Dell New XPS 13 Review (2018)

Gordon gives his review on Dell’s New XPS 13. It’s one of the fastest laptops he’s seen and there’s a lot to like about it but there’s also the downside of limited ports. He covers benchmarks to show you just how fast it competes with even 15 inch laptops.

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Peter Jansen says:

For those who live almost anywere but the USA and simply use SI units, how much does this laptop weigh? Around 1200 gram? Just saying, odds are that most viewers live outside the USA. And hey, it literally has caused very expensive accidents for space missions because somebody forgot to convert these outdated imperial units to SI units or the other way around. Seriously, look it up. 😉
First thought on this laptop, it is pretty solid but I would appreciate 16 GB of RAM, especially if the RAM is affordable (DDR3 low profile costs a lot less tthan DDR4 these days). A 512 GB SSD would be nice too. The production cost would increase with around $100, at most, for both upgrades. That should be possible given the price while making a nice enough profit. I understand that they can charge a premium for a product like this but still, that should be reasonable.

Yes, that dongle is a bit problematic. You can take it with you but why? Just to shave off a few more milimeter of the thikness. Do customers really care about that? I honestly don’t know but I don’t.

billyg599 says:

For me this shows that these cpus are poorly utilized by ultrabooks. I mean they throw a late model cpu but with poor thermal design and focus on being thin, we do not get the best performance. Hopefully others will follow.

ABC XYZ says:

is he the guy from dr.strange?

Robin Singh says:

When is mate 20 pro camera comparison coming ?

Mathass_de_cafe u.u says:

It’s 2018, usb C is becoming the norm, there are so much accessories that don’t require dongles.

kain seviers says:

you can put the gadgets in the ass and carry it with ease…

DrStormpooper says:

if it’s less than 1000 it’s an insta buy.

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