Dell G5 Gaming Laptop Review and Benchmarks

The Dell G5 Gaming laptop is a gaming laptop which features Nvidia’s Max-Q 1060 graphics and Intel i7-8750h 6 core CPU. In this review I’ll cover the features the laptop has to offer, thermals, battery life, undervolting and perform a series of game benchmarks to help you see how it performs.

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Serj Star says:

U can enable better performance

Skull Reaper says:

Nice Review

Akhil Stark says:

eagerly waiting for g3 review

İlker Eryılmaz says:

Never understood the difference between G5 and G7. The G5 has the red chasis option, if I remember correctly. Also, I’d rather pay 50-100$ more for a better screen. The color gammot is really sub-par for a 2018 gaming laptop.

Matt Stone says:

1050 ti version or 1060 max for csgo and rainbow six. Possibly a bit of overwatch and pubg. For your information it would cost me £150 more to get the 1060 MaxQ version with the same specs as the 1050ti.

Streaming Vegan says:

This is not meant to be rude just wanted to help y’all save a couple hundred and get more! This is one time where dell is cheaper than amazon

Serj Star says:

Lol perhaps it’s another channel that I saw

Teco01ejg says:

Jarrod, for next reviews of laptops with 144Hz screens and no Optimus, try testing the battery with the screen refresh reduced at 60Hz. #unrelated

Also, 62% sRGB on IPS? Damm, I would much prefer a TN panel with 75 to 120Hz for that color range.

Cubfar says:

Great review! Also we`d be pretty happy to see undervolt/overclock procedure tutorial as video!

Cameron Matsumoto says:

I love these budget gaming laptop reviews! Thanks for your dedication to these videos – I especially appreciate the backlight bleed testing.

Tườngkkvfx Pro says:

What are the differences between this and the g7 ? Can i replace the panel with the 120 hz by myself or overclock it to 100 hz ? Pls answer jarod

Yu Cheng says:

What’s the difference between this and G7 15? I’m getting a G7 15 with the exact same specification in terms of ram, processor, GPU and also storage. But for some reason G5 is not available in Singapore.

Rodrick HD says:

Great video bro! I´ve alredy said this previously but i really like to see the different cooling desgins of each laptop and it really good to see how upgradable they are.

Antonis! says:

I am looking for a laptop for rendering and i7-8750h & gtx 1060 seem good parts for this
other laptop to provide the above or this is the one?
16gb ram + ssd 256 + hd 1+tb + 6core i7 + gtx 1060
any other laptop to sugest? at 1500euro max?

Bart A. says:

it’s a nice all-rounder. trying to look subtle while at the same time trying to retain some alienware profile, particularly its cooling system 😀

Ayoub Hakmi says:

Asus rog strix Gl702zc review pls

Ahmad Hendeh says:

Review the METABOX prime-S P950ER.
(Affordable 1070MQ laptop)

Jay Odedra says:

any chances of reviewing MSI GL63 8RD-062IN?

GrinchOLad says:

I’m saving my cash for that dell g7

Natasa Golubovic says:

3:42 the time

Migu says:

Can you show a difference between the i7-8750h vs the i7-8850h?

pablo rdz says:

Could you check the asus rog gu501gm ? I’m curious of the differences of that against the zephyrus m and zephyrus.

Ps. Dell should add a 120 hz screen option to the g series

Mr. Dynamite says:

Excellent video!

Rudolfs Ceipe says:

Great video thx. Do you plan to review new xps 15?

Mikolaj Holowko says:

I was looking at buying it couple of days ago for sound work, but apparently, after checking,, sales assistant told me when asked, that the m.2 slot is not pcie, but only connected trough sata. Maybe it is a regional thing ( Poland ). So I didn’t buy it in the end and went with 1/3rd cheaper acer aspire 7 which also doesn’t have pcie m.2 connection, but also it only has 2400mhz memory. Arriving tmrw. Apparently it is very quiet.

OutLight says:

Whats the difference between this and the inspiron 7577

Adw0z_08 says:

Cannot wait wait for the dell g3 review :00! Nice video

Rusher02 Gaming says:

Winter is coming! Nope its here june now and it a lovely 12c’ outside. Overall build quality was very disapointing with the dell g i belive the 7 series did a better job on quality. Dell 8678? Would be cool if dell gave the next dell 7567 that name. Great review as always in depth, you didn’t disapoint!!!

Gentle Prince says:

Hey JT ! Here in australia , how would u rate these laptops to the metabox prime series , I do own dell 7559 for more than 2years now . Should i go for metabox now ?

Felipe Ramirez says:

I got a wifi problem with this laptop can someone help me?

Rhithen Shtred says:

How much better is this compared to the g3 17 inch?

Gaming with Serban says:

You’re channel is very good.Keep up the good work

Khalid Abdullah says:


Aria Wira Perdana says:

What is the difference with the G7?

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