Dell XPS 15 9570 REVIEW – The Perfect Laptop? (i9 + GTX 1050 Ti) | The Tech Chap

Is the Dell XPS 15 9750 the Perfect Laptop? Up to a Intel Core i9, 32GB RAM and GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q – this is a powerful laptop and ideal for 4K video editors and Gaming at Full HD. So is it a big upgrade and should you buy the new 2018 XPS 15 9570? Amazon US:

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Ranul says:

sir do you have any laptop that can be used for programming. please help me I’m poor

Alaa Kassab says:

great reveiw!
I already ordered it from dell germany i got the basic model with i5 and 8 gb or ram, but i am afriad the ram will not be enough, i use chrome browser extension alot .
i could the model with 16 gb or ram but it cost 400 euros more.
do you think 8gb of ram is enough for chorme running 40 tabs ?

Quiz Master says:

such a cutie 🙂

Dirk Jan den Elzen says:

The dell keyboards are great. Only the ‘home’ button integrated in the arrow left button is something I don’t like at all

Kavya Nayak says:

I want review on razer blade 15

Pixelesess says:

Is suggested use i9 for games? I have heard that i9 isn’t good for games. Who can answer?

Nguyên says:

I wish they remove that ugly dell logo underneath.

Adrian Butterworth says:

I was massively disappointed by the Dell XPS 9560 with 32gb ram and 2gb Nvidia 1050. I think its always throttling. I’ve clean installed windows 10 (without dell bloatware), and still, doesn’t run games from 2008 without lagging. Adobe software lags too.

Jason Su says:

Quick question, is it normal for a brand new XPS 15 to have a soft fan noise running in the background?

Majid Tunio says:

I have Dell XPS 15 (9560) and my city in summer temperature average (46 Celsius Degree – 56 Celsius Degree) my room temperature in same season is 36 to 42 Celsius Degree while using A/C and it hits 55 Celsius if no A/C I experienced this laptop in tough temperature and heavy renders from Octane in Cinema 4D. I haven’t seen thermal throttling or Power Throttling yet. From my point of view XPS 15 (9560) is best yet. I haven’t tried 9570 but let’s see some more reviews than I’ll try it.

ultralooter says:

Bought the maxed out model as well with 2tb ssd.

Canthia Rose says:

I9 overkill and 1050ti not worth it
New generation i5 4 THREAD 4 HYPERTEADING. i5 are like i7 of last year. Better off getting a i5 with a better graphic card at least a 1060 with 6 gigabyte ddr5 video memory with 16 gigabyte ddr4 ram. 256 solid state with a 2 TB hard drive. 1080ips display or 2k would be good enough. I brought quite a few labtops couple budget ones and one gaming. I did lots of research on how laptop are. You have to have an idea of what the laptop your looking at is capable of and consider how long it will last for you.

Tech Defender says:

Should I go for this or the cheaper dell G7 for college?

Dan Man says:

perfect laptop has more than a 1050

temjam01 says:

A Gtx 1060 or above in this and I would buy it in a heartbeat……

The Blitz says:

i wish i could buy the i9 with 500gb ssd

Canthia Rose says:

2899.00 that labtop way over price… not even a 1080 graphic card. you can get a high performance one for 1200 something or 1500. You have to shop around wait for a good sale. You need 8 core so bad get a amd ryzen labtop cheaper or even buy the new Intel 6 core laptops.

azRieL ThaNe says:

nice review! I’m thinking about getting either that or the new G7 from Dell. The camera location of the XPS series as well as other Dell laptops is somewhat of the deal breaker for me.

Lehlogonolo Phahlane says:

Hi techchap as a subscriber I kindly request one of your unused laptops as a gift it will be pleasure to receive something nice from you

TheXeonShock says:

I didn’t know they made a 1050Ti Max-Q O_O

SlapNDash says:

So aesthetically is a smaller lower bezel but a little more on top for the camera really look THAT much worse? Put the camera up top you bastards

nerdwithjordans says:

That better don’t have random shutdowns like the previous model they never fix.

Abdulai Bah says:

$2500 laptop. No WiFi. No exucse.

Ahmed Atmani says:

Are you tempted to BY a dell XPS 9570
On the “i” logo

Bikal says:

Trade in for the previous 9560 xps 15 is 750, the new one with similar price I paid for last year, around $1500. Is it worth trading in for the new one? Going to pay out of pocket around $750.

Mert says:

And what is the Perfect Gaming Laptop/PC ? 2018/19

Adrian S.S.L says:

and then its not powerful next year anymore.

Knights Of Ni says:

Step 1: Remove Windows

Tyler Gibson says:

Does the battery life improve if you set the resolution to 1080p?

Jose Gonzalez Valle says:

Why can’t they just put the camera lens on the top and just narrow that bezel? Also, couldn’t they just also narrow the bezel that says Dell on it? If Razer can do it, why can’t they? If it looked like that. And it had better battery life and better build quality, I would totally get it.

Cheehou Cheng says:

Cool review about XPS 15 9570!
Just a question on it. Will it performance well on 3Ds Max ?

James Middleton says:

why would you buy this over something like the 4k 15 inch razer blade its rocking the i 7 8750 h 6 core and a gtx 1070 max q it has slightly less cpu performance but it has a better graphics chip and is cheaper

GaugeK says:

>Perfect laptop

>Literally a nuke, and a grenade inside it

Viet Vu says:

The only problem I have for this beauty is the OS. I have so used to MacOS that using a Windows to work now is so awkward.

George Ming Ting says:

Hi, I was wondering how was the thermal performance for your XPS, I heard that it will throttle during rendering, is it true? Thanks

Al says:

It’s around $1700 if you get i7, 512ssd, 1050ti and 1080p, which gives you 3 hours of additional battery life. Not sure why he paid so much for unnecessary upgrades.

PikolUploader says:

high end cpu with a mid-range gpu ? hmm, weird.

GEN LI says:

Sad that I have to stick to my 9560 and try to somehow maximize the frame rate of FPS games…

Lord Modjo says:


I have recently bought this dell XPS with the same configuration. The computer have a big thermal issues. He shutdown after 10mn with a heavy program that use both CPU and GPU. My advice : don’t buy this computer and wait maybe for the next generation.
Very disappointed customer.

Best regards.

Jairo Vera Chaly says:

Could you please make a comparission between Dell Xps 15 2 in 1 va zenbook pro 15?

Occlusion says:

I would love to see a 1060 max q or wait for the 11 series and see a 1160 which uses even less power

Deepwinter says:

I like the i7 16gb ram and 512 gb ssd version with the 1050Ti

Gaurav Rajput says:

Weight ?

Chy Roux says:

Are you going to review the new Lenovo’s gaming laptops : the legion Y530 / Y730 ?

Henry Atkinson says:

Needs a 1060 or 1070 maxq

Phil says:

I really liked the laptop. I as well had the fully spec’d version. The only issue was quality control. I gave up on the third replacement. Each had their own issues.

Stanley Chen says:

i9 has gotta kill battery and generate heat like nothing else

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