.
…another Great review – as always!!!!

tuberoako777 says:

Hope I can get one in 3 years but with the ff specs:

1920×1200, 100% sRGB, calibrated out of the box
128 GB SSD

$ 249

kael'thas sunstrider says:

has more ports than a MacBook “pro” BURNNNNNN

Major Pain says:

A few years back I purchased a Lenovo Miix 2 8 with windows 8. At 8 inches and a windows 8 tablet I was very certain of the porability of the unit, but in order to use the thing… I had to also carry a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. *sigh* and on boot up many times the Lenovo would take a dump and forget how to connect to the keyboard and I would be unable to put in the windows 8 password to get past the sign in screen *sigh* so after trying various micro keyboards, micro mice, and a few different adapters I gave up on it and now use the Lenovo as a paper weight. This is what I have been searching for and hoping for for a long long time. There are many places I go where I would like to run a windows based program and there isn’t a lot of desk top space. I like being able to watch a youtube video on my phone while on a forklift, but it would be REALLY nice if I could make an animated gif or actually type something while on the go. Loved the Droid 4 phone… Am sad that the Droid 5 was cancelled. A++ would love to have a tablet sized windows based computer in my arsenal of gadgets. Thank you for this review it’s been very informative! 🙂

LoneWolf8773 says:

If it were fanless, easy buy. My Sony DPT won’t USB OTG with my phone and I need a PDF editor to shrink the PDF scans I make for the DPT, no app equivalent I can find. Also Workflowy mobile app is not as powerful as the desktop app. I like the small footprint and weight as well as a smartphone charging standard.

Lighter than the Surface 3 for sure. Could do a head-to-head with that.

Радослав Дичев says:

Lenovo miix 320 please, its more interesting : )

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