Gigabyte Aero 15X Review – Fast and Classy Slim Gaming Laptop

Lisa Gade reviews the Gigabyte Aero 15X, a 15.6” thin and light gaming and pro apps laptop with a “professional” rather than gamer look and an Intel 8th gen 6 core i7-8750H CPU and NVIDIA GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics. Thanks to our sponsor Warby Parker ! The 2kg / 4.49 lb. Aero 15X has a per key RGB backlit Fusion keyboard, an extremely thin bezel display (1080p and 4K available), Thunderbolt 3, a very high capacity battery for long runtimes and a PCIe NVMe SSD. It competes with the MSI Stealth Pro, Asus ROG Zephyrus and Dell XPS 15. Computer Upgrade King ( provided our review loaner and the laptop is available from them starting at $2299 with an Intel 8th gen Coffee Lake processor, 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. This is model v8-bk4.
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2042Third says:

other reviewers on YouTube got reviewer-units, that are cherry picked. This unit didn’t get ripjaws ram and usb power brick. It also was not repasted. I just got one couple days ago. For those who want to buy one I suggest you to repartee it and undervolt it with xtu. I m getting 75c~78c and no throttling while playing Witcher 3 for 4 hours straight (a stress test).
And great review! And honest review

Trulia Pro says:

When 4K version is comming ?

Helen says:

What is the spectrum of this screen? I think that it does not differ from the standard one, such as here
I think he has the same impact

Bassirou Tall says:

Why nobody is reviewing the asus g 703 laptop sériously

Marko Lopac says:

Any chance you’ll get your hands on a 4k version just for the display test?

Balázs K says:

Video is nice. Laptop though arrived to Europe soooo late I bought my Dell 9560 instead of this long ago.


Review “MSI 15.6″ GS65 Stealth Thin” please…

Josmut says:

Asus’ gaming laptops have top-notch exterior design till you open the lid and are met by bezels so ugly they look like they were designed in the 1970s

Panoramic Gaming says:

Can you do a review on your amazing shirt?

Lightest Asian says:

It has hugh mungus’ battery?

Mutio86 says:

An important detail you forgot to mention about the SD card reader: It’s connected via PCI-E and supports even super high speed cards where you can offload data with like 300MB/sec which is a sweet extra if you use the reader more often 🙂

Nova Kristala says:

Dell G7 review please. 🙂

Iamforthewin says:

I reallyyyy need a good pc

Patrick Scott says:

Great review! Just discovered your channel tonight – subb’d and going to see if you’ve done the GM501. 🙂

Papo Coco says:

So I know you said you got around 8 hours was that with the 1080 version or the 4K version?

Trulia Pro says:

Is trackpad not usable for day to day task ?

karthik p says:

Is she from the big bang theory. :0

Gianterrones says:

Please review the new Dell G laptops.

Cameron retason says:

Who needs glasses, Geeky tech heads who spend all day on their computers and don’t want to leave their gaming rig so get their glasses online. smart advertising. Wish id have done it first.

Jerico Reyes says:

Wow perfect laptop

Warren McClure says:

Not trying to sound inappropriate but I thought your shirt said breast mode for a second xD

A L I E N S says:

best upgrade after Dell 7567. both dont look like an obnoxious lambo

Marc Lindon Odias says:

Looking forward for you to review the first (just guessing) gaming laptop of samsung .”Odyssey Z”

Zector 45 says:

I never buy these laptops, but I watch Lisa’s reviews anyway because they’re so wonderful! 🙂

Emman Matibag says:

But the real question is, “Will it blend?”

NiceGuy019 says:

I’m curious, are there that many people who try to game on battery power? Unless you’re on the road or in a remote location, I can’t imagine anyone not being near an outlet to use the charger and game longer.

Wonder says:

Nice review but please start mentioning the refresh rate of the laptops that you review specially if they are gaming laptops. Most people would like to know if they have 120hz or 60 hz refresh rate 🙂
Good work keep it up

Zector 45 says:

Let’s see a smack down between this laptop and the MSI GS65 Stealth Thin! 🙂

N/A N/A says:

Lisa Model Status Confirmed. lul

Diogo Almeida says:

The DDR4 RAM is 2666MHz

Alan deLespinasse says:

Many people have had problems with the keyboards on the Aero line. Stuttering keys and key combinations that didn’t work at all. Gigabyte apparently fixed the stuttering in some cases by slowing down the keyboard’s responsiveness in firmware upgrades. Have they fixed these problems?

Fu Chen says:

This looks great, but is it the best value?

Orion Lopez says:

Liked for the shirt

James Boaz says:

Great channel. Could you rivew the Dell G7?

Garrett Davis says:

Will there ever be a lenovo yoga 920 vs hp spectre x360 video?

Harry Trueman says:

Please Review dell xps 15 9570

Oscar Shen says:

You are the best tech reviewer!

Victoria Gill says:

tip battle democracy hallway statement slap decrease shine approve.

Fritz Asuro says:

Though I know it’s a gaming laptop. I still want a good clean design, and this is where the MSI GS65 wins me over.

worldwidehappiness says:

It’s so surprising that laptop companies can’t get keyboard layouts right. This has a small zero key in the numpad, meaning it slows down numerical data entry. Also the Home and End keys not together.

Nofil Haroon says:

Can you review the dell g3 15?

kevin says:

Thank you

Abdessamad Wagri says:

I love you respectively

David M says:

tfw your youtube boo calls the XPS 15 an ultrabook :’D

mamoune sqalli says:

Hey Lisa great review, I wanted to know if you had some coil whine in your review unit because i have some that is pretty audible but only when fans are off so if it is only my laptop i would send it to get an exchange

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