Best Gaming Laptops for $1000 – Which Ones to Buy? Which to Avoid?

Dave2D comparison of the best gaming laptops in 2017 that are cheaper. Comparing build quality, gaming performance, speakers, keyboard, trackpad, battery life.

Dell 7567 –
Acer VX15 –
Lenovo Y520 –
HP Omen –
Asus GL553 –
MSI GE62 –
Sabre 15 –

Individual Reviews:
Dell 7567 –
Acer VX15 –
Lenovo Y520 –
Gigabyte Sabre 15 –
HP Omen –
Asus GL553 –

Replacing panels on your laptops can void warranty. Do your research on your particular laptop model/panels. There are lots of good panel options =) GL!

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Dinesh Raj N says:

Hey Dave… Can you do a video for best high end gaming laptops of 2017 except for Predator 21x?

Aiwanei says:

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your videos. I used your different videos to help me decide which laptop to get. Love the details and style of your videos.

alhamza alshaikhli says:

k so sir faggot is the fucking asus 1050 or 1050 ti you said both in the video

vancote dj says:

thanks for info

Mr. Carzo says:

Do any of these have 4K screens?

Eu Sou Superior says:

Been waiting for this video some days now, thanks for the comparison!

I will pick the Dell thanks to your reviews.

Really love your videos, keep going man!

Dave Lee says:

Hope you guys enjoy this video! The vibes in here are always awesome =) Thanks for all the love 2D fam…


please Dave I want one of these


Hi Sir Which laptop will be the best under 1500$ with specs of i7 7th multicore gen , 16gb ram ddr4 , 1tb hdd , USB A 3 ports, USB C 1 port , with Optical dvd drive and 4k IPS Display , Nvidia 1050ti ddr5 4gb to 8gb graphic card

Ch Kelvin says:

This is a nice comparison and clear explanation! Thanks

Primal Husky says:

My God these laptops, I refuse to choose any of them, great video. Who else prefers Apple gaming?

Ammar Al-Hindi says:

Thanks a lot for the review! I now know what to get exactly.

Mohammed Alhadifi says:

Damn Acer! 256TB storage?!??

jose luis vizcaino ledezma says:

where i can buy the new dell !!! cant find it anyware

Hasan Hersi says:

hey dave are you sure that acer vx15 haves 265tb of storage it’s impossible!

Mr Snakes says:

Damn I should’ve waited till now to buy my current gaming laptop

SMIT .K says:

should i buy dell 7567 now in 2017
how long will it survive

Sanchit Dhingra says:

does the dell ship with the ips or do we have to pay 50 dollars for the upgrade on the dell website

Darkkan13 says:

Second time watching this video. For some reason Korean subtitles on. I never got that under subtitles and have never picked it. Tried to turn it off. Will not turn off. Doesn’t bother me. Just weird…

Bien Manangan says:

Hi dave can i use laptops while on charge or plug in especially if im gaming like high gpu games. Pls response tnx. By the way nice video

Mr Snakes says:

Dell’s a no brainer on this one.
The only real competitor is the lenevo for the cheaper price and better GPU.
But for on the go the Dell is better on all acounts anyway, if you plan to take it out with you.

Srate says:

I think I should get the dell 7567 or the Hp Omen 2017

Ananya sharma says:

Great comparison. thanks, it helped me. And your videos are really crisp and so satisfying to watch.

sami ashraf says:

lol 256 tb

Jacco vw says:

I’m able to get an hp omen with a gtx 1050ti and an i7-7500hq or a asus strix fx-502vm with a gtx 1060 and an i5-7300hq. I will use this laptop for some gaming but I will also use it for solidworks for my engineering study. Which one would be the better laptop? they both cost 1200 euro’s

1Rex_StreaK says:

? Can I upgrade the video card in these laptops , from 1050 ti to 1060

P.R.M says:

Subscribed bro subscribed really nice video and satisfying also saved me from buying that MSI.

Mela Chupas says:

Dave, I was wandering if you could make one of these for for a higher price range. I have started saving up to buy a new computer and I want to buy something between 1000-2000 dollars that is very durable and has good specs.

Shabab sucks at everything says:

You are honest person… wil go further in life

Zotez says:


KillerReign _ says:

For a thousand dollars I expect to have gtx 1600 on my laptop…looks like its not that time of the year

hairserz says:

hi ! where donyou find the hp omen for 1000$ ? in France he is around 1500€ … :/

Erik93203 says:

u didnt talk about the memory storage. do they all support m.2 pci-e?

Zotez says:

You kinda put 256 TB for the one before lenovo

SystemRichie says:

Is the GTX 1050 more powerful than a geforce GTX 980m?

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