Dell Inspiron 15 7577 Gaming Laptop Review

Lisa Gade reviews the newer and higher end addition to the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming edition line, the 7577 with Thunderbolt 3 and an NVIDIA GTX 1060 Max-Q graphics card. The chassis, CPU options, backlit keyboard, trackpad and remaining ports are the same as the Inspiron 15 7567 that we reviewed earlier this year here: .

The Inspiron 15 7577 starts at $899 with a 45 watt Core i5 quad core CPU, 8GB DDR4 RAM, a 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD and an IPS full HD matte display. It’s available with higher end specs if you like, including a Core i7-7700HQ and an option HDD. The gaming performance is significantly better compared to the 7567 model that starts at $749. Thanks to Max-Q, the Dell runs cooler and quieter than competing gaming laptops.


Johnny Angel says:

Next time my GF asks if she looks fat in an outfit I’ll tell her she looks relatively thin, see how that goes

Ahmed Wael says:

All are trashed by the Helios 300. There is no comparison.

Mr. Carroll Ware says:

Sadly I have tried two Dell computers and not a good experience so won’t be a 3rd time.

Aaron Chen says:

Firstly, this laptop does not have the same chassis as the previous model. Please don’t overlook that. I have also heard other websites say this laptop has one of the loudest sets of fans while gaming, why do you say it’s quiet?

Subhasish Sarkar says:

Sorry but isn’t the keyboard deck metallic according to my knowledge.

hoda keshta says:

please do a review for lenovo y720 the full hd model

Kyle Ace says:

Seriously, what will I do without Lisa’s reviews..

Vladimir Y says:

Relatively solid looking gaming laptop, especially if you go with gray the colored parts instead of red colored as shown in this video.

kushal unune says:

The ssd isn’t pcie it is sata drive

Bo Rerun says:

Didn’t the older model have a 1080 gtx

Law Hansel says:

This with a smaller chassis or a bigger screen, would be great.

Paul Pham says:

But just imagine how cool it can be with some kryonaut thermal paste

DarthRaver86 86 says:

Im waiting for the next revision of the alienware laptops. Ive been teetering back and forth for 6 months now on whether to get it or not but the thermal issues scare me. I really hope the 15 r4 has those thermals in check. I mean itll obviously have the new coffee lake mobile so with those 2 extra cores youd think that they almost have to improve thermals. Lol heres to fingers crossed 😉

@lisa does this inspiron use the same tripod heatsink design for the cpu as the alienwares?

Emanuel Olivares says:

I regreat so much buying the 7567

David Martinez-Toribio says:

May i ask there to be a review of the HP Pavillion Power?

Electric Nick says:

Need some recommendations on a gaming laptop. Razer is what I want to get. But I don’t know which one I should get. Blade Pro or Blade 14? I’ve heard rumors that the Blade Pro is crap because of thermals but the smaller and cheaper Blade 14 runs far better. So should I get that? If there’s another laptop with a per key RGB backlit keyboard (I need it for some programming needs, it will have practical use) I’m open to recommendations, but I need something thin and light for college as well. Anything GTX 1060 or better will do for graphics, but other than that I’m good on recommendations, any tips?

hello jello says:

I would buy it if it wouldn’t have a red keyboard

FreeWillMind says:

For some reason South East Asia always gets shafted on the prices of these mid-range/high-range laptops compared to the rest of the world, 200 dollars more expensive D:

Teddy says:

@mobiletechreview Do a 17 inch laptop lineup! From power house capable of doing any & everything. Then, the budget based ones that offer just a little bit below! Keep in mind these laptops must be able edit video and play a video game name Tom clancy’s rainbow six siege

ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ says:

Holy bezels.

L Roberts says:

Does it come with a 4K option? How are the metrics with that? (Particularly nits). Did they bring the subwoofer back? And finally is this one of those models you can swap out a larger battery that will take up the empty ssd space? I know its a lot of questions but I’m in the market and really want to know. Love your videos btw.

Modern says:

Why does this laptop have a num pad?

Magpi3 says:

Bought the 7577 Black Friday special this year and I must say I’m impressed with it, cool quiet and high FPS. For £1100 it had the i7, 16gb ram and hdd as well as the ssd.
Another great review, thank you.

ram sharma says:

Hey lisa loved your videos i am from india and i am thinking to buy the 1500 dollar one 4k display and 512gb ssd and 1 tb hardisk for music production just please let me know is 4k display good ? Or there are other alternative laptops ???

RedoxGeek98 says:

I got this for 699 from Costco. What an amazing deal.

TabalugaDragon says:

Wow, this laptop looks amazing for the price, max q ftw!

Jean C. Console says:

Lisa, do you think it’ll be possible for you to review the Asus ux550ve the new Zenbook pro? Thanks

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