Dell XPS 13 (2017) Review: They Did It Again

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Dell has been making some of the best Windows computers for a while, and that reputation is as strong now as it has ever been. That’s no more evident than with the Dell XPS 13. The ultra-portable laptop is not only one of the best spec’d Windows computer you can buy, it’s also one of the best-built computers around. Check out the video to learn more about the laptop.

-Our Review Unit Specs-
16GB-RAM (2133MHz LPDDR3)
3200×1800 QHD+ display (touch)
Optional fingerprint reader

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Michael Gusevsky says:

799? Lmao. Sounds like shit!

abhineel krupan says:

Why did berto left snapchat?

Avik Chatterjee says:

Funny thing is Techbuffalo has the same caption for the OP5T and it was just below this video lol.

Sobrino says:

You say this is your favorite ultrabook but then spend the next 8 minutes trashing it and saying how it is merely “ok.”

g00dfeeling says:

I thought I’m watching Verge video until 1:19

Nexus NT says:

Takes the piss to clean. That carbon surface stuff is a mad fingerprint magnet. Great PC, I have an i7 and it is fantastic.

AudioFag says:

I would love to see alienware release this laptop with the 13″ oled display and the 4x pcie slot for the graphics amplifier. This sleek dell now mimics a lot of the older alienware 13r2 8344

andyatuvic says:

The webcam has been in the same position for the past few years. Get it right buddy.

leftplayer says:

Is it just me who hates the touchpad on this machine? I returned a XPS 15 because I thought it was faulty, now got this exact same model, XPS 13, and the touchpad is horrible (non responsive to click, pointer moves erratically or doesn’t move… etc)

Michael Ewig says:

Check out the new HP Spectre x360!

Pawel Py says:

you do need two hands to open it, but at least the screen doesnt wobble every time you press on the touch screen

Jason Tung says:

What’s the improment over the last generation?

Mohammed Behairi says:

The battery is going to be bad after 2 months.

Alijah Simon says:

So many gymnastics to avoid buying the best laptop out there, the MacBook Pro

Suzumebachi says:

i wait for Raven ridge

512 Bytes says:

Windows, NO THANKS!

sivan ferna says:

unfortunately windows is still crap

Xxan says:

“packs a punch…is massive… pretty good framerates” what the hell is this good for??

jonassx100 says:

turn off that screen behind you and save electricity

Teun Maas says:

It’s a copy of the MacBook 12”…

Sam Wells says:

Structure writer crime ring opinion until lens tune slave declare

MacixTechReviews says:

In india this costs more than Macbook pro! So getting a MacBook is best option in india for those who want a premium laptop

AsapJPEG says:

Who uses webcam anymore anyway. It’s 2017 people, get over it. Best ultra book by far.

Göray Görgülü says:

I have used XPS 13 for the last the two years. Great machine, performs really well. Display is very sharp and great for the regular user. Color reproduction is way off though. There were two main issues with this laptop where otherwise would be a perfect unit for me (webcam I don’t care about). For long sessions of productivity work, the keyboard is too cramped and the keys flat out a little too easy and are mushy. It is is the weak part of this machine. Also the 13.3″ screen is a little too small for long sessions. Recently replaced it with YOGA 920. 14″ screen, a great keyboard, faster internals for the most part, plus 360 deg rotation and pen support. So far so good! I actually didn’t think it could replace the XPS so easy and smooth. That’s how much I liked the XPS.

Allen X says:

Did he just mispronounce MUSHY?

Salty Mac says:

anyone who says 1600×1900, even by mistake, is useless to me as a computer reviewer

Aiden Do says:

CAn I charge the laptop with Apple USB-C Charger? the 87W one? My laptop is XPS 15

Donny de Olim says:

Is the USB-C a Thunderbolt 3 port? Can I connect an external GPU thought it?

Rowell V says:

wow, first time i watched one of your videos. you are so freaking handsome.

Hussein Bazzi says:

Open it with 2 hands, don’t be lazy. You don’t want the screen to wobble when you use the touchscreen

WakingCobain says:

Only marketing retards could have called it an infinity bezel less display, when it actually has bezels. And guess what. It also ends.

proxynar says:

Guys, what is this game please??

Blaž Bohinc says:

This laptop has a hard to open hinge because of the touch display, you shit. It’s made that way by design. FFS

Simo Cmo says:

This Review Was Good.

ilovepancakeswithjam says:

Ukrainian flag wallpaper !!:D

NegativeEffect says:

laptops should be left alone with treating them like they have to be so light and so portable as tablets or mobil phones are. Laptop should look more like a desktop device. laptops are meant to be light and regularly portable. Portable doesn’t mean using it on foot. That’s understandable but laptops don’t have to be super super light. Who really demands to use a full keyboard laptop on foot? Maybe I don’t just get it. if you want to get a tight device that really gets the job done stay away from these kind of toys.

three bedrooms says:

your hand stretch is worrying

Surfer says:

One thing you’re obviously bad at is Rocket League

Igor Khomenko says:

The ‘carbon fiber’ is the stupidest idea ever – all the surface is now fingerprinty and smudgy. It feels so insecure to touch it and I wonder how soon this wanna-be carbon will peel off. Interesting how much did they save by not having ANY gap whatsoever to open the laptop. So the screen sits flush flat to the body and you like an idiot start praying your nails to start it open. Why people, why? What level of IQ you gotta have to not realize this? Other than that this thingie is super awesome. I don’t know why they all say that keyboard is so so and the track pad is average – I find them very responsive and welcoming. They would eat the latest mac book pro for breakfast – and I use both on a daily basis. That piece of overheated aluminum cr@p feels and sounds like a piece of cheap wood, not to mention that the huge track-pad is just super annoying.

Nicolas Montiel says:

I have the 2017 version and yes, it is actually a pain to open this laptop. Forget that you have to use 2 hands, it doesn’t have anywhere to actually lift it and getting between the screen and the keyboard isn’t as simple as it should be. That aside, it is a fantastic laptop! Just wish the keyboard was like the one on hp computers. Those are perfect!

Manoj K.N says:

what’s up with your right hand???!!!

alexmoi34 says:

Слава Україні!

Race Master says:


GrandMaster Rico says:

When that xps 15 2018 drops next year. I’m gonna be all over it. Hopefully a 1060 or even a 1070 MaxQ gpu

e4weitj says:

Is that usb-c Thunderbolt 3 ready?

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