Best Gaming Laptop Under $2000? Asus ROG Strix II GL504 Review!

I’ve got another laptop review for you. This one is the Asus ROG Strix II GL504GS-DS74 Scar Edition! It features a GTX 1070, i7-8750H, 16GB of ram, 256 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD, a plethora of ports, and costs between $1950-2000 depending on where you buy it. This review was NOT SPONSORED. It is an honest and truthful review to the best of my ability. We’ve benchmarked it, tested it out, and I’ve got the info on whether or not it’s going to be worth buying. Watch the full review for more info!

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TabalugaDragon says:

I completely disagree on some points
First, you recommend getting 1000 series for gaming because it’s enough, but
a) as soon as new cards come out, games will become more demanding, not all of them but many of them, 1000 series is 2 years old now and just not future proof.
b) the cards are more efficient. Since heat is an issue in laptops, a user(who cares about portability and noise at least) should always get the newest and most efficient hardware. For instance, a laptop with gtx 2060 would perform as gtx 1070, would cost about the same, but it would be thinner, lighter and quieter

Second, I always disagree on thermal testing with liquid metal, because
a) this is NOT how most people are gonna buy a laptop
b) it needs to be replaced from time to time, and most people simply would not want to send their laptop far away somewhere just to replace it, as most people, I’m pretty sure live far away from HID evolution offices

Matt S says:

Gu501 is better value

STEVEN Ceron says:


5775zack1 says:

i quite enjoy the acer helios 300.. i got it on amazon for 1,049 and on a 5 month payment plane (so 209 or so a month) and it does everything ive wanted it to to the max, plays all the games i enjoy at 100+fps at max.. does over heat some so it needs a cooling pad, and it doesnt have a disc drive but both of those are only about $50 more.. i woulda done PC build but i needed a laptop as i travel some..

makaitechreviews says:

It’s called ROG Strix SCAR II, not Strix II Scar Edition

yao8 says:

Wait the msi gs65 has a 144hz screen??

gabriel Kuehn says:

You are the best. I love coming home from school and watching your vids. Thanks

b n technical says:

love you

Edjergsen says:

Where is the helios 500 , it has better performance than everyting with the same specs

Rinku Bhatia says:

Very nice lappi

Luke B says:

Love the video and cool laptops

Puneet Singh Jaspal says:

Very pricey

TheReal Flash says:

Do a asus Zephyrus M (GM501) review!!!!!

RixdoYT says:


Venkat Swaminathan says:

Can you please review the Acer predator helios 500…..…

shashikanth gunda says:

How nice lap for gamers

mohammed omran says:

Why you didn’t mention Rog Zephyrus S as a competitor and it’s even cheaper?

Mr.falcon games Osborne says:

I wish I could have afford it

Movie times 10 says:

Can I have a laptop or computer plz

Wevee 14 says:

Notification squad

Mio Sporty says:

Wow. Good gaming laptop.

Lord_Tachanka main says:


GizmoSlipTech says:

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Rohan Leander says:

I’ve asked so many tech YouTube channels to do a review on this laptop. Finally a good review Thanks so much.

Flavia Pitariu says:

Another thorough review. Can’t wait for you to get your hands on the acer predator helios 500 Ryzen 2700 + Vega 56

hana bruinier says:

i though under 200 dollar wkwkwk

RixdoYT says:

I need your heart

Spud ward says:

Waiting on the GL704GS to finally come out.

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