Gigabyte Aero 15 Review – Better than the XPS 15?!

Dave2D review of the Aero 15 – the best laptop from Gigabyte for thin and light performance. Features a GTX 1060 like a Razer Blade but with a screen of a Dell XPS 15 9560
Blue SSD –
Aero 15 –

Note – The paneling is aluminum but the laptop frame is mostly plastic

Laptop GPU Benchmarks –

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Julian Fabrigas says:

I just passed the 30 day return period on my XPS 15… by a day…. :<

Basha Bill says:

1 hour gameplay at 1080p, with a 4k option coming…

Just buy a DELL XPS 13.

Ryan Turner says:

Such a shame about that low / bad Adobe RGB gamut coverage. The XPS 15 is way better. But hopefully there is a 4K pro screen soon as an option.

Findor_1 says:

How would you connect a gaming laptop to a 120/144hz monitor? (and with egpu possibly )

mohammed olabi says:

can you please do the review of Alian ware r4 with 1070 gtx

QualityGains says:

Cool video Dave! Love the view from your room!

Aayush Nakarmi says:

can this laptop edit video

50calBeowulf says:

Perfect reveiw Dave, GTX 1060 6GB

Andre Mashmelow says:

you should have show it with the razer and the dell xps 15 to compare the size.

Cainã Brazil says:

love your animations, bro!

dang hoang says:

apple rocks

dracwula says:

I guess I will wait for next gen for the 4k video 8-9

Nexus Cabañelez says:

YellowGreen is dope paired with black :3

Arpit Jain says:

Hey Dave another request from me to review Acer Aspire R15 it has i7 12GB RAM and 940mx @ only $850

blindm0nkey515 says:

the xps that never was

Kanishk Nagar says:

PLEASE REVIEW Asus K501uw !!

ApplepieFTW says:

At least it’s not as disappointing as the new surface laptop

Goddamn that’s $1900? 🙁

Will you be reviewing the new Microsoft laptop? It’s quite expensive for average hardware and has bad I/o, but it looks nice though and the keyboard feels great supposedly.

Theenash Kumar says:

Can u plz take a look at the 15 inch lenovo yoga 720, convertible with gtx1050

Venkatesh venky says:

born can you unbox surface laptop

harold lau says:

Oh man,, i need the monitor from Aero 15, the build quality from xps 15, the raw power from Razer Blade,, why cant there be a perfect laptop

Nazmul Forhad says:

1st strike.. That full plastic body cost $1900.00..
2nd strike.. 14 ince laptop and still they tried to put number keypads..
Definetly, not buying…

Fredde Ivarsson says:

Great review! Feels honest, thought–out and personal. Its almost like listening to a friend giving his honest opinions. And I really like the animations too, very clean and good-looking. Keep up the good work!

Nana the Dwarf says:

I end up having a bit of a buyer’s remorse whenever you release new reviews. ):
Great vid as always, dude.

BR34KF4ST says:

Dave I need to ask, i bought the Asus gl702vm about 6 months ago but when I’m playing overwatch, it can barely hit a 100 fps at ultra and even when I turn it down to Low it still has frame drops, can you tell me why

alexeiz says:


HeavyRayne says:

Found my new laptop. I just need that 4k screen. Also wish it had a 1070 but that’d rather into battery life.

Lahsen Salinas says:

what’s that $7 for in 0:47

Dave Lee says:

The Aero 15 – (GTX 1060) has a significantly more powerful GPU than the XPS 15 – (GTX 1050) but has the same form factor and rocks that sweet bezel-less screens. The green color isn’t my fav but I’m tempted to run the black one as a daily driver for a while.

Mr. Pool says:

Hey Dave,

Any Chance that you’ll review the new *Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition 2017* with the *GTX 1060* any time soon? I’ve even heard that there is a 4k Option.

crunchycool says:

How many drive bays does this have?

zangk2k says:

Why they still making great config laptops with shitty design? I mean, I want a great performance laptop that I can also play with but without these gaming pathetic designs, something more discrete, more clean. This one doesn’t have a gaming design but is also not that pretty.

exchangedspider says:

But it has windows 🙁 (beautiful looking machine thou)

Hitarth Panchal says:

Review Lenovo Thinkpad E470 laptop

Nagsea says:

amazing video like always. what is the diff between this and the 14 versiom besides the size of screen?? which one you would recommend?

INfernusSpree says:

I really want this thing but when will it be released?

Vallantine C. says:

Well, we talk about 99% aRGB (XPS15) and 74% aRGB (Aero15)…

Francis Boudreau says:

Just need to put some duck tape on the Gigabyte logo and you’re ready to go!

Neptunium says:

But Premiere rendering is mostly CPU dependent…

Emre Can Turan says:

i need a pc so bad 🙁

Nom Nom says:

Looks like shit

David Xu says:

Like after that acer crazy thin gtx1080 laptop, everything else just feel not that impressive

Matthew Gilland says:

your videos are great man! keep up the great content! 🙂
I am planning to take up an IT Security degree and was wondering what would be a budget (under $1,000) to good laptop in this field. what would you suggest?

mikel pop says:


KG V says:

So you could pay $1,900 for this, or you could pay $1,200 for a MSI Apache Pro Ge62 (VR ready), similar specs, even has a GTX 1060 in it! Like.. LOL

Karl Chua says:

Your place seems so cozy and calming in the eye, must be nice to leave in that kind of environment

Christopher Morales says:

Bro my xps 15 was a little over $1400 with sane exact specs minus the gtx 1060 (I have 9560). This is not the best pc for your money. Great review as always though

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