Checking out one of the best student laptops! The 2018 LG Gram is lightweight, powerful and packs in a solid battery. You can win this one by checking out my Insta and through LG’s campaign below:


LG Gram Giveaway Campaign
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LG’s Site :

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Snapchat: karl.conrad

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Cody Dishon says:

Lightweight baby!!!

Bart Raffaele says:

power and battery an Awesome weight ratio

Uday Vir Garg says:

Something so light and compact is perhaps more best chance to have something shipped to India.

HyperMangi says:


Dhiraj Dharankar says:

As a student , I always want my laptop to be durable as I run through classes and many other people using it. With approved military grade hardware , this just might be it.

Nishit Jain says:

It’s good to see LG coming up with such a good laptop

Salman Nizamani says:

light weight+long battery mate, that’s all i care about :X

naveen kesavarapu says:

Giveaway plz

Tiesha Mayfield says:

I would love to win the give away. it will help when I go to college in a few months. I hope I win

Aditya Ariewijaya says:


Mahyar Sharif says:

22 hours?! In real use or just it’s what the company says?

Randrianarivo Ioty says:

I love everything from this laptop!!!
actually watching this with a 2008 laptop,hope i win.Please have pity on me!

News Tech says:

Thanks for video. New Computers Laptops 2018 with high performance:
Apple 15″ MacBook Pro, Retina :
Microsoft Surface Book 2 :

Jasmine Kang says:

Save me from my 10-yr old 5lb dell inspiron! And thank you for the giveaway. Following and subscribed ✅

Only One says:

I love that it has a great battery that will list me an entire day of use pretty easily.

KAMO O says:

It’s nice device.. But how come it’s a student with the price starting 1500 usd???

Jayson Apostol RN says:

Wow big laptop at gramish weight

Mario says:

Great laptop, only it costs 1700 USD/EUR. I’m not rich.

Antonio Casurao Jr says:

LG Gram is so lightweight but powerful

alvin lajara says:

That’s perfect for school!

calin ioan banciu says:

Yea, sure. And the best car for a student must be a Bugatti Chiron. Are you kidding or what? Earth to Karl: wake-up, it’s a real world down here!

Adam Argonia says:

This one seems good to take on field visits 🙂 wanna try using it with CAD and 3D rendering Software 🙂

Emman Chepkuto says:

How are the speakers?

Antonio Casurao Jr says:

I like that it’s so lightweight but doesn’t sacrifice specifications and build quality

Abhishek Reddy says:

I’ll win for sure!!

GetSlashed says:

I really would like to have one of these,i could use this for my programing class like a dream! 😀

L says:

Incoming college student here! I hope I win that ;(

Amir Rahim Aftab says:

Battery life!

Justarandom says:

Damn that laptop box is just like the one macbooks are shipped in….

Diwash Baral says:

battery life is it’s best feature
it is needed for students

alvin lajara says:

I want it!

Claudio Ribeiro says:

The things I like the most about the laptop are the battery life and that it’s lightweight

Kate DC says:

I love how people begging for free stuff here on youtube :v

agingerrail123 says:

Isn’t the LG gram 15″ too expensive for a studnet?

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