Dell Inspiron 7577 Review – $999 Gaming Laptop with GTX 1060 Max-Q!

Dave2D review of the best gaming laptop from Dell for $999. The GTX 1060 Max-Q is fast!
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Review of the old model –

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Anandu Pillai says:

Collected all Desktop/Mobile Wallpaper from your video description links!
File Dropper Upload:
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Xander King says:

When I saw the webcam I barfed

Shashank Dwivedi says:

Please do review of Acer Nitro 5 Spin.

UltimateDebate Reviews says:

Just curious, how does it handle 1440p gaming connected to a monitor, of course. I am interested in a laptop that can hook up and run games at a higher resolution.

Animesh Das says:

Plz review hp envy 17

Mohamed Ibrahim says:

Nice Video… I loved… I Subed

Aditya Aanand says:

Can you do a review of Acer Nitro 5 Spin

Vasileios Moschopoulos says:

Hello Dave! Can you review the scan 3xs lg17 carbon extreme? It is gaming performance laptop with i7 7700, geforce 1080, supporting 120hz, 16gb ram and many more, with a very compelling price of 2200 pounds, equivalent of 2470 euros. The price is really amazing, in comparison with the other popular manufacturers, a straight bargain. Additionally the scan uk site, which there can be purchased, ships internationally, with good transportation prices. says:

Please upload some vedios on laptops under 30,000 indian rupees

Hendry Anwar says:

Hi guys, any tips on whether should I choose this model over Alienware 13 R3 with the same configuration? The Alienware 13 R3 comes with a promotion in my place so both has quite similar price.

7577 Specs:
i7 7700HQ
16GB DDR 2400Mhz
256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD (3200 Read, 1200 Write), 1TB 5400RPM
GTX 1060 Max Q 6GB GDDR5
15.6 1080p IPS
Thunderbolt 3
Released at Sep 2017

Alienware 13 R3 Specs:
i7 7700HQ
16GB DDR4 2400Mhz
GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5
13.3 1080p IPS 300-nits
Thunderbolt 3 + Alienware Graphics Amplifier Port
Released at beginning 2017

I am currently not sure on which one offers me more value. Dell 7577 is recently released and offers a super-high speed SSD and bigger screen size. On the other hand the Alienware 13 R3 looks more solid and have a very good build quality in my opinion. Appreciate any tips or feedback!

High on HD says:

Says it’s 999$
But on Amazon it’s 1600$

quach tri Thong says:

Does anyone have the link of his wallpapers? Or some kind of animated, simple wallpapers like that? Thanks in advance

Ludvig Björck says:

It´s not 999, It´s 1,599 🙁

Future Wisdom says:

Battery life is increasing in mobile products, and people want longer battery life, so let’s reduce battery life significantly.

Levi Villena says:

dave lee can you give me a laptop

Mariusz Gołębiowski says:

Will you test Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro with Intel Core i7-8550U?

GamingwithSon says:

Dude I got 2 of those and they both keep getting error signs they are trash don’t buy that I had a lot of trouble

Gil Hawk says:

Would this or the acer predator Helios 300 be better?

Fellipe Rodrigues says:

I have the one with the 1050ti card and I love this laptop. bought it for 850

Freddie Lidstrom says:

It’s £1500 and the normal laptop doesn’t even come with a gtx 1060 bruh

Prajwal More says:

Can you make a review video on Inspiron 5577?

r4wn4k says:

99% of the people are misdirected by reviewers like dave lee and digital foundry. For dave lee, he said the boost clock is higher than other max Q 1060s but only for some times. For average performance, its nothing better than any other 1060mq. I don’t know whose fault is it, dave’s? cause he failed to make people understand it properly and his graph showed only the higher boost clock,not the average….or is it the viewers fault?? cause he said at a point that it doesn’t stay on that high boost clock and people just seemed to skip that part completely,saying that dave said it has higher boost clock, pretending like dell 7577’s 1060mq stays on that high clck forever. Wake up people, as its mentioned in this article, the average clock is 1342mhz which is significantly lower than a regular 1060’s. Infact, helios 300’s 1060 hits 1820mhz sometimes and gets 12-15fps more in most AAA titles than dell 7577’s 1060mq
For digital foundry, they reviewed the max q vs regular 1060 with hp laptops. LOL. those hp laptop’s regular 1060 has even lower clock speed than dell 7577 max q 1060’s high boost clock. They run like 1640mhz. That’s why in their video, the regular 1060 only performed marginally better than the 1060mq. If they had helios 300 there, it would be day and night difference in prfrmnc. So no, 1060mq is not marginally slower, its significantly slower than regular 1060 and no matter how much oc you do, you can’t reach the prfrmnc of regular 1060. May be slightly close but never the same.
About helios’s speaker, they are significantly better than dell 7577’s. and both of them has lack of bass as both of them dont have subwoofer. I think you didn’t check properly thats why you think dell has better bass cause you thought it might have a sub and helios doesn’t have any. Overall helios sounds better and looks cool. If im buying a Gaming laptop, i want it to look like a gaming laptop, not like a low profile 200$ laptop.Helios 300 has better display overall with higher colour gamut but both of them are quite dim, 250nits. So don’t think that Helios has dimmer screen. Both have same brightness level.

Memus says:

Mate you look like a potato in that webcam footage

Sumit Sindhu says:

Acer Nitro 5 spin review?

Genji Shimada says:

“Rock Solid” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Appasaheb K. Khandare says:

Dave do they include the screws to install the hdd?

Xander King says:

When I saw the webcam I barfed

Winston Ingalls says:

I’m a tenth grade student who is looking for a good laptop for school that can also play some games. I mainly play overwatch and fortinite. My buget is around $1,200. Any recommendations?

LEO -l3OY says:

I want lap like this dell 7557 design+Alienware Systems

TheChelnov says:

What do you recommend Lenovo y720 or this one. Acer don’t have support in my country.

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