Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 (2018) Hands-On Review – I’m NOT Upgrading | The Tech Chap

I’ve been using the new Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 (9575) and while it’s a seriously impressive (and great looking) hybrid laptop with 8th Gen processors & Vega graphics – here’s why I won’t be upgrading my current XPS 15. (Current XPS 15: US: | UK:

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Orkhanius says:

Because its windows! İt can froze, whenever wants! 😀

Hui Lin says:

Because it is little bit worse than surface book 2.

Williams christ says:

bruv, great vedio!

Nirgar says:

best part – 3:17 🙂

Declan Lambe says:

One of my favorite content creators. Keep up the good work mate.

Troy Saunders says:


Ruel Celerio says:

I’m not upgrading either. I am very, very happy with my 2017 XPS 15. If you’re right Tom about a real notebook (not a 2-in-1) refresh in late 2018, I’m really wishing the CES XPS 13 alpine white in rose gold would be an available option. That one is a beauty. My one more wish? Since the headphone jack will still be there, a hifi quad DAC built in the processor would really be nice! Like what LG did with V30. Picture this in your mind: listening to your massive music collection on your laptop in insane crystal-clear fidelity. Or how about turning your new XPS 15 laptop into a DJ booth playing your great-sounding music playlist over loud speakers. I’m telling you, this will be major hit! Other laptop OEMs will be scratching their head on why they didn’t think of that.

Pablo Wasserman says:

Someone please tell Dell to put the webcam on top of the screen, for the love of everything that is good in this world

Markus Murphy says:

But this functionality is sweet cause it allows you to flip it into tent mode and video chat that way. I think thats a neat feature but also for people who are not content creator like everyone wants to be, this seems to be a fantastic computer! but…no one likes a 15in tablet..

Elias Rodrigez says:

It is tremendous 2 in 1 But I find 15. “It is too big.
For me to buy a 2 in 1 it has to be 12.6” to 13.3 “and it has to have i7 512-SSD 16 GB RAM – 12.6″ to 13.3” and it has to have 2 USB C whit thunderbolt 3

Terry07 says:

Why would anyone use in tablet mode

Packed Review says:

Great video and information. I was looking at the XPS and you gave some good key points. Thank you!

saturnotaku says:

This is interesting to me because the quad-core CPU and Vega GPU should provide reasonably good 1080p gaming on the go. Then you could hook up an AMD-powered eGPU along with a FreeSync external monitor to create a more powerful work/gaming station.

I probably wouldn’t buy one new, but I’m betting this will be a decent value when it starts showing up refurbished in the Dell outlet.

Ruel Celerio says:

My comment on this featured CES XPS 15 2-in -1? Those silver hinges standing out on a black matte keyboard is an ABOMINATION! Ugh.

Konstantin BIFERT says:

Next generation of XPS will be available only at the end of the year? 🙁

Pritam Das says:

Which wrist watch is that? Can I get the link to Amazon please?

aLoja says:

Currently saving up so should I wait for this new one or buy the regular xps 17 loaded out ? Anyone

budin lah says:

cool channel

John Hanson says:

So the graphics are basically the 965m? Because the 1050ti is like the 970m in some aspects and the 965m was insanely far behind. If that’s the case then I’m sticking with dell on this one and buying it. I have the aio Inspiron 27 and love the config I have which is the rx 580 with the Ryzen 5 and this would compliment that nicely. I think if you pair this with a Logitech g603 you’d have a great gaming on the go and home setup.

Darcer's Tech says:

As a student, I need to have a laptop which I can write on / draw diagrams (currently have the Surface Pro 4). I also do a bit of video editing. Can see this being quite nice with an external GPU.

Are you going to do a full review? (Would love to see how DaVinci Resolve performs on these new chips.)

mattmaca says:

Waiting for the next XPS 15. Excellent vid as usual Tom. Hope you had fun at CES. Enjoy!

Morgan Pugh says:

I was holding out hoping for a new XPS 15 (9570?) to replace my ageing ThinkPad but seeing as Dell won’t be upgrading that until after the summer (from what I have heard anyway) I went ahead and ordered a 9560, arrives next week. I hope it is as good as you say Tom 😛

(Spec I went for i7-7820HQ 2.9/3.9Ghz, 32GB RAM, 1TB Class 50 SSD, GTX1050, 4K, Intel 8265 Wifi)

Joe3 says:

hahah you don’t know what you’re talking about half the time…

tech jay says:

Gaming ?

ALI ESSA says:

1080 or 4K?.. Got the answer LOL

Tom Liu says:

I want that Vega Intel CPU, how does it game?

Siddaraiya says:

I’d certainly go for this over the current edition. If the performance is the same in a smaller footprint it will be appealing to a lot of people.

Mostly it’s a good sigh of things to come when they refresh the xps15 hope they squeeze a gtx1070 is there.

Great video as always Tom

Tech On Tests says:

I really like the current XPS 15 and can still wait to see the next one, the XPS 15 2-1 seems a bit fragile x)

Bikesh Maskey says:

I think its better to wait for next year version.
As it will be refreshed 6 core cpu built in 10nm finfiet technology with integrated graphics which can compete with gtx 1060
and ofcourse expecting increasing battery life upto 93 WHr.

Bidwellz9 says:

i dont want a 2 in 1. they are making a non 2 in 1 version right? because if not thats a terrible decision by dell. if im slapping down 2000 for full specs i dont want it to be a 2 in 1

Mathew Allen says:

I hope they use the 100w variant in the xps 17 2018

Steve ldnuk says:

Thanks for the review. Looking forward to the other new model later in the year.

Tolmoli says:

Loving every video you’ve been putting out lately!
Can’t wait for your Hands-On Review of the new LG Gram

Steven Goossens says:

Will this make the xps 15 we have now cheaper?

gtpc says:

Bro please do the review of Asus gl702zc it has an 8 core ryzen processor

utubedano says:

I’m actually glad Dell has also taken this step and put in USB-C as the only main port. This will force all electronic companies to change faster to USB-C.
Thank you, Dell

Sica1000 says:

still the carbon fiber surface with the fingerprint problem. Dell, change that finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justice Thompson says:

Excellent video. Thanks for the honest and balanced insight. Your XPS videos always get me very excited about the line up (looking to upgrade soon), but I am also not the biggest fan of the compromises made here. I think I hold off to see your impressions of the 15in notebook refresh later this year. Keep up the good work!

Vergil AJ12 says:

“Pretending you’re good at art”
That made me laugh lol

Andrei Agulescu says:

ah it froze =))) just like the current models. some things never change.

kael'thas sunstrider says:

I was really excited for the vega thing but sadly I was excited for no reason.

Soullise News Network says:

What the hell did he say at 2:48-2:51?

GadgetsBoy says:

I actually want one of them…but like you said, i’ll wait for the next one with the latest processor

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