Gigabyte Aero 15 GTX 1070 With Max Q Design Laptop Review – Slim and Powerful

Gigabyte have hit the Laptop market hard with a slim 22mm thick notebook that packs a GTX 1070 (called the Max Q Design), this whole package gets great gaming performance whilst only using about 130watts in power even with the 1080p MVA screen turned on. Overall a really incredible laptop, though it does command a premium.

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Jezza Clarkson says:

I’m with you on the segregated buttons man, it’s often a dealbreaker for me

DrShabba says:

This laptop can come near my face and blow on it 🙂

Scyn says:

28 degrees, you are living the cooler life compared to other places in Aus.
Hopefully you haven’t melted yet Bryan.

Alexander Mustermann says:

Aero 15 is amazing honestly, even the last year’s version. But too pricey for me, so I went with an Asus ROG 15 Inch. Other than the one-of-a-kind battery life on the Gigabyte, the Asus has it all albeit at a bit beefier size. 16 GB DDR4 Ram, i7 7700hq, full fat GTX 1070, 256 GB NVMe Drive + 1 TB HDD, and a GORGEOUS 120 Hz GSYNC IPS Panel. + Amazing price/performance which I never hoped to see on an Asus ROG device lol. The model I use is the asus rog gl502vs.

Shanon Florentina says:

Is the pc behind him on the left dusty or is it just me ?


An update came through during your video blog.

Hotplate1 says:

You should try repasting with high quality thermal paste, then compare the results.

eljuancho2 says:

Does it overheats?

Victor Gonza says:

Very slick laptop but a 60hz 1080p screen is a mistake for a Gtx 1070

Kerolos Abdrabbo says:

i would take a 99 whr battery over that second ssd mount.

DrStormpooper says:

The design is terrible. Like something made in 2005.

lukmhs says:

that’s a Playstation 2 of 2017.

wtfuredead says:

Why would you review a 7th gen intel cpu when the 8th has 50% more cores and threads

Red Phoenix says:

@10:13 Unless it is a scam, therefore it is a pretty lame platitude. There is no objective pricing bro, even though it is pretty much standard for this configuration. The krauts pay €2400 for it.

owenhehe says:

You sure the dimension is right? 350mm*250mm*22mm, 350mm should be 14” laptop. Is it really that small?

Talons Tech Talk says:

Great review man. My only gripe with this laptop and what has kept me from purchasing it is the 60Hz IPS screen. As a “gaming” laptop the screen is almost as important as the GPU and CPU, maybe more important. I’ve owned at least a dozen different gaming laptops and until only recently this was my biggest issue. Most IPS laptop screens have terrible 25-30ms response times and while they look great for desktop use, gaming with that response time and 60Hz refresh rate is ughhhh.

This laptop needs an option for a 120hz 5ms TN panel that is available on a lot of current gaming laptops. I am using the exact AUO 5ms 120hz TN panel on my 1070/6700K laptop and it’s a dream. It looks and feels just like my desktop 144hz. It’s also extremely bright for a laptop at 400nit. Most laptops are in the 200-300nit range. Brightness also seems to be a complaint I see a lot and at 400nit you have very little room to complain.

Harry Cox says:

Great video, with the weird 80s music video as a nice touch. As for the product, there’s no way in Hell I’m paying that kind of paper money for a laptop.

Dentix Graphics says:

Would anyone here recommend a gtx 690, i can get one for under 100$

Tyrian2k says:

I find this notebook ugly. Really ugly.

Bryce says:

“Cum near your face or blow on your face” – Tech Yes City 201

Joe Sweeney says:

9:48 “NVMe panel” hehe love ya work and reviews. Honest and realistic.

MrZoichi says:

That has to be the worst placement for a webcam, but at least it is a nice one. Looks like an all-around good laptop.

Alexis Barrientos says:

One of the most powerful and beautiful laptop out there.

Tyrian2k says:

As for the touchpad, usually notebooks have a key combination to disable the touchpad, doesn’t this one include such? (like fn+F3 in my shit old lg e500 notebook), tho i prefer the touch to keep itself active and disabling it by hand if I feel like doing so.

MANNY~EmberDim says:

Nice review, Bryan! Thanks!

Sic Semper Beats says:

Just get a 1060 laptop

Kadablo says:

Can I game on a Xeon x5650 with a gtx 970 4gb and if I get a X5650 for only 40$ canadian is that a solid deal?

Egg McMuffin says:

Basically performs the same as a 1060 but they market it as a 1070 and do you know what that means? They can charge 300$ more than a 1060 laptop because it has a 7 after a 10 and before a 0

dumkopf says:

My only gripe is gigabyte’s branding. Too in your face

gtpc says:

Awesome thing

Gaius Trollius says:

That looks pretty slick. It’s much better than that “gaming” aesthetic.

Na Son says:

If anyone is looking to buy gtx 1070 8gb for cheap leave your email asking for $250 for mine. Also selling some other parts cheap

Deon Spates says:

Awesome review!

Tick Tock Tech says:

Hey guys I’m 8 subs away from hitting 300. Give my channel a look and if you like it consider helping me his 300 tonight!

Mathieu Bouvier says:

Beast spec but failed to deliver with this 60hz screen sadly, NEXT!!

Azims Lives says:

bad cooling, avoid this laptop

Luciaboii758 says:

Dammnnnn I want one!!!!!!!….keep up the good work Brian

RepsUp100 says:

You’re not at CES?

Henji'sPlace says:

It is really nice but that price tag is wow !! Also it seemed really loud when you held the mic over it during load in pubg but all in all the size and what you get and how well it runs it is worth it.

Tirynth says:

X5450 vs i5 750?

idontwatch tv says:

Impressive how that 7700HQ was able to almost match my 2700K @ 4.5GHz on Cinebench.


Gud for mining?

Almir Preldzic says:

Microcenter: Dell 15.6″ 7577 i7 7700hq, 16gb DDR4, GTX 1060 6GB (MAX-Q), 256gb nvme, 1 tb hdd for $999 bought on sale.

This thing is overpriced.

Gordon says:

Looks like in the UK there is only the GTX1060 version available on Amazon ^^ Brians Amazon link^^

Naig Carillo says:

Great laptop. Want it. Need it. Can’t afford it.

Meng Moua says:

$3000! I’ll just stick with my Switch for on the go gaming.

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