Block Spam Calls, Budget Gaming Laptop Review: Acer Aspire Nitro 5, Dual Boot Windows and Linux!

Acer Aspire Nitro 5 Budget Gaming Laptop Review!!! Block Spam Calls – You Don’t Need An App! Dual Boot Windows and Linux!


1:39 Block Robocalls!!!
Dan tweets, “I’ve seen a lot of apps that say that they can help block spam/robocals on mobile wondering what you thought about them thanks.” We discuss the FTC’s and Scam Alerts, spam blocking by your mobile carrier, apps like Nomorobo, Robokiller, and Hiya, and the free tools we use to fight the flood of scam calls we don’t want!

11:41 Acer Aspire Nitro 5 Budget Gaming Laptop Review
Looking for a budget gaming laptop? Shannon got hands on with Acer’s Aspire Nitro 5 Core
(Model AN515-53-55G9, which packs an Intel Core i5-8300H and Nvidia’s GTX-1050Ti) full review in the show. And heads up: this $850 laptop is on sale at Best Buy right now for $679! What do you give up compared to a $1500 gaming laptop? Watch the video!

23:23 Dual Boot Windows and Linux
Frank emailed, “I want to dual boot a windows laptop. Where should I start? What programs do you suggest? What distro?” Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Element OS are great distros to start with, System76, Dell, Origin, and Gigabyte all offer Linux (or Linux friendly) laptops, OMGUbuntu is a -great- place to learn,
We talk running distros off a USB (live boot!) to try ’em out without installing. Help for Frank, and -anybody- that wants to start using Linux in the video!

32:06 Oh, There is a paperclip in there
Turns out there -is- a bit in iFixit’s Essential Electronics Toolkit Patrick can use instead of a paperclip when I’m resetting a router I’m testing. (For the eighth time in two days…) Also, @iFixit has a sense of humor!

33:30 Thanks Hak5
A big Thank You to Hak5 for the studio space! Check out the security and privacy podcasts at, and check out the superior pentesting and USB automation tools over at, like the beloved WiFi Pineapple Tetra!

34:09 Do Something Analog!
A few weeks ago @SimonZerafa did something analog involving a vulture and a raptor… now he tweets out, “An early birthday treat for Joseff. This time Dolphins! :- 20 miles off shore around the ‘Smalls’ Lighthouse in Pembrokeshire :–)”


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darkinertia2 says:

Guess im lucky i dont get any robo calls, i wonder if thats because i still put in my old phone number when i sign up for accounts, which has been turned off for a while lol

Ben Foote says:

I’ve been using elementary OS as my primary desktop OS for over a year now, and can’t recommend it enough. I’ve been using Linux since the crusty old days (started with Slackware back in 1997) and have used tons of distro’s in between (used Ubuntu A LOT until they pushed Unity on everyone.)

elementary OS is different in that they have their own “app store” where they have curated apps that are developed specifically to fit in nicely with the OS. They have plenty of apps now to handle most of your daily needs, and you can choose to pay what you want to help support the developers of those apps. They integrate extremely well with the overall look and feel of the OS, as the eOS guys are big on design.

TLDR; +1 for elementary OS.

NintendoSega0964 says:

Hey, can I stream games live from this laptop? Thanks

Slappy McPhee says:

If you really want to dive into command line go with Ubuntu minimal. It will force you to learn, piss you off, and figure out what framebuffer is.

ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo says:

What infuriates me is that carriers have the ability to block calls from even getting to your phone where even if you block them they leave a voicemail. Carriers could stop this easily.

Also, news flash, the scam with the “Do not Call” list is, the government provides a list to these local companies so they know who not to call. These filthy companies then pass on these lists to companies outside of their borders (like India) and have them call on the local company’s behalf. So, if they didn’t have your number before, now they not only have it but they know it’s a working number.

Dark Crow says:

No more Calls!

wolpertinger says:

If you are talking Photoshop alternative on Linux (or free ones for Windows) I’d say skip the GIMP and go straight for Krita. It definitely has the focus more on drawing and art stuff which also makes it a lot nicer to use if you want to make the switch from Adobe’s or Corel’s offerings.

IMRROcom says:

Peter Parker called us from microsoft once about a virus on the computer. We convinced “Peter” that virus name was Venom..

F. Rose says:

Great show a always! ✌

Trench Reynolds says:

In my experience I’ve found Acer and Asus laptops to be very Linux friendly. Not so much with HP and Lenovo.

superblitz says:

I own the previous version of the Acer Nitro, the Acer Apsire VX which has the same GPU but uses 7th Gen Intel and after registering the device on Acer’s website you can get a 2nd HDD adapter, because it seems that it was more proprietary then the new version.

AbunaiLee says:

One way I block spammers is by creating a new contact at the beginning of the year such as YouSuckBad 20##. And if I get a call from a spammer I add that number to that contact and set my phone to block any call coming from that contact. It’s kind of a pain in the neck but it sometimes works. Somebody needs to develop something that crowdsources these numbers that people can contribute to and then block. It’s a catch 22 because some calls that might be legitimate, or reused by a new phone customer, could end up in that database. I think the most important thing you can do is to specifically express in your voicemail message that if you can’t identify the number and the caller chooses to NOT leave a message you will potentially block their number going forward.

Robert Henry says:

What I do with robo calls or telemarketers I’ll answer it and quickly hit mute and enjoy the 10 seconds or so of silence til they hang up. After a few times of that the calls stop.

Mork the Chicken says:

YouTube engagement comment

’e-ḇen says:

I just had an idea to fight phone number spoofing spam calls. What if I got a phone number with an outrageous area code nowhere near where I live.

That way, anytime I got a call from the weird area code, I would know its no one I know and must be a spam call. Would that work?

michael hartman says:

I already am dual booting Windows and Linux. Windows on one hard drive and Linux on another. I have a hard drive caddy with my Windows drive in it on my laptop.

Art E says:

I’ve noticed a lot of live os’s run great but then the install….. Seems to leave off wifi drivers….. I’m not exactly sure why?

joe burkett says:

use ooma voip it blocks all spam i have had it a year and not 1 robo call its great

Kile Reeves says:

Hey. Love your shows, but please do something about the flicker you have with your lights. It gives me a headache to watch!

yellowjacket018 says:

I’m so glad you guys have improved the audio in this episode! Thank You!!!

James Randolph says:

I stopped eating dinner. Reduce my robocalls by half.

michael hartman says:

Also Patrick, your living in mass hysteria. Cats and dogs living together

Martin Leventon says:

Not so much a problem on mobiles/cells but if you are on a landline and get a robocall make sure when you put the phone down it hangs up properly.

Brandon Elbers says:

As a head’s up to fellow stock Android users, navigate to Phone->Settings->Caller ID and Spam->Filter Suspected Spam Calls. It’s a lifesaver. Automatically does not ring your phone when a spam call is suspected. I used to get spam calls all the time, and am no longer bothered by them.

Slappy McPhee says:

On another note; damn you guys deserve much more subscriptions than you have.

You are breathing says:

I got the Acer laptop when the 7th gen Intel Core i5 was on sale for $699.99 on Newegg (it was also on sale at Best Buy, but there were problems with my payment on the website). I play PC Building Simulator and Fallout 4 in ok settings and added a 1 TB hard drive to it, hopefully to add more RAM later on. It was my companion at the hospital when I was admitted there, and it did a good job keeping me entertained. It barely fit in my Jansport backpack, but at least it’s more portable than my Asus gaming laptop from a couple of years ago (15.6″ vs 17″).

Zach Tangen says:

You can install Gog Galaxy using snap as well. The snap is running WINE so you should be able to install Windows games from Gog. I think it’s still in the dev channel though.

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