Gigabyte Aero 15X Review – Best 4K Gaming Laptop? [2018] | The Tech Chap

Is the Gigabyte Aero 15X the perfect laptop for Gamers and Content Creators? With a 15.6″ Full HD (144hz) or 4K screen, GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics, 8th Gen i7 processor and a super compact design – should you buy it? Amazon US: – UK:

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Richard Dale says:

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent laptop reviews. In my opinion they are the best on YouTube. I’ve found them very useful and have helped me make a purchase. I really like how you conduct your reviews. Just the right length with just the info you need to make a decision. Very good!

ncf11 says:

Great review. I like the subtle look, especially as I want a daily driver that can game. Did you have issues with drivers, and even updates on drivers not playing nice with GPU, mouse, etc.? Also, one reviewer used it to record video, and found the fan noise, even on low, too interfere with the recording. You find that an issue? These 2 things are whats keeping me from getting this as the perfect laptop for me. Thanks, and keep reviews coming.

Punit Gor says:

How does the Battery Life compare to XPS 15 – Razer Blade – MacBook Pro 15″ ?

redda2 says:

This is the perfect laptop. If only it had better speakers and was cheaper. Not many people can afford it at its current price point.

TMT Molokwane says:

you can add microsoft precision drivers to that trackpad….checkout dave2d video

Allen A says:

who the fuck gets 16gb?

Tanmay Tushar says:

Can you make a video comparing Gigabyte Aero 15x 4k and Dell XPS 15 9570 4k ?

Squishy Senpai says:

there was no 15x last year, it was 15. And in terms of build quality, drop something on that top surface and it will easily create dents

Azeem Quadri says:

In one of Dave2D’s video he shows how you can get window’s precision drivers for laptops that come with other drivers

DagicCross says:

the keyboard looks ugly lol

Sangrex2 says:

I’m looking for a great gaming laptop that also edits photo/video very well. You got any recommendations?

Priderice Rice says:

too expensive , it cant match Msi GS65

Renzmore Galvan says:

You know it is bullshit when the time he said, it is his favorite laptop.

db22jh says:

What is the color accuracy of this 4k screen vs the Dell 9570? (contrast, delta E, uniformity)



Thank you for reviewing the 4K version and adding the workstation perspective to this amazing video. 🙂

Yang Tom says:

Depending on where you live, this could be a lot more affordable than some other similar spec competitors.

C Miller says:

Having trouble deciding between the 4k and 1080p. For price I’m leaning towards 1080…but does the 144hrz affect normal movie play back? Is it like those annoying “tru-motion” features on TVs? I love watching movies but want 23.976fps to be 23.976fps…

Pablo Wasserman says:

This would be the perfect laptop if it had the webcam at the right position

Manu Deadskinmask says:

2500$ o.o

SynergyOfTwo says:

Chose the Dell XPS 15 (9570) over the Gigabyte Aero 15 or 15x, as the value was better for work and light gaming.

Dell XPS 15 with FHD screen, i7-8750H, 16GB DDR4-2666, 512GB NVMe for $1540 USD ($2050 CAD) before tax.
Aero 15/X has two year warranty vs Dell one year warranty, but Dell can add warranty for +$89 CAD per year.
Going for Aero 15 1060 max q adds +460 USD (600 CAD) vs XPS 15 price.
Aero 15x 1070 max q adds +760 USD (1000 CAD) vs XPS 15 price.

Dave2D chose Razer 15 as #1, Gigabyte Aero 15X as #2 and Dell XPS 15 as #3 due to cooling issues. I think Gigabyte Aero 15X is #1 if money is not an issue and gaming is priority.

Hoping the i7-8750H runs cooler than the i9 otherwise will return the Dell XPS 15 if it has issues. I don’t think I would attempt a repaste and forfeit the warranty, but it is tempting. Another major con of the Dell XPS 15 is the upgrade ability is poor, and can only be configured with 16GB of RAM on FHD models only.

Hassan Abdellah says:

if you could make an English subtitle , it would be awesome
thank you

Shubham Pawar says:

That is a great laptop.
I knew you would change the dell xps 15 9570 to the gigabyte aero 15x as your daily driver as it offers similar cpu performance and an improved gpu 1070 maxQ vs 1050ti on the xps plus the added benefit of large battery that lasts long.

Volt age says:


Herfinnur Árnafjall says:

I think it looks great, much better than all those brushed aluminium ones

victor ng says:

Since I dont do any workstation laod, I love my APEX 15 from Aftershock. Got it at SGD$ 2583, comes with 1080P 144Hz, ultralight weight of 1.95Kg and mechnical keyboard (zero keyboard flex 😀 ) and the price includes Samsung 970evo 500GB ssd. My laptop comes without windows but it’s easy to install.

Kurr142 says:

the best laptop

Imrahilp says:

Mine has a pretty odd behavior, It maintains a cpu clock rate based on profile regardless of use, Like if i have it in performance mode and connected to ac, it keeps 3.8 ghz or close enough regardless of use, is this normal? battery life is also pretty terrible on mine.

Tony Webb says:

I bought this laptop and could not be more disappointed. The screen has major light bleed and a weird discoloration in the top right 25% of the screen. It’s like something is pressing against the screen behind the bezel. Gigabyte agreed to RMA the laptop only to keep it for three weeks without contacting me back. After several phone calls, they finally told me it was within factory tolerances. The recommended returning it to where I bought it, or I could PAY to have it REPAIRED. Total run around. If you buy one of these, I hope you don’t have an issue because they do not stand behind their products. They acknowledged that the screen was defective, but refused to make it right. Buyer beware.

prithvi raj says:

Please help I’m looking for a laptop to buy under 1000$ I need a good keyboard , screen, built quality battery , laptop which can dual boot ubuntu, and rare occasional gaming of pubg FIFA fortnite battlefield,… Good trackpad and windows hello either fingerprint or face please help. . .

shemar dixon says:

Color accuracy on point

Daniel Dougan says:

How often do you use your laptop screen for video editing anyway? If you’re doing 4K video work, wouldn’t it make more sense to just plug it into an external 4K monitor and maybe use your laptop as a second screen for your control functions?

I’d rather have the 1080p panel (even if it were only 60 Hz) and spend the money I saved on a nice 4K monitor.

Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia says:

Apparently their customer service/warranty is trash so that’s kind of not great considering how expensive this is.

Mia Cassinelli says:

I don’t mind the looks at all…The logo is a bit crap though.

ravi sharma says:

can you please make a video about your own cpu? it looks awesome

Scott Rich Crowder says:

I just found you, and your descriptions & reviews are always on point! Helping me choose my next laptop! I’m looking at the Aero 15X 4K w/ 16GB RAM, or taking a hit on the GPU and choosing the XPS 15 i7 16GB, 4K. I’m in love with the simplicity of the Dell.

Rupesh Arabekar says:

Your Videos Are Very Good!

Reuel Enerio says:

Can you compare this to the XPS15 and Razer 15?

Adam Sutt says:

Say I’m emulating Smash Bros. Melee, will I notice frame one input delay (fox’s reflector) given the 16ms response time on the 4K model?

Jay G says:

Specs are nice but my major beef about these laptops is the build. at that price i would expect a metal alloy like magnesium or aluminum. that cheap plastic for a machine that expensive is a no go for me.

nandipaka bhavani rohith says:

the perfect one !

Stefan Jezdic says:

Hi 🙂 Umm I know this has nothing to do with this laptop but I need to ask, is laptop cooling pad necessary? I’ve never seen a tech reviewer using one so I’m just wondering would I need one if I have a gaming laptop.Thanks 🙂

Sk Sadi says:

The tech chap , Is LG C7T oled tv good? It’s in my country Bangladesh. Should i get it?
It’s not C7P it’s C7T.
I will play ps4 pro games long times, watch movies , YouTube
Is it good idea to by this?

Or should i get Sony X900E
Or should i get Samsung Qled TV?
I heard all over the Internet it’s OLED got image burning etc. Is it risk to buy this TV? I am worry.

Steph w says:

The screen accuracy and numpad and good keyboard are a huge plus for me….could skin it to make it less ugly i spose……definitely the 4k for photoediting i think. Not sure i like the matte finish though….makes it seem less bright and sharp

Ben Gregoire says:

just having a uhs-2 reader, so much want.

Azeem Quadri says:

Wish I could sell my big and clunky alienware (1060) and buy this instead.

Cowen K. Gittens says:

Excellent specs. But it is ugly and the prices is even more ugly

Moses Mukinyo says:

Design is dope.
I don’t see the ugliness,I’d go with the 1080p though..pricing matters

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