Best Laptops for Students.. and anyone on a budget

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We wanted to do a back to school round up, but were a bit late so now it’s a value laptop round-up.

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FC360D says:

Have to use the web versions of Microsoft office? No you don’t you can download the office apps from the google play store and use them since Chrome OS supports Android apps from 53

John Mare says:

So with the new MacBook Air introduced which Apple laptop would you still suggest? I feel like the MacBook Air isn’t worth it, so getting the base touchbar 13inch

fake news says:

Wait wat xps 15 has ddr5 ram?!!?

Future Generation says:

Here is a trick on saving for what you want:

1) know what you want, if you need $1,000 or$2,000
2) know how much money you’ll have after you pay your bills & add money to your savings
3) know what kind of things you can do without for a few weeks or months
4) make a meal plan for things you really like to eat, but on a budget
-limit your takeout
-learn to cook your favorite meals, easy recipes, quick recipes, favorite recipes
-prepare your meals ahead
5) When you feel tempted on spending $$$ quickly google the image of the item you are saving towards
6) set reasonable daily, weekly, and monthly saving goals
7) reward yourself when you have reach a particular goal such as a weekly or monthly goal, etc…
It took me close to half a year to save an estimated $9,000
Did a research on an iPad Pro – refurbish
Kept an eagle eye on the Apple website waiting for a deal
I bought an iPad Pro for $700 because it is light item to carry. It holds all my college e-books & notebooks etc

rajesh gawas says:

What about asus fx504?
How is it?

Juan says:

but can they run Crysis?

Niclas Gey says:


Omar Nassar says:

How long will it take for you realize that budget and cheap is not over 1000

Azarmas says:

ThinkPad x or T series is great for students as well. Got a x230 with 10 houres of battery life and 8gb ram/ 180gb ssd for 200€ on ebay.

Ռուբէն Խօսրովեան says:

2000$ for xps 15? there is no better laptop for 2000? 😐

Le Hoang says:

I dont get how Linus gets sponsors, he’s so bad at selling his sponsor’s products. Its like hes asking us to cringe and skip forward.

Ashley Bauza says:

HP chromebook 14. $300. Can’t install windows but it is all through google and you could always use office online. Seriously, if you just need something basic to do homework and social media it is wonderful. It doesn’t get viruses and if it goes slow just powerwash it but you rarely have to. It’s touchscreen and it’s battery life is wonderful. I don’t suggest it for gamers. I’ve had an older version for 4 year then I stepped on it and broke the screen. I dropped it alot because I’m clumsy and it was pretty durable. It might seem like a lot at first but I’ve never had to take it to get fixed and they last long so you save in maitnence fees. Can’t emphasize enough how great of an investment it was as a student.

doctorsleepsalot says:

That last knife is pissing me off

ARS says:

The iMac Pro is the perfect budget computer.

Dani Walmsley says:

The leaving things to the last minute waas relatable and then I checked the date and found out that I starteddd 9 days before this went live… even more relatable now

Mr. SkullCandy says:

Hey people! Would you advice the hp envy 15

ricardo Dias Teixeira says:

I think 400 to 800 are good budget for people that don’t need a master pc good for Word and something like that or presentation

Lucas Flavio Silva says:

We need an intern to do these “budget” videos, only one would understand what budget means

RattiestCargo0 says:

wheres the link for the first dell

Cameron Grimm says:

Top 15 laptops to buy this year! Check it out here —>

TJW595 says:

Wait wait wait, Let me clear this up just incase someone actually watches this video for these laptops – Im a Best Buy Sales Rep – The surface Go DOES NOT automatically come with full windows. The base model which is NOT what Linus is showing off here only has 4gb of Ram, 64gb of Flash Storage and a Pentium Processor and runs Windows S by default but it can be upgraded to full Windows 10 Home, just dont expect it to run amazingly on 4gb of ram with a Pentium. The step up to the i3/8gb/128gb is an improvement but thats going to set you back $549 PLUS the $99 for the keyboard. The Surface Go IS a good tablet, dont get me wrong, but if you are buying it for a laptop experience while thinking that it will be comparable to a Surface Pro 6, then you need to start from scratch as its not quite there on the upgraded model, let alone the base model. A total of $650 for an i3 does not exude value in terms of laptops to me when for the same price you can grab a 13 or 14 inch i5/r5 for the same price.

Ian Patrick says:

Anyone else triggered by the misaligned knife in the background of the intro

merman101 says:

Why do they not sell the LG gram in the UK

Douglas Ho says:

dude it isnt cheap

ryan cannon says:

I guess his meaning of budget means he has a scholarship or mom and dad helping. Hell my damm car was 1500.

leuwee ubaub says:

Can I have one,
But anyway I love your feel I in China that’s nice I can watch it all day

Ռուբէն Խօսրովեան says:

I see everyone mentions dell G series in every kind of top 10 laptops. is it really cool laptop?

Adam Almqvist says:

I’m starting too really want the surface go! Especially cause the new MacBook Air is insanely priced…

screweddevelopment12 says:

The title should be best windows laptops on a budget. And many chromebooks have android and linux app support so they arent as limited in functionality as they once were. Samsung Chromebook plus/pro should be in this vid if ur doing budget laptops

WiCke D says:

if you call them the budget, then I’m gonna die.

Juzan Djinn says:

Is it time for a video about laptop coolers?

Mapoe Sims says:

So I bought my Chromebook for $100 on Facebook Marketplace and I love the thing. I can go two days without charging it and if I need something more powerful, I use my school’s computers. This way, I get two screens, the premium version of everything I need, and it helps keep my work life balance in check. Highly recommend.

Dollar tree Bleach says:

Nigga says “budget” then proceeds to put 2,000 $ laptops on here.

Nugget Show says:

Surface go

Skinny Animus says:

Do you know what Budget means??????

古龙 says:

to everyone who think the touch screen is useful. I have surface, only a lot of my friend has surface. However, I didn’t see any of them use the touch screen, even no one use it as tablet mode. The tablet mode of windows is nonsense.

Lagercat says:

I can agree with the g3 recommend ation, I’ve had mine for 2 moonths with a i7 and 1050 ti and it’s great for school and games

Got it for $850 on sale sooo ye

Nat says:

omg imagine being named linus
couldn’t be me sis

HAZOX says:

Can you make a part 2 for people who have more money to spend??

W426 1 says:

Yeah but with the Dell one you could get a MacBook.

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