Gigabyte Aero 15X Laptop Review and Benchmarks

The new Gigabyte Aero 15x has a lot of interesting features, including a 6 core / 12 thread Intel 8th generation i7-8750H CPU, Nvidia 1070 Max-Q graphics, 144Hz screen, NVMe SSD and large battery in a fairly small form factor. In this review you’ll see how it performs through a number of gaming benchmarks and find out what features are on offer to help you decide if it’s worth buying for the price.

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Vineel Kumar Reddy Kovvuri says:

Thanks for the keyboard sound test.

Zachary Goterch says:

Just an observation, but I’m noticing that these gaming laptop OEMs are going for a single channel RAM configuration as opposed to a dual channel configuration. Is it to save on cost? I ask this because a dual channel config is more preferred in almost every situation.

Kourosh Kourison says:

i can buy this laptop with small loan of one million dollar

Tank Playz says:


IxianMace says:

Finally, a laptop with a decent monitor. Your video pretty much summed up my thoughts, though I’m not in the market for buying a laptop at the moment.

HeyItsJ says:


Majid Alharbi says:

Everything is so good except the max q card. Great review I enjoy your videos.

Jack Wood says:

I buy laptop by skipping one nvidia generation. I have 980m and 4720cpu and will buy probably this laptop when 1170q comes out with 9750h cpu. Probably first half of next year.

Holyboom says:

Not worth the price

raghav chadha says:

Next do the asus rog strix gl702 ah73 1400 $ with gtx 1070

Johnny Boy says:

That missionary camera angle again…

Stupid Gamer says:

why are the views so low?!

Gz Singh says:


az zahar says:

I think people overlook Aero 15 (non-X) by saying the Aero 15X is too pricey like seriously its a 2 minute google guys

İlker Eryılmaz says:

Thanks for the review. Did you find the arrow keys confusing while using the unit? I always get missed strokes when the arrow keys are just below shift and next to the keypad.

Lone Wolf says:

Please do a review on MSI GE63 8RF new release …thanks if u read this and if u review it.. your comparison between CPUs and GPUs made me your proud sub.. goodluck budd

Nebal Sup says:

Thnx that fantastic review. Do you recommend that people who have a laptop with 7700hq processor replace it with 8750h?

IceColdKilax says:

69% of AdobeRGB Color Gamut. And NO HDR. Epic Fail. Next years model will have GSync. Also it’s Loud. A GTX 1070 MaxQ is just as good as Desktop GTX 1060. Wow Back Light Bleed is Unacceptable.

Stephen Milazzo says:

Kind of surprised it was so hot and loud. Thought Max Q was all about quiet and cool laptops.

Teco01ejg says:

Great review Jared. Do you consider that the display technology from the 15x is the same as for the Aorus x5 x7 and x9? Should the monitors on these other laptops have similar sRGB color accuracy performance?

Joshua Lovett says:

My dream laptop! I found it!

CTP says:

wow this laptop is amazing. your review was very thorough and well made. thank you

Geraldy Rexsy Irvandy Lim says:

Hey mate great review, I want to ask about upgrading, so the gigabyte SSD and RAM is upgradable but I notice that three of the screw at the back are covered with warranty stickers, so is it possible to upgrade without voiding the warranty?

last fayth says:

magnificent temperature test mate ! very good, looking forward to see the MSI GE63 Raider RGB Coffee lake review.

thanks in advance.

Hi11Zones says:

1070 is to slow needs to be 1080

ZZZ Accounting says:

“two sluts” 😛

Hiato Cosmo says:

hm, what is the best laptop for a student that’s going to film school in college? I’ll be doing lots of video editing and will be moving around from my dorm/classes most of the time throughout the day. So a normal computer will not be helpful for me since I’d be editing on the go.

Tank Playz says:

What do you use to make the comparisons like 6:37?

shamatuu says:

Then price though. Like they think everyone can afford that.

BTW says:

am I the only one who always wonder who wins between fire and ice fighting? ohhh and GREAT Review 🙂 but the price is xpensive

G Flo says:

Great review mate

Mikolaj Holowko says:

I’m currently looking for a laptop for music production. Has to be fast, have a lot of ram, but also be fairly light and quiet under load ( my budget is up to around $3k usd). So I’m definitely interested to see more of current gen reviews here.

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