Dell XPS13 Laptop Review (The Worst Support EVER!)

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Dell XPS 13 Inch Laptop:

Dell XPS 13 Inch Laptop Review (The Worst Support EVER!)

As you know, I’m traveling a lot on these last few days and this made me realize something: I needed a mobile and a light notebook for me to carry around.

This is when I decided to give Dell XPS13 XPS13-9343 13.3-inch Ultrabook Computer a shot…

Here are some of the product specifications:
“Model number: XPS9343
13.3 in Full HD (1920 x 1080) infinity display
Corning® Gorilla® Glass, machined aluminum and carbon fiber
Intel Core i5-5200U 2.20 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.70 GHz
4GB DDR3L 1600 MHz
Windows 8.1, 64-bit
No Optical drive
Media card reader
Waves MaxxAudio
Intel HD Graphics 5500 – 1920×1080
2 USB 3.0 • Mini DisplayPort • Headphone output/Microphone input combo
52 WHr, 4-cell (15 hours)*
Integrated webcam
802.11ac (Miracast enabled)
Bluetooth 4.0
11.98 x 7.88 x 0.33-0.60 in (304.29 x 200.15 x 8.38-15.24 mm)
2.60 lbs (1.17 kg)
TPM 2.0
Backlit keyboard
Touchscreen: NO”

Besides the computer, I’ve also wanted to review their support which was… SHIT! Well, just watch the video to find out!

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Brandon Larkin says:

Having supported Dell PCs in an IT environment for over a decade, I would disagree that their CS is junk. We’ve never really had any major problems with getting service, provided you purchase the right warranty from them for service (basic depot repair is probably what is included when purchasing from a 3rd party). Having purchased used, even more in a gray area.

Joshua Zuo says:

Dell is trash. Whenever people ask me what kind of computer they should buy these are the 2 things I tell/ask everyone. 1.”What do you plan on doing with it?” 2.”Don’t buy a Dell.” Growing up my parents only bought dells and I’ve had the same experience with every computer I’ve used. They break in a year. Literally. I remember adamantly fighting my mom when she was planning to get a laptop for work and was set on buying a Dell. She did it anyway and guess what happened? It broke in a year after the warranty ended. $1200 flushed right down the drain. My friend, who asks me to help him every time he gets a computer, was buying a laptop for school. I sent links to a lot of different laptops, and he responds by sending me a link to a good deal on a Dell he found. I said “FUCK NO.” He’s like “Why?” I’m like “Because its a Dell” He’s like “But it’s a good deal, I’m gonna buy it” I’m like “Don’t say I didn’t warn you” A year and a half later when I was helping him buy a new laptop you can probably guess what the first thing I said was.

Seby Mitran says:

Yeah, Ill buy mine next month. From Dell.

RikunoFilms says:

bought an xps15 for my mother. Same problem with customer service. It arrived with a faulty motherboard and wouldn’t start. Dell blamed me and refused to replace it. it took a few hours of escalating through customer service to get them to at least send a refurbished motherboard. Made a BBB complaint and they called me every day for about 2 weeks and spammed my email even after telling them not to.

Shmapanese says:

great rant man haha , dell is the biggest POS company.

Lyle Davids says:

Stick with your windows man

Izzy G says:

ive have this laptop for about half a year, its great! im a college student and the reason i got it was because i did all my homework on my desktop, and i would hate sitting at 1 spot for so many hours. this laptop weighs NOTHING, and its really fast 🙂

i didnt get the touchscreen because it decreases the battery life by about 1 hour, and i would never use it lol.
i went on dbrand and i got some skins for it, now its all black. it looks sick

MSH3423 says:

Obviously that Dell laptop has some hardware issues, but I think it’s ridiculous you are demanding advanced exchange program or free on site service. It’s not like Apple computer is offering these options on their max and Dell is not doing it. You had options to buy on site service packaged when you buy dell laptop. You obviously opt of of it and bought it used. Which means you opted to save money instead of coverage and now you want a free service.. I can’t agree with you on this.

Nikan says:

this year I want to buy a laptop
first I will make sure it’s not a dell XD

Adolf Hitler says:

Touch Screen on a laptop = gimmick

Sanjay D Raju says:

hey john, what happened to the beard ? 😛

N Shuya says:

Yeah, please don’t hold your breath Dell will always have awful service.

Oliver Tušla says:

I can’t say for US. However so far in Europe, Czech Republic, the Dell support is without any doubt the best support I have ever come to. If your Dell laptop is broken then you just call the support and in 12 hours a guy gets to you, puts new laptop in front of you, copies you hard drive (if it is not software problem), takes your broken laptop and there you go.

IOS Development says:

There are a lot of YouTubers complaining about new Windows laptops. Windows 10 is full of bugs and I wish Microsoft would re-employ the QA people the got rid of. Our ecosystem is magic when its firing on all cylinders.

Michael Lawrence says:

lol is it just me, or is it a little ironic that you are wearing a “trust the process” shirt while you review dell’s customer service?

Mirza Sisic says:

I had an Dell XPS a few years back, I remember it always had issues with overheating, eventually it’s GPU got fried which seemed to happen to a lot of XPS owners.

ttt says:

Oh but you said to not leave bad reviews…

PENDANTturnips says:

this is why people go with mac nowadays. don’t have to put up with this bullshit. it sucks if you’re a windows guy like me and have to transition but having good customer support for the rare occasion when Macs break is amazing.

Cono 52 says:

ye support is crap, google is the best way to go these days. Also i got the 15″ version, i could probably live without touchscreen, i’ve heard mixed probs with quality control but mine is perfect.

Elliot Chapo says:

1:03 YES!

Pierce Fleming says:

hahahaha this is great

Cj Vaans says:

Lol. Ever since I bought my first Acer laptop in 2010, I’ve heard negative feedbacks about Dell. And that’s 7 years ago. Even today, there’s lot of negative feedbacks in their fb page about their crappy service. They may have some cool laptops but if their CS sucks, its not worth wasting your money.

abesabes12 says:

what a huge mess you went through, just for a laptop.
In the end it’s all about money for Dell.

WPWithTom says:

lmao! I can relate so much to this.
I’ve got a xps 13 and had soooo many issues when I first got it. I had to return it after a month and they basically fixed around $500 worth of parts and sent it back to me. I didn’t have that many issues with the support, but boy was I pissed after spending that much money. I went through their troubleshooting mess too with an Indian guy who I honestly couldn’t understand half the time for over 2 hours on the phone. I sent it in, and I waited like a week before I got it back. However, I didn’t have to pay to ship it in they covered it in my case. While it was in getting fixed (I only did it bc I had another laptop) they emailed me the replacment part that was needed would be out of stock 2-3 more weeks and I was so pissed. They ended up getting it quicker and getting me the computer back.

Like 1 week later I began having different issues with it again and after I told their support they harassed me non-stop with calls and emails about it – usually 5+ calls per day. I fixed it myself pretty much and it has been running amazing ever since.

Some pros – This thing is certainly portable and has great battery life. It’s also lightening fast with the i7. I didn’t get the touch screen option – I can’t stand touch screen personally, but I’m with you I’d pay an extra $100 not to have it included lol

Adrian Simpson says:

my XPS 13 Developers Edition should show up in the next few days, now I’m nervous 😛

Harry Sax says:

I bet they will ship you one now that you blasted them haha.

You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve went through this same fucking situation. And now everyone has outsourced to India where they really don’t seem to give a fuck. I think we will eventually see a shift happen where they realize that cutting corners actually loses money. Maybe. Oh well. Fuck em

DB12345678 says:

Bought one of these last year, also had a nightmare with Dell support. Great laptop tho!

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