Gigabyte Sabre 15 Review – The $999 Gaming Laptop That Isn’t Red!

Dave2D review of the Gigabyte Saber 15 – A thin gaming laptop starting at $999 with GTX 1050 with RGB lighting
Blue SSD –
Sabre 15 –

Laptop GPU Benchmarks –

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Intro: Mattanoll – Clearness (Robotaki Remix)
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It's Just Bait M9 says:

Plus sub! I cannot stop watching your videos

keshav gopalan says:

Dude. Wrong link?

sanforce says:

Dave2D, your reviews rock, thank you sir.

adrenochrome25 says:

not 999 but 1099 (gtx1050) or 1199(gtx1050ti) …. 🙁

Bibhu Panda says:

Where can I buy one dave ? The link redirects to a aero model.

Please post a link for this model.

Johnathan Radcliff says:

Is that a haircut I see?

BoutchooQc says:

I was like “Nice!” until the 47Wh battery…

TBM_ Gamer says:

Ugly laptop

RicebowlJohnson says:

Bro… your place looks awesome.

Metehan Yilmaz says:

Hey Dave I have noticed someting about your title of the video, It should be Saber.

snapdragon64 says:

I think the only laptop i used which had zero flex are clevo and sagers.

Tony Kirigaya says:

Love the videos! Is this the last one that was going to be in the mega sub-1000 laptop comparison video? When is that coming?

Sander Vanspranghe says:

pls review the xiaomi mi notebook air 13.3, Your going to be suprised what you can get for your money!!!
It’s like a macbook but better.

Lord Cam says:

you’re almost hitting 500k subs. I knew this would happen even when I discovered your channel when it had about 50,000 followers

sheheryar fahad says:

I wanna talk like you.
you are great…….

Yahtadi Shidiq says:

I dont like that Laptop but always love your videos. Its pleasure to watch

maxz says:

i wont drop any laptop you dumd fuck

Aashish S. says:

giveaway!!! I want a gaming laptop

PenTile Displays Exposed says:

Perhaps of interest: The Eluktronics N850 is the same thing but with a better IPS screen (85% sRGB, 55% Adobe RGB, 72% NTSC, 300nit)

The FHD one that is. The offered ‘4K’ display in the Eluktronics is not true 4K, and I would recommend a different laptop if you wanted 4K.

Allan says:

999999999999 likes!! not good bro, not good….
I’m going to sit down here and wait patiently the giveaway….

Super900k says:

This laptop cost 1700$ wtf

Dinu B says:

Man i have one single problem .. why your intro blows my speakers and then i can barely hear you.

Will Rowland says:

“You know, that one night that I played 4 hours of Overwatch…” -the man with no children

Braun Stokes Men says:

It’s nice to hear you don’t like my HP omen for its red and black finish


First thing in the morning with coffee or last thing at night before bed, are the best times to watch your vids. Idk why but they just feel so serene and calming.

Pascal Citta says:

dude why is your voice so soothing?

iEatPusiLikeiHaveaDisease says:

the amazon link shows $1699?

Hong Sheng Tan says:

This model is based on Clevo N850HK1, you can get better deals (same price but you can get 1050TI) from Eluktronics and Sager

David says:

the red nuances are so cringy

Le Ba says:

not many people gonna like the keyboard font..

BlueBoi Red says:

i love the way that keyboard looks

GrV Kar says:

But the question is can it run Crysis??

Elimentus says:

The fact that they used only 1 DIMM for the 16GB of RAM is huge! Marginally worse performance to start, but miles better at upgrading later. Wish more companies did that!

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