Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501 Review – GTX 1080 Max-Q Portable Powerhouse

Lisa Gade reviews the Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501, a 4.9 lb. / 2.2kg 15″ gaming laptop with the quad core i7-7700HQ CPU and NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5 Max-Q dedicated graphics. This is one of the first NVIDIA Max-Q notebooks to hit the market, and it promises less heat and noise than the standard GPU counterpart. This allows for thinner designs and lower weight as well— going after the 15” MacBook Pro, MSI GS Stealth Pro and Razer Blade market.

The 18mm thick laptop is clad in classy black aluminum, minus the gamer bling. It’s bottom panel drops down when you open it to increase cooling. The laptop has a 120Hz full HD matte IPS display, RGB color-programmable keyboard in an unusual frontmost location, right side MS Precision trackpad that doubles as a number pad at the touch of a button and Intel 8265AC WiFi. Very fast PCIe NVMe SSDs and 16GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM are standard. The GTX 1070 model is $2,299 and the GTX 1080 model is $2,699. Competitors include the afore mentioned laptops as well as the Max-Q equipped MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro, Acer Predator Triton 700, Sager NP8952 and an upcoming Origin PC model (so far only this Asus and the Acer will have the 1080 option).

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hotdognobun says:

That is a sick design

Mark Xenic says:

Solo, is anyone interested in a kidney and an arm? Cuz I need to get me this baby!

Gregor Salinger says:

Hey Lisa, what do you recommend more for senior high school? The Galaxy Book 12 or the HP Spectre x360 15“. The most important things I think are the display, the performance and the flexibility and portability. It may sound like comparing apples to pears, but i want to know you opinion anyway. Dear greetings from Europe

Abdullah Illusion says:

The best review out there! Much thanks!!

Mainak Dev says:

Love your t-shirt

Jers N says:

I cannot help but say: Asus Shittyrus: ROB (Republic of Bezels).

Hyde Jekyll says:

just curious why a lot of people doesn’t like killer wifi and prefers the usual intel?

braveboy1010 says:

11:23 for those who wanted to know if they could use this (closed lid) with an external monitor

Adil Rehman says:

do you think in long term it can keep its performance same even after 6 months or should I go for Acer Predator 17 X or MSI GT75VR ?

XxAssassinYouXx says:

Review that matebook x from huawei

Brommes says:

but does it run linux ?

Keith Appanah says:

Hi Lisa. Please could you make review video of the 13″ version of the Razer Blade Stealth. I’m seriously considering purchasing that cool looking device but would first like to see your take on it. Thanks.

Abliskarian says:

Yes I know the bezels are big as heck but honestly I feel like most people bought this laptop for the performance and the max-q design not the screen… gosh if you want a screen with no good performance get a razer blade pro

billfromelma says:

Thumbs up review !

kael'thas sunstrider says:

Lol your shirt is cool xD

Andi Darmika says:

No Optimus, good candidate for Hackintosh 🙂

Faizal Ismail says:

4 minutes of talking and I still can’t see the laptop properly

Asterisk says:

Lisa, please, I want you to review a Matebook X so bad ><

portalplayer says:

matte screen is just terrible.. colors and brightness aren’t good on them.

Felipe Aidar da Silva says:

Always the best t-shirts.

Thiek Niarb says:

Excellent review Lisa. I wonder if ASUS, ACER, MSI will offer a GTX 1080 Max-Q with a i7-7820HK processor. Also do know if Dell is going to offer a similar laptop?

Bobby Michael says:

Are their skins available that conceal the ROG symbol and lettering on the front and back of the panel? If not, any recommendations on how to tastefully conceal them? I like this laptop but want to mute the gamer aspect of it.

Michael Hart says:

Impossible mainly very modern bone infection adventure govern no.

Eduard Arakelyan says:

Surface Book (performance base) was pretty inventive in design — managed to perform well and have exceptional battery life. I couldn’t do just couple hours of productivity. 4-5 would have been perfect and that isn’t asking for a lot. Wonder why no Optimus?

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