Dell 15″ Inspiron 7577 Gaming Laptop Review + Benchmarks!

Today Brainbean checks out the 15″ Dell Inspiron Gaming Laptop!
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Check out this review of the Dell 15″ Inspiron 7577 Gaming Laptop by Brainbean! Included in the video are some benchmarks. Dell has made a big comeback in the gaming laptop market, and the Inspiron lineup is leading the charge. From a solid build to impressive hardware for the price, you can’t go wrong with this option.

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Ness says:

I got one of these and it’s pretty badass. Been playing pubg kingdom come and Witcher 3all maxed. The only downside is it sounds like a plane is taking off when the fan is on and you aren’t using headphones

abdullah shell says:


Konrad Madej says:


Vladisvlav says:

be gone thot

Emerald SWAGGER says:

I have a desktop with 16gb Ram, Core i7 and gtx 1060. I want to record gameplay and post on youtube.. my desktop can do this fine, but can this laptop?

Luke Gibson says:

Also nice video

Ilias power says:


Jackoawesome says:


Mete Tuncay says:

Good review but I’d like to see it be a bit more comprehensive, especially with regards to battery life.

Ravendog21 says:


A man of culture says:

Never clicked off pornhub this fast…

The Lazt Coffee says:

How would it do in rainbow six siege

Carlos Mendoza Morales says:


TheAntho199 says:

I own the last gen one and the keyboard REALLY sucks…(also mine, my friend’s one and my collegue’s one ALL have problems (different ones though…). I am very disapointed by the lack of consistency by Dell…

Joshua Garcia says:

love this laptop, copped in nov for $1100 CAD and i couldn’t be happier. I need more ram tho, 8gb doesn’t cut it anymore

Nik Šterk says:

If your buying in europe it will have a white backlite keyboard

Khalid Yaseen says:

What about editing in it?!

Sean Timothy G. Tanega says:

Ms Tech is a awesome tech channel

Jesse Aguilar says:

How is the video editing using this laptop??

Xx_Edcore_xX - Minecraft says:

Can you do an HP Oman gaming laptop?

khaled chedad says:

Where the heck is matt

EchoCR7 says:

great vid!

TheyCallMeLenny says:

Is it good enough to record fps games like csgo?

Bryan Debergh says:

I have this laptop but the 16gb ram, i7, 500gb ssd, 1tb hdd and 4k screen as my pc for school and gaming when i’m not home and i can tell you this thing is a beast!

True Blue Torres says:

I might want to get this for my brother. They only play TF2 at the moment and sometimes they play Fortnite on my PC. I’m wondering if this is okay for them?

Also, is the DOOM benchmark test on Vulkan or OpenGL?

AJGaming123 ! says:

but can It play minesweeper

Airbolt says:


Dell laptop review I’ve watched

Banana YT says:

nice vid keep up the good job

shiki fuujin says:

dell 7577 or lenovo y720?

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