Dell XPS 13 (2019) review: A near-perfect laptop

Dell’s updated 13-inch has a great balance of price, features and design. Oh yeah, and they finally got rid of that webcam that looked up your nose.

Dell XPS 13 (2019) review:
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Mr Green says:

….one thing missing, a matte black version. As a business man I dislike the white gold version, it would make me feel like a make up artist instead

I7470 says:

Hey what’s the chrome theme you are using

Vichar B. says:

ThinkPad is better. 🙂

Jack Schnabel says:

I still love my Dell XPS 15 9560 from a few years ago… I7-7700HQ, GTX 1050, 16gb ram, 512gb SSD… It is a bit dated, but we’ve reached the point where new computers, while faster, aren’t faster enough to make a difference. I don’t edit videos or play anything more than light indie games, so it’s still perfect for me and I suspect it will be for years to come.

Mel O'Dauz says:

Xiaomi Mi Air…

Satyam Dewangan says:

This or hp envy 13?? Which will be a better buy overall??

chan polun says:

Nice to finally see Dell caught up with Apple (grab popcorn)

Just-Passing-Through 11 says:

So basically I am buying the design.

manifest 73 says:

It’s running Microsoft is holding it back.

Meraadj says:

Huawei Matebook X Pro for the win!

CNET says:

What do you guys think? Is the new XPS 13 near the top of your list?

Timothy Garcia says:

Spending over $1.8k (fully maxed)and wont even give a mx 150/250 gpu. Can get a better ultrabook with at least a mx 150 for about $1k.

Eternal Entity says:

idk why anyone would want i7 without dedicated graphics for so high price.

Amarpratap singh says:

*Really !!!? This is not even close to being perfect laptop* …

Black Panther says:

Now that the webcam sits on top, it’s time for Dell to throw away that bottom bezel.

cardo says:

Always a well done informative review, have been watching you guys for about a decade now. Costco had a 13 inch HP Envy with all the bells and whistles i7, 512 SSD, 16gb of RAM, including a 4k screen on sale for about $1000.USD a couple of months ago, that one seemed hard to beat for the price.

Marco Ponce says:

Always trying to be like a Mac with build quality.

MrCk626 says:

don’t buy this laptop. I just bought it and have to return it due to coil whine, it make a loudass buzz noise. Dell havent fix that issue yet.

James Lovering says:

dude plays like an advertisement for Dell…

RedRibbonZX says:

I would nominate Thinkpad X1 Carbon

King Zero says:

this guy talks like he’s chewing on a giant piece of meat…

mk says:

feels like a saul goodman commercial :p

Daron Dierkes says:

Stupid page up and page down key placement. Absolutely awful for a programmer.

Lieuwe Jongsma says:

I have last year’s version and it was a terrible disappointment. One thing after another broke, and Dell refused to give proper support or repair it under warranty. They also give less warranty than legally required. A few weeks back a chip on the motherboard broke and now it doesn’t recognize the charter anymore, so I’ll forever be at 6% battery.

Moin Ahmed says:

Razer blade stealth 13 is far better design. Dell used aluminum but they still looks cheap plasticy. Razer blade is truly macbook pro alternative in 2019.

NutNbutSpeed says:

500gb should be the minimum storage on any computer nowadays, anything less is unacceptable.

Arvin Medina says:

I feel like he needs to say “Mmm khey” every end of his sentences.

MK P says:

All i can say if you want this laptop
is be careful from dell bloatware
I have XPS 15 and I don’t think i will buy from dell again

Agamerfr0zed says:

How’s the coil whine?

kimonk2 says:

DELL has not designed any laptop that is ever near “perfect” in real life. There are always missing some convenient features in any model DELL makes.

Francesco Varrato says:

4K is an overkill on a 13.3″ screen.

Fourk says:

Bezels are way more important than a webcam

Keshab Kuikel says:

Keyboard is trash, why not have a lenovo thinkpad type keyboard, full size usb port, discrete ti graphics card and the biggest battery on 13.3 inch with no dell logo at the bottom of the screen would make this a complete laptop for both productivity and light gaming and front firing speakers.

peruface says:

how about 4k with non touch. lets get real, touch screen is useless

frostyarcade says:

There is a touch 1080p config available

Edward says:

I disagree with the new placement of the webcam at the top. As you indicated the bezel is now wider than last year’s because of the new placement of the webcam at the top. I think one of the main selling points of the XPS is the super incredible thin bezel. Not worth the trade-off especially for those that hardley use the webcam. Just saying.

Vedraj r.m says:

Cool iron man poster

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