Best Back to School Laptops 2018

Lisa Gade shows you her picks for best back to school laptops for fall 2018, in a variety of prices ranges and form factors- from Ultrabooks to gaming laptops to convertible 2-in-1 notebooks. There are a few honorable mentions as well, and a few that she wouldn’t recommend. All the laptops except for one are reviewed on our channel if you wish to learn more. The focus is on high school and college laptops.


g1598 says:

I recently picked up a Dell latitude 7280 with 16Gb ram and 256gb ssd for AUD$560. Its bloody great and gets the job done. Recently got a 500gb Samsung 960 Evo and can’t wait to install it

John Manacup says:

Buy Thinkpad laptop products for MAXIMUM productivity and performance!!

Bugs says:

Review MSI Prestige P42 pls. thanks

Marc Rodger Desiderio says:

Having trouble choosing one. Eyeing for the dell Inspiron 7472, but the lack of usb type c is quite troubling. In the near future(1-2 yr), what if type became the standard rather than the type A. I’m looking for a laptop in the lightweight side with a dedicated gpu. Doubting on the quality of the s line up of asus.

above says:

New HP Envy 13” 2-in-1 ?

Stephen Lozada says:

What about my msi gs65? I love it.

awesome geek says:

once you’ve used 3:2 display on a laptop, there’s no turning back!
huawei’s Matebook X Pro is the best one overall.
the best DISPLAY (best quality & most importantly, the brightest).
the best KEYBOARD.
the best TOUCH PAD.
the best CHASSIS. (Macbook-like but better screen-to-body ratio).
the best SPEAKERS.

zycane says:

The Ryzen APUs with integrated VEGA seems to be among the very best of both worlds, being able to have a slim, cheap, yet gaming able ultra thin laptop is just gorgeous, and the possibility of pen enabled 2 in 1 of those, would be even better.

Castiel Caesar says:

Asus Zenbook S 🙂

ptdavidson87 says:

Where can you get the 4k display on the G7 I never see that option on dells site.

Michael Jarvis-Wood says:

Hey Lisa, I’m am looking at getting a high end gaming laptop for college this year, I’m doing a diploma which will require a lot of rendering 3D models as well as testing and making video games, I’ll be doing this in conjunction with taking notes and gaming in my free time, which laptop do you recommend, I have been looking at the Razer Blade 15, msi gs65, gigabyte 15x and Alienware 15. The Razer is my favourite as it won’t stand out in a class full of Mac books but I’m really worried about quality control, obviously I’ll get a warranty from the company I buy from, which as I’m in the uk will most likely be Curry’s/PC world but I know Razer has relatively low stock so if my machine does break it may be weeks or even months before I can get a new machine. And gigabyte isn’t even sold in the uk so that may be off the table, but overall I am just looking for a recommendation for the laptop that will be the best for at least 2 years. (Oh and before I get a load of people in the comments saying go for the msi, just take into account that I would rather have to walk into the store with a broken keyboard or a screen that won’t turn on than a detached screen… because I had a friend with an older msi and within a year his laptop was basically the surface book 2 XD) sorry for the long comment. It may sound like I am leaning towards the Razer but in all honesty I’m at a loss to what laptop to choose

TheEvilchicken11 says:

Why not the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro? It has the versatility of the XPS with its 8th gen i7 and dedicated AMD graphics, and is only $1299 in that configuration, hundreds less than most XPS configs. No one needs 4k resolution on a 13 or 15 inch, and the Samsungs 1080p display is gorgeous, almost as color accurate as the dells 4k

A. Rakhym says:

xiaomi announced Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2 with GTX 1050

Jazebzizu says:

Lisa, no acer aspire

theminute man says:

Hey Lisa, I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the Matebook X Pro touchpad. What do you think about it?

Jason Villapando says:

What are you thoughts on the current deal for the 2017 surface pro i5 7300u, 8gb RAM, 128gb SSD for $799? (Including signature keyboard)

Ali Alsaeed says:

I like your vids they are pro keep up the good work

Jakub Bator says:

@MobileTechReview is it worth to buy 128gb i5 surface pro 2017 for 870$(tax included)? Thank you

فرحان باشا says:

ay, got that matebook x pro for back to school, watching this on it.

Majed Albahlal says:

Lisa , HONESTLY , what laptop do you personally use ?

Comparison Farts says:

Do Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Aditya Kr. says:

Do a review of the Aorus X7 DT V8.

Ketan Kapoor says:

Buying a laptop is a time consuming decision. Believe me guys, I have been looking at YouTube reviews, blogs and what not. This sounds funny but at one point this was actually part of my daily routine until I found my saviour. I am a student and that obviously means I was tight on budget. Most people were suggesting go for laptops worth a 1000 pounds and more but that is a big toll on pocket man. A reasonably good laptop which I ended up buying is Asus Vivo book slim. I am surprised its not included in the list above as it has 1000 pounds features in around 650. If anyone wants to check it out or something

Ricardo Lammert says:

1k likes! Thanks Lisa! good video / Its allways great to give the best infos and your Profesional Reviews for students with some one of the best options on the market!

Alec Shern says:

If you’re a serious student, get a new or used Thinkpad. It’ll last you a lot longer than a consumer machine.


Lenevo ideapad 720s??? ( i7 8th gen with mx150) at 840usd

Ali Anis says:

I got excited reading the title “Back to school laptops” thinking it would recommend laptops for students! Forgot to mention “Private school students.”
How about laptops that most students can afford! Not dream about having. Please keep it real.

kaarthikeyan ss says:

Can you do a review on Asus TUF FX 504 with gtx1060?

Jolly Botox says:

No funny t-shirt this time?

Francesco Barbieri says:

I think I will be looking at the XPS 13″ when my 2013 MacBook Air finally gives up the ghost.

David Poulton says:

My laptop is so outdated (2011) that it doesn’t support the software the college will be using. I bought my laptop 3 years ago for $120 that was already 4 years used. I now bought a Sager laptop with a loan for $1,950. Which comes with a I7 8750h, gtx 1070, 32GB ddr4 2600mhz, 1080p IPS panel with 94% NTSC, and 500GB m.2 SSD.

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