Best Gaming Laptop Under $700? Acer Nitro 5 Review!

The Acer Nitro 5 is a ultra low budget gaming laptop, but it still packs a lot of power for under $700. It’s got a i5-8300H, GTX 1050 or 1050 TI, 8 GB of ram, 1 TB HDD or 256 SSD, decent display, solid keyboard, mediocre trackpad, and great port selection. Overall great buy for the $$$!

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Chilli Bro辣椒哥 says:

How about its temperature after playing for 7-8 hours and streaming ?

Jacob- Core says:

I have that gaming laptop! And i have the best model!!!

Kaiyo says:

lol whos even gonna use the trackpad

E EEE says:

I’m getting that for Christmas.

Dimmi Lo says:

Which on is better Acer Nitro 5 or dell insprion 15 7567?

Michael Castro says:

How many versions of this lap top are there?

Jesse Reid says:

Can I stream on Twitch with this laptop with the 1050 ti version?

Droning And Going says:

Is this laptop powerful enough to edit 4K and play games like Just Cause 3/4?

J Kicks says:

Who gives a f******* about the trackpad

Alex Edwards says:

I have the 649$ one but I dont have a 1050 ti just a 1050

Dimmi Lo says:

Is it good for playing games like Cod Bo4?

Julius Pascual says:

Can it run call to arms

Marcel Fernandez says:

I have that laptop but the problem is that it does not turn on and it happened the same thing last year so i had to bring it to the company to get me a new one and now its going to be the same steps does anyone have a recommendation or how i can avoid this problem? Any help will do thanks

TheAwkard TheatreKid says:

I have that computer!!

xxhalogamer22xx says:

You say it’s 700, eBay say it’s like 1k

Mickey Mouse says:

Can it play league of legends greatly?

Dead Kryptic says:

What about R6 Seige

Hustle Water says:


My penis is unbelievably small , but says:

Only thing turning me off this computer is the gamer looking design. I like a computer that looks more casual

Marcus Havoc says:

I have one and its great.

E EEE says:

Can it run vr?


I have a 1000$ one

miguel sosa says:

What about temperature?

Sergio Rivera says:

What do you think… is better this laptop the Acer nitro 5 with a ryzen 5 2500u processor and a rx 560x graphic card? please give me your opinnion

Striker says:

I’m watching this on my acer nitro 5 XD

Elena 2007 says:

I have this laptop its cool i love playing games on it and thx 4 telling me how overwatch works on it i wanna buy it but as u sayd the touch thing its uncomfortabble but if u have an extern mouse it works perfect! I LOVE the keyboard its so cool to whrite something with it!

XtraOrdinarie says:

I bought this computer before you made this video and I’m actually watching this video on mybacer nitro 5.

UnitedEarthEmpire says:

Those who live in strong currency country are so lucky to have this cheap powerful laptop… my country cost $2700 for this one…

Abhilash Das says:

It’s costs around $1000 in my region lmao

tempplerr says:

This is good I just want too play gta San Andreas at a very high FPS

GizmoSlipTech says:

The Acer Nitro 5 seems lik a solid all arounder for the $$$. I forgot to put in that it scored 820 in Cinebench, which is quite good for a quad core CPU. So it’s a solid machine for editing videos as well! Thanks for watching! You guys mean a lot to me!

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Rukahs says:

bro from where i am this laptop has two varieties:
one with amd cpu / amd gpu and the other with intel cpu / nvidia gpu
so here’s the specs of each
AMD ryzen 5 2500U 2.0 Ghz
4Gb Ddr4 Ram
Radeon Rx 560 4gb
Price: $800

Intel i5 8300H
4Fb Ddr4 Ram
Nvidia GTX 1050 4gb ( Non-TI)
Price: $1000

Here’s my main question: Is it worth it to just get the $800 one rather than the $1000?just for a bit of edge on the performance? or is the intel way better compared to the AMD? my basis is – Multi-Tasking, How hot the laptop get’s when playing 5++ hours, video editing/rendering and Gaming.

Hot Shot says:

Can we use this for business purpose also? Like using Microsoft office word etc in the nitro 5 ryzin


someone recommend a laptop with backlight keyboard under 1000?

Master P says:


Sebastian Burek says:

I have 60 – 50 FPS on Fortnite with High setting
50 FPS on gta 5 with high setting

Terry McDonald says:

I’ve been reading the display and color for the Nitro 5 licks balls. Would the Aspire 5 be any better on the display front if I wasn’t that focused on playing games?

Ferdi says:

Wait, was all this testing done with single channel RAM? From personal experience I can tell you that it is a very bad experience with a single channel configuration.

Nick Oclassen says:

Can you do a VR test on this laptop?

The Neves says:

I have tath laptop

Denzyy Trevyy says:

“$649” what do u mean by that? Is that brand new or what? Cause I literally have $650. Thank you for answering!

NIKK3Z says:

Is this 1050 or 1050 ti

Dylan Smith says:

Please help I’m getting the nitro i5 8300H GeForce GTX1050. Please tell me if this is good for gaming i really need to know

Samurai Gaming says:

I bought it a month ago and my trackpad did not work since I turned it on, and a few weeks later the windows key stopped working. I then had to give it to geek squad to fix it but they said they couldn’t and I am left with this old crappy computer that I am typing on.


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