Gigabyte Aero 15X Gaming Laptop review

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Michael Gusevsky says:

I like the aesthetic

Riggzilla says:

Bland design? This is what the older “gamers” really want in design!!


Who actually wants a laptop that looks stupid and childish like most gaming laptops. I love the simple design

Michael Sherblom says:


Štěpán Pazderka says:

Design looks awesome. Nothing too crazy like every other gaming laptop. Sleek and stylish this is.

Costel Cecan says:

MSI GS65 the best right now 😉

Tu Nguyen says:

Serious gamers don’t game on laptops.
They game on Casio F91W-1.

Krakus Krak says:

This bezel under the screen is disgusting… It’s not like I would ever spend this money on the laptop but if I did this alone would make me not to buy it.

dani says:


SUNNUN says:

Did you mentioned how hot it can turned and about the heat issues noo.. thin for pusssies thicc for real men

Ryan Tahlilkar says:

where Can i buy this? the website sends me to distributors but they dont have this laptop on canada.

Haoyuan Yue says:

Crap touchpad, I am out

caykex/A.C.M. says:

Bland design? At least is not the clunky ugly “gamer” look.

Mattycarpa says:

gaming without a mouse. smh

bobsagget823 says:

SAD. Shitty bassless speakers in a 2000$ notebook = no sale.
My 600$ dell 7559 has an integrated sub and sounds amazing. I want to replace it with more power but not if the sound is a massive downgrade.

Ted Thomas says:

What kind of person buys a gaming laptop? Nobody buys them just for gaming right?

Adam A says:

This or the MSI GS65?

28k views says:

GS65 or AERO?

i don’t care on both, can’t afford those beasts

Tyler Howd says:

Im going to get the MSI

Karren Kuddlesberg says:

Is there a laptop can go 200-300+ frames on a modern game with max graphic settings? Or do I have to spend like 3,000 – 5,000 dollars building a custom desktop with 3-4+ graphics cards in to?

irishcoliny says:


Yo Melvin says:

I can’t afford any of these new six core laptops… WHY AM I HERE

Oliviero Cafferata says:

nice tearing on the witcher 3

Wistbacka says:

It is not a bland design. It is a mature design. Good job Gigabyte! If this one lasts 7 h on one charge, how long does the non-X model last?

Gahan Raj says:

Hnng! Design is beautiful. Practical and appropriately nerdy.

RaptorN60 says:

Owner of previous version of Aero 15 (1060 card) here. For everyone wanting this notebook, beware that the quality of the keyboard assembly may vary (double registering of keys when touch typing, activation point lower than key “bump” point) and buggy screen backlight (when waking up from sleep with low brightness, you can see that not all of the leds have been reactivated, creating zebra-like flashlight pattern at the bottom of the screen, as well as dimming area adjacent to the thin borders). Not sure if these quality defects have been fixed with 2018 version.

Antonio Randolfi says:

Is there a 1060 version? 1070 is even too much for me

ihabe ghaffouli says:

17 inch screen , on a 15 inch form factor laptop…and my dreams come true..

dnajohnny says:

Does anyone know which Tech youtube channel does review the gaming temperature test, battery life test as well? just the basic spec doesn’t mean much be honest.

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