Dell Inspiron 7577 Laptop Review and Benchmarks

The Dell Inspiron 7577 is a gaming laptop which features Nvidia’s Max-Q 1060 graphics. In this review I’ll cover the features the laptop has to offer, and perform a series of game benchmarks so that you can see how it performs and decide if it’s something you should consider.

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DJav-7 says:

With my 7577 i7 and gtx1060 I get 61°c max GPU and 71-72°c max CPU, never above it in gaming and also some benchmark as Heaven/Valley. 18-20°c ambient temp. I have the fingerprint scanner. NO backlight bleeding problems… White back lit Keyboard (was nice surprise because i dislike key red ). Anyway Good review:)

Ryan Cloke says:

I had the i5 version of this laptop, it had awesome performance and amazing build quality but started giving me bios and windows 10 issues so i returned it for a refund because getting a replacement from dell would take over a month

Ahmed360 says:

Companies should concentrate on eliminating the bezels.
They make Laptops look old even with High-end specs.

Joe Mikaelson says:

New to this channel ,subscribed to it already .I would you to also show the internals of laptops in your reviews , upgrade options .

Marcin Lentka says:

I bought myself the exact same laptop on black friday for around 1200 euros it arrived yesturday and im watching this video on it the only diffrence is a white irish keyboard

FBI Riven says:


Dannicar Guillermo says:

Finally a great review! I’ve been watching alot of reviews of this laptop since yesterday and couldn’t really decide if I’m buying it or not. Thanks bro! You deserve more views, keep up the good work!

Giulio Andreetto says:

I don’t understand why I got a Dell 7577 and on Rise of the tomb rider I can barely reach 25 fps….

Barış Karacadağ says:

Galp at orospi

Kesavan S says:

Hello this was a good review , i have doubt is this a i5 model and pls use msi afterburner to overclock the gpu and post a review pls

Thank you

Brian Conroy says:

Love the review. I just unboxed this exact same laptop, same specs & all just currently waiting on win10 to update. Just 1 question, does anybody know if all the 7577 come with max Q? I see the page in the video did not specify it so was this laptop a regular one or max Q version?

Bani Grisson says:

Tranks, man… excelent review, as always…

Nathan says:

That battery life is alot lower then mine, My laptop uses the internal gpu when doing basic tasks and gets about 12 hours of web browsing! About 3 hours of overwatch on battery with the 1050ti

Rishabh Sharma says:

you didn’t say anything about the max brightness of the screen

Jaydeep Patil says:

How is the speaker quality?

Vasudevan S says:

Awesome review bro…best review for Dell 7577.

Stefan van Heerden says:

Awesome review

corvus917 says:

Hey there, great review, this is easily my favorite budget mid-range laptop, and I’m glad to see it get more attention. I am however concerned about some of your benchmark results. The CPU temperature was considerably higher than I expected, even for an i7, which is odd considering how great the thermal management on this model is supposed to be. Similarly, the SSD write speed is much too low, as other reviewers consistently found R/W speeds of 3200/1200. Perhaps there maybe one or two defects on your particular model?

ALTHDS says:

how does the 1060 max-q compare to the 1050 ti.

smeagolkl says:

I finally got mine and in the end I got the same configuration as the one you’re testing. great laptop, basic day at school with programming and web browsing can be done easily without bringing a charger and in a backpack the weight gets spread out nicely, I am very pleased with this purchase!

The_ Loot_GaMer says:

mate your amazing.. real attention to detail and my favourite aussie reviewer!!! hands down a great video

CptPickleJuice says:

Is this a better choice than the Helios?

ShadoWB4MV says:

I need to decide between this or the lenovo legion y720. I’m torn as I’ve heard that you can overclock the dell and bring its gpu performance close to the full laptop gtx 1060 while retaining better thermals. Could you guys shed a light here?

Nayan Mehta says:

Good review. How much fps you get on CSGO if you can tell

DyNamix _ says:

Awesome video. I want to buy this and your video helped a lot. Definitely a top notch video and you deserve more subs. Keep going!

Zakaria Bouchbaat says:

Such good quality man !! keep it up 🙂 you really deserve way more subs

justCiaranYT says:

do you find that the screen is not so bright even at full brightness? is there a fix for this? i heard something about a layer being put on the screen you can take off?

Brandon Clevert says:

Well done, great review! Subscribed.

Ajinkya More says:

I have the fingerprint scanner and also your temps are way off. If you keep the laptop on some sort of stand which will let the downward facing exhausts breathe the temps are pretty freaking awesome. I get 64 max gpu and 72 max cpu temps on 4 hour GTA V gaming sessions everything turned up to Very high or ultra.

Ahmad Abib says:

I am waiting my 7577 shipment which has the exact specs as the one in your video.
I bought it thinking the i5 7577 got really good thermal at max at around 70 degrees, but seeing your i7 7577 got 91 at full load, is that safe?
Does playing normal games like Witcher 3 or DOOM also makes the CPU run quite hot?

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