ASUS ROG Strix GL702ZC Ryzen Laptop Review

”ROG Strix GL702ZC is the world’s first gaming laptop featuring the AMD Ryzen™ 7 processor – Learn more at

Available at Amazon-

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Lars Vassenjansen says:

Definitely agree that the ASUS GL702ZC needed at least 3GHz RAM to get the best out of the Ryzen 1700.

Other than that, it’s a great perf’ to price, road warrior machine.

cmorait says:

Got one in office as mobile workstation. Makes all other laptops cry with the multi core performance. Noise and heat is on par with my laptop 7700hq/1060. Case is extremely thin for a Desktop cpu fitted inside. 1420 in Cinebench r15. Not need a desktop anymore. The price / performance ratio is awesome.

Ed says:

In Canada on amazon this is $3450… $75 More then an Asus ROG with a GTX 1080…

bashzer0 says:

What brand are those window shades?

ViperTech says:

Can’t wait to see your review of the Asus ROG Swift PG65 monitor. 😀

Michael Pawlik says:

With an RX 580 you definitely don’t need anything above 75 Hertz because that GPU can’t drive those types of refresh rates anyway, especially with Ryzen. But for basic 1080p, medium-high setting, 60FPS gaming, this thing is great.

Pablo Tassinari says:

i need one! my laptop just blew away!

JWil42 says:

+TechSource I think we found you the perfect laptop! OoC, are there any other laptops with more than 4 cores?
+JayzTwoCents make sure Ed knows about this; he’ll love it

Stephen Gibson says:

Can you do a video on Amd’s infinity fabric

User says:

Lucky you in America. In Lithuania I can buy this for *just 1699€*

OreLPoint says:

For gamers? this laptops decent but for video edit? it’s amazing and pretty much a beast!
“Hey dude why is it suck for gaming?” Well, It is fine now but in 2 years the lack of tb3 will be much important so you can’t change the gpu in the future and 8 cores is waste for gaming.

LimitIsIllusion says:

if it had an nvidia gpu, id be salty that i bought this one, but 1070 allday over a 580

Nintendork says:

It’s basically a mobile gaming workstation.

And I think you can technically upgrade the cpu to Ryzen 2700-3700-4700 as long as there is bios support.

AlejandrO Z says:

DAMM! I’m gonna buy this irght now!

Jeff Winship says:

Hey Jay. Decided to build my own rig for rendering in 3DS Max plus Premier about three months ago. I’ve never built a machine and just wanted to let you know I’ve learned a TON watching your videos. Thanks dude. I’m going with a TR 1950X as I can max out ANY amount of cores/threads thrown at me. My old IT guy never believed it until I showed him the performance monitor before and after I hit the “Render” button. Anyway, you’ve helped given me the confidence to try building my own rig at a fraction of what BOXX Tech will sell the same rig to me for. Keep up the good work.

LimitIsIllusion says:

damn, i was gonna wait, but i already bought an intel laptop

Arafat Al Sabuj says:

Which laptop should I pick???
Asus S410UN -> Nvidia MX150 {4GB} Integrated VRAM+128SSD+1HDD (((vs)))
Acer Swift SF315-51G -> Nvidia MX150 {2GB} Dedicated VRAM+2HDD

jcoronaz26t says:

Nice work on the video Jay, but the audio echo is really killing it for me

Deadshotboy says:

You can not overclock cpu and not overclock gpu !
Amd ryzen master dont run on this laptop.
I have this laptop !

ABG says:

I understand some people prefer gaming laptops over Desktops for whatever reason and that’s ok but expensive laptops always seems like the biggest waste of money to me.

deedas says:

The RAM Speed, it is no good.

Robert Kohut says:


Artur Poloński says:

Great stuff

Jay N says:

Personally, i would have liked to see them use a ryzen 5 1600 and a rx580 8 gb or atleast have a ryzen 5 model available

noname-cv37 says:

Jay a good if brief review. No mention of how easy it is to swap out internals such as memory & storage or is a higher capacity battery on offer

CRaul87 says:

If I was king of the world I would ban the use of the color red on laptops! Is it too much to ask for a business like laptop but with gamer/workstation specs without being all in your face!?

jkutyna says:

Great start, but you are unable to customize anything in the ASUS website when buying it, such as what kinds of hard drives or how much memory and what speed. It pretty much comes as is which is a major failure in 2018. That and it has a crap IPS panel. If I want to have a powerful AMD driven laptop that I can run games on, then I want a good screen on it. Not something that is worse than TFT from the early 2000’s. IPS needs to just freaking die already. It’s 2018 and that outdated crap is a dinosaur and looks worse than dino doodoo.

Wolven Riptide says:

Gr8 vid jay wish I have 1

YousifEpicz says:

i would have liked an r5 processor and maybe a 3gb 1060 with 16gb ram for cheaper???

Sid says:

hello? where is the battery review ?

oliver mia says:

Must be good in running numerous instances of android emulator, no?

superhero says:

For this purpose why does not AMD create an APU

Curtis Williams says:

Hi I wanted to know if there is a way for me to water cool my old skool gigabit gtx 420 v3 card…

Mauro Leonardo Mondal says:

After this I might say buy a laptop is not that bad!!! Man! AMD is changing tech!

4M4 says:

Would be cool to have 144hz+ TN Panel. 75hz is cool, but 144hz is soooo smooooth.

Ben Sheriff says:

Cant see the cinebench score jay can you provide it please!

Phillip Siddiq says:

Need a slot for another ssd drive.

jonsons says:

Could I upgrade the gpu in the future?

wagdbikerider says:

Amd FINALLY has a good laptop

DeLuSioNaL's Arcade says:

How is this laptop for content creation on the go? Adobe Premiere?


kindly upload another video and compare ASUS ROG STRIX GL702ZC vs Sager NP9175 for 3D rendering purpose.

Master Robey robin says:


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