ASUS TUF FX504 Gaming Laptop Review and Benchmarks

The ASUS TUF FX504 is a budget friendly gaming laptop, featuring the Intel i7-8750H CPU and Nvidia 1050Ti graphics. In this review I’ll cover the features the laptop has to offer, thermals, battery life, undervolting, overclocking and perform a series of game benchmarks to help you see how it performs and if it’s worth buying.

Check pricing and further reviews at Amazon:
Please note that this model has the 8300H CPU, so will perform a little differently, I’ll update the link once they have the 8750H model listed.

Exact model tested here: ASUS TUF GAMING FX504GE_FX80GE

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Crusty Justy says:

So what was the fps in csgo? Because I need a new pc, mine right now is absolutely terrible so is purple line the fps you got?

Shreyans Jain says:

Dell G7 is a better pick. Sadly they didnt go all out on a 1070 and not a max-q design ffs.

Jeevan Justin says:

Another great review as usual! Seems like a decent laptop, only wish the budget gaming machines moved away from the whole black and red theme. Just looks a bit tacky imo.

Super Troll says:

Should i buy this pc for gaming by i5 cpu?

PesMe says:

i want to ask a question off the topic …usually my laptop is on for 15-20 hours a day with power plugged in all the time , will it affect my laptop battery if i am not using my laptop on battery ?

Rusher02 Gaming says:

Sad sad laptop that the voltage supplied isn’t enough to produce playable experiences. I was really looking forward to how this laptop is in general, quite disappointing as they really didn’t deliver what I thought they promised, I had high expectations for the laptop, i normal don’t have high expectation for most things. Not really hating on asus as generally their products are top notch. But it’s poor on their part that they let a laptop out of the box be under supplied. They can easily fix this in a bios update. Another great review Jarrod!

Christopher Jackson says:

I’m trying to look for a gaming laptop and I was looking at the Asus TUF fx504 do you think I should buy this laptop or what other laptop do you recommend for the exact same price that’s better

P.H Wong says:

Hi there., which should I buy this laptop? Or Acer nitro 5?

Fong Ming says:

Cooling sucks

Benjamin Schröder says:

So i just bought my asus gl503vm.
It´s running a i5-7300hq and a 1060 3gb.
When i play for about 1,5 hours my fans get really loud and the Rog gaming center says that my cpu and gpu are about 90 degrees celsius.
Can anyone tell me if this is just because this laptop has bad thermals (maybe cuz of the 1060), or is there something wrong with my specific unit?


Should I build a 300 dollar pc or this laptop

kwon8308 says:

weird asus

Kinred Fox says:

Bro can you review the Hp OMEN 15-dc000 with the intel i78750h 8gb ram 1tb Nvidia 1050 4Gb I just bought this laptop and I think it is an amazing laptop for 3D modeling and 3D animation!!!

TOP 5 BUY says:

Give me the laptop bro

Ashutosh Alim says:

60hz display is enough for gamers ?

Wira Aditama says:

Is the thermal throttling just a some unit fail or a product fail?


In the benchmark part,what is the difference between average fps and 1% fps

dis ting danger, stranger says:

1050? …k, bye.

Aqueel Ifhaam says:

Guys what would you recommend..? ASUS FX504 or DELL G7? (Include CPU GPU Specs if you got any recommendations)
I’m looking for performance and durability.
Thanks a tonne guys

maor hai says:

Too bad that this computer has electrical problems, it has good specs. I’m just debating between the FX504 and GL703GM.
what do you recommend?

Dhann Co says:

Is this still worth the buy? Kinda rethinking if Im gonna buy this or wait for another model cuz about the stuttering, any other recommendation like the same specs for Fx504, really need some decent 1050ti gaming laptop thats not that pricy like lesser than 899$?

kaarthikeyan ss says:

Can you do a video on HP gaming pavilion 2018 laptop?

JastPer says:

Hey man nice video! How’s the temperature? I want to buy a cheap gaming laptop that can withstand long hours for gaming without thermal throttling
(I want temps 70 below).
If not this laptop, can you suggest me 8th Gen budget gaming laptops? Thank you very much…I subbed 😀

Kishka says:

Its matte bro so its anti glare matte is anti glare properties bro

Carlos Motta says:

Another flawless review. No doubts now: you are the #1 gaming laptop reviewer on this plataform.
As for the machine, I found it meh at most. It seems to me the thing with power is a lame solution to cope with heat. One fact: no manufacturer is being able to deal with modern hardware, when it comes to dissipate heat. Last gaming laptop I had was the ancient MSI GX660R-060, with just a single fan, and could run VERY cool. Used to max at mid 60s on both GPU and CPU. Now I freeze, everytime I see the scaring temps all machines achieve.

Brad Haines says:

i did the power limit throttling to my 15x on accident lol, just like this only boosts to 2.8ghz and 20-25w tdp

donavan arulthas says:

Compare this to the Acer nitro 5

Kong Computers (Australia) says:

Great video again Jarrod, can I add it to our Asus product page on the Kong store?

aaron wong says:

How should I undervolt the gpu for fx504ge 1050ti?

SpeedSouls says:

Is this laptop single channel ram or duel?

Ikram Ramli says:

another budget friendly gaming laptop who don’t wanna be my friend..

loomnati noscopers says:

but can it run M I N E C R A F T ?

Mr Kit says:

Is this laptop good for long gaming ?
And which better this or asus fx553v ?

Pio Soesetio says:

Hey man, just letting you know how i fixed the problems (gpu stuterring & cpu power limit throttling & also battery thing)
check these posts i made here :

Read all the pages.

Gerald Amurao says:

My acer nitro 5 also discharges the battery when gaming even if it is plugged in.

Sumith Bhat says:

When can we expect Ultrabook reviews with the mx150?

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