Gigabyte Aero 15 X9 Laptop Review – RTX 2070 Max-Q

The Gigabyte Aero 15 X9 is a thin laptop and a great option for both gaming and content creation, so let’s find out what’s on offer, how well it performs and if it’s a laptop you should consider buying.

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Lalo Ajuria says:

thank you for doing UV data. i wish more did this. its crazy to see how much is being left on the table.

DigitalShadow says:

Hold up, you can put an overclockable i9 cpu in this? Anyone else think that’s absolutely mad? A non maxQ GPU makes more sense than that.

Raj says:

Ahh it will have thermal probs but at least it doesn’t have power throttling.

Ps – on a different note , how would you diagnose a power throttle issue. Like I think my charger is unable to keep my laptop at 100% plugged in when gaming for long periods. It’s a hero2 Asus strix.

Karol Babinski says:

Can you do a comparison vs Razer blade 15 with similar GPU? Try UV, OC and dual channel RAM

CTP says:

thanks for this thorough review 🙂

Saif Addin says:

Hey Jarrod, I’ve bought the MSI Stealth g65 with 2060 rtx. I am concerned about the dual channel difference as mine is single channel. Is it hard to add another card there?

Ifkensen _ says:

Can you review some rtx 2060 laptops? I can’t find any on youtube

Prashan Perera says:

Having a bios loop on my v8 8750h any one else got this?

Jacob Sutton says:

Would you recommend getting the new Razer Blade 15?

c says:

Hope you can get your hands on an Acer Predator Triton 500 soon!

Jack Tenrec says:

*The AI of microsoft is another way in which companies attack your privacy and your rights*

highkeycrying says:

what’s your daily driver? In terms of laptop (for work on the go)

look at me says:

Wtf why do you make two videos about the same laptop?


looks great, but 2400$? no thanks lol

Perfectly Balanced says:

Seems like the 2070 is the only One actually worth buying. The 2080 underperforms and it’s way overpriced. A 2070 laptop at $2000 would be perfection.


Told you on the lasr video known for shit screens and backlight bleed

Orchard Du says:

Nice review. A pity there’s no performance comparison between 2070mq with 1070mq, that’s I really expect. I personally guess that there’s only 10% to 15% improvement in 2070mq compares to 1070mq.

AndreasH900 says:

I am suprised nobody has reviewed the XMG laptops from germany i am getting one though better specs for the money compared to asus msi

Brian U says:

Jarrod face real exposed!!

Jim Johnson says:

Are we sure this is a Max-Q? It doesn’t mention the Max Q anywhere in the product listing on most sites.

Why is it so expensive? You can get a 17″ MSI GE75 or a 17″ Asus Scar II GL704, both of which have full RTX 2070s, for cheaper than this….What am I missing?

cinoS says:

Guessing before watching

A lot of thermal throttling

Peter says:

Keyboard should be brought forward, get rid of num pad, move touch pad to right of keyboard(maybe a left hand version), and place speakers just below screen so speakers face you. This chassis and keyboard looks cheap.

Betternet says:

I have around the same amount of backlight bleed

Sladon says:

Hello, can I ask when should I buy a laptop? When are the best deals?
And if I can add, what are your recommendations for someone who likes to play of 15.6 screen(durable for lot of years if possible), and is less than $1100

alan avila says:

Review the Gigabyte AORUS 15-X9-RT4BD plsssssssss!

Uruglot says:

I think – it’s time to buy x8 as “second hand” =)

Dayz 3O6 says:

The chassis were meant for gtx from previous year, they need to make a new chassis that deal with the cooling for the rtx version.

Pedro Baltazar says:

Great job putting this together man!

Yaniv Balahani says:

rtx max-q designs on the 20 series is a joke… my last gen gtx 1070 laptop performs the same and runs cooler…

"The Narrator" says:

I’m trying to decide between this and the msi g65 :/

Yasser A. says:

Hi Jarrod, are you planning on doing an Alieanware Area51m full in depth review like this ? It seems that so far the “mainstream ultra thin RTX laptop” are really dissapointing in terms of performance (falsy marketed MaxQ) and throttling. It could be great to have some good old heavy & bulky laptops tested to see the massive difference.

Ira Gershwin says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like this laptop (i7 chip) is getting a bad rep from commenters (mostly).

Sorry, if I missed it in the vid, but did you experience any problems (I’ve seen reported by reviewers) with loose/unresponsive keys, or BSOD/software problems (specifically, those that may warrant many driver updates or a clean install of Windows)?

Thanks, for the review!

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