Dell Latitude 5491 Review – 14″ Laptop with a 6 Core CPU

Lisa Gade reviews the Dell Latitude 5491, a rare 14” business laptop /Ultrabook with Intel Coffee Lake 8th gen 45 watt mobile workstation CPUs rather than 15 watt Ultrabook processors. The laptop is available with NVIDIA GeForce MX130 2GB DDR5 dedicated graphics and there’s a touch screen option. The Latitude 5491 has a wealth of ports- including Thunderbolt 3, Ethernet and an SD card slot. Being a business laptop, it has an excellent keyboard, Microsoft Precision trackpad and plenty of security features such as drive encryption, Smart Card reader, a fingerprint scanner and optional facial recognition via a Windows Hello IR camera.
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Jorge Escobar says:

This is actual competition to the Lenovo Thinkpad T series.

Alan Song says:

oh the ports, I like this one.

Dylan Taylor says:

the spec isnt balanced. 6 core cpu with 8 gb of ram and a cheap ass gpu? I can live with the gpu but the 8 gb ram is stupid

Skylark says:

Gimme 1366×768 any day. Now get a friggin’ desktop.

surfingsuicune says:

Dell keeps recycling the same shitty chassis for all their Latitude and Precision models. They basically all thermal throttle except the Precision 7000 series, which uses a different and much thicker, heavier chassis. Dell is just shit. Everything they make overheats. Also, nice 62% sRGB and 185 nit panel lmao what year is it?

Tommi says:

How about the i5 version without the dedicated gpu? Would it throttle or be loud?

C O says:

I love all the push to smaller than 15″ to 14″ and 13.3″. Finally! Laptop should be light and portable. For desk work can always be connected to a monitor.

Defias Bandit says:

Watching this on my Latitude 5580

John Teslov says:

Nice Kermit the Frog shirt! Yeet!

J Y says:

Only the price, warranty and cpu are premium lol

Pejman Sehatpour says:

Hi Lisa, I’m glad you reviewed this laptop. It is a unique package as you pointed out. I have last year’s model (5480) with a core i7 and 32GB RAM. Some of what I do is computationally demanding so it’s perfect for my work. It’s also a pound lighter than any other laptop in the market with an equal amount of computional power. At the office, when I need more graphic power, I connect it to an external GPU through its thunderbolt.

adil ibrahim says:

Could you please do a review on Lenovo Yoga c930

Guillaume Léonard says:

I love Latitude laptops. Since my boss bought me a 14 inch Latitude back in 2010, I love the form factor. Few months ago, we had 12 Latitude 5490 that came in and they are still brillant. The form factor is perfect for me and they have all the ports that they need.

Thanks Lisa for the review, as always 🙂

Varuna Singh says:

awaiting the X1 Extreme review

Ahmed Almaimoni says:

Excellent review as usual Lisa!!. Will you be doing a review of the new HP Zbook Studio x360?. Thanks in advance.

Slimey Pineapple says:

Wow a finger print scanner AMAzing

MOthman says:

love your t-shirt!

E M says:

thanks for your effort …i should cancel my gym membership …dang that thing is heavy …

BrutusTheUgly says:

Hello Lisa, on the PC MARK 10, Geekbench4 and Fire Strike it is written Dell Lattitude 5194 not 5491 🙂

Ghulam Abbas says:

Any giveaway for me
I need a laptop for my school any budget that you can?

TheEgyptGod says:

Is for a giveaway?

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