Dell G7 15″ Gaming Laptop Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Dell G7, a new 2018 line of entry to mid-level gaming laptops from Dell (there’s also a G3 and G5 in this series). The Dell G7 7588 starts at $849, and our unit sells for around $1050 with a 1080p display, Intel 8th gen 6 core Coffee Lake Core i7-8750H, NVIDIA GTX 1060 Max-Q graphics, 16GB DDR4 2666 MHz RAM, a 128GB boot SATA3 SSD and a 1 TB 5400 RPM HDD. This is the evolution of the Inspiron Gaming line, with a few design cues from the more expensive Alienware line. It’s available in your choice of licorice black or alpine white. The laptop has a blue backlit keyboard with number pad, easily upgradeable internals, Intel WiFi with Bluetooth 5.0, and Thunderbolt 3. Lower end configs have an NVIDIA GTX 1050 or GTX 1050Ti and a Core i5-8300H. Higher end options include a Core i9-9850HK and an optional matte non-touch UHD 4K display.


董威 says:

I’ve used both this and HP Omen DC. I am partial to the new HP, sold at Micro Center for only 1000 USD. But mine had some keyboard lighting problem.

Paul Cotton says:

I actually like the I9 dell XPS better than this.

MobileTechReview says:

Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone! Makes me smile. I’ll probably be getting sinus surgery soon so I won’t get sick every 3 months anymore. Heck, my nose might even get a little smaller LOL.

adrianr108 says:

You are the best reviewer. How does it compare to the 7577 with the 7700HQ and 1050Ti?

Dankest Ranch says:

Aw man, a great sale just ended on the g7

alex2500ify says:

in bestbuy they do very good offers, Last black fryday I god my dell 7000 gaming and I am very happy.

Khang Mai says:

I want to hear some review about HP Omen 17, please.
The version with I7-8750H and GTX1070.
Is it good?, Is it get any thermal problem ?

Steph w says:

Take care lisa we like your nose as is! More on the aorus 17 inch x7 v8 pleeease! And just more lisa vids in general please….maybe one that explains the goodness of a 4k screen…..i am confused about how accuracy colorwise compares cuz the aorus is 1080p but pantone certified whatevr that means for my photography?

Spec tator says:

Hope to see you again soon!

heri budianto says:

Waw I’m first

marksapollo says:

Wow! A laptop that is made to be repaired or upgraded! And a 1060 is alright.

Will Hernandez says:

A much needed review for us consumers. Thank you Lisa 😀

Brad Haines says:

i ran cinebench on my laptop plugged in, got 1200, unplugged, got 250. definitely slowed down on battery haha

t gm says:

get well soon! great vid!

Kunmi Akinbode says:

Get well soon “Lisa From-MobileTechReview. Great laptop review. I’ve been waiting for this channel to do one. My mind’s made up. G7 it is.

H and M Johnson says:

Are there any 2017/2018 15” laptops with blu ray drives?

Dix Not45 says:


Technology Nerd18 says:

Why aren’t there more 13.3 inch gaming laptops?

bose bose says:

get well soon

Serj Star says:

What’s the setting u played the far cry 5

handofthrawn123 says:

Please review the XPS 15 9570!

stevonyc34 says:

great review as always! feel better!

MicrominiX says:

Can you compare the XPS 15 9570 with this? It would help a lot. Thanks.

Kaine's Konfessions says:

Hello Lisa, i was wondering what do you mean when you said it will cut down on noise AND fan noise.? I noticed that you separated the 2. does this device have coil whine when in use? My alienware 13 r3 had coil whine after my 1st repair and they tried to tell me ots normal when i know it wasnt. i finally got a new replacemwnt but is coil whine normal for gaming laptops? mine did start only after they replaced my motherboard though. Luv you and your channel. feel better and keep up the great work.

Joseph Lee says:

do you play game for review only or you are a game player yourself?

Greda Gerda says:

Get well soon, Lisa!!

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