Asus ROG GL753VE Gaming Laptop Review

Lisa Gade reviews the slim and light 17” Asus ROG Strix GL753VE gaming and pro apps notebook that’s an inch thick and weighs 6.6 lb. / 3 kg. This is an entry to mid-level gaming laptop with the Intel Core i7-7700HQ quad core 45 watt 7th generation Kaby Lake CPU and your choice of NVIDIA GTX 1050 or 1050Ti graphics. The GL753 has a 1920 x 1080 matte, non-touch IPS display, RGB backlit keyboard, a boot SSD (on all but base model) and a 1TB HDD. The ROG has NVIDIA Optimus graphics using the Intel HD 630 + NVIDIA Pascal graphics, a DVD drive and a 44 WHr battery. It starts at $1,100, and our configuration is $1,300 at (they supplied our review loaner and are a retailer of top gaming laptops).
Want it in a 15” size? Our review of the 15” Asus ROG GL553VE is here:


joris yauw says:

Pretty decent bezels actually

badtz maru says:

Lefties unite! As always nice review.

Rémy Baillet says:


Jonathan S says:

love the t-shirt 🙂

TheGrandadParadox says:

360 comments tho…..XD. cool T. I know you know this….. Wait a while before making it public……. see i knew you knew that. don’t know why I said that.

Lion Stylo says:

why only 360 wow was this recorded one 2007 anyways nice vid

Expressionistix says:

I don’t get laptops made to play video games why not just get a game boy?

Samurai Gaming says:

Guys I suggest avoiding this and the 15in laptop, at least till the issues are fixed, I have the gl 553ve which is the 15in and I already had to RMA it 2x back to back and possibly for a 3rd time, so many issues with those, u can see the reviews on Amazon and also I recorded issues with it on my channel if ya care for proof, again I highly suggest avoiding these

Onyourknees Beforeme says:

Your shirt is funny. Assault with a deadly weapon…

Clous von says:

god for the money , you aren’t getting a whole lot with these slim gaming laptops , so many sacrifices for paying over $1,000

TheMoni7548 says:

optical drive is irrelevant these days, do anyone still use them ?

TheGai says:

Best laptop reviews in the world.

MrTacticalinuit says:

My sister thought my gl502vs was metal when she touched it. Then I told her the screen back is metal and the chassis is plastic. She was surprised.

Bruce Campbell says:

Lisa, would love to see you review the ASUS GL702VM Kaby Lake refresh or GL702VMK.

PrismFoxes says:

Jfc it needs to render first before it’s available in 1080p

KUTE says:

Awesome upload, this is wonderfull♥

Entropyms 001 says:

I have the 1060 version of this laptop. It was about the same price. The only difference was the DVD drive was replaced with more heat sinks and another fan.

alcorus86 says:

Elite watches in 360p

Raghav Rastogi says:

Only 360p :/

PugGamerHD says:

can yous all smash my subcribe button

MeMakeSparks says:

Genuine Plastic 😀
Thanks Lisa! I was hoping to see you review this lappi…

CantankerousDave says:

It’s weird that these “gaming” laptops only seem to come with entry-level GPUs. You’d think that a 1060 would be the upgraded variant, not a slightly-less-weaksauce 1050ti. My last-gen MSI GE62VR has one, and it cost the same as these newer models with weaker graphics.

kwrx says:

Bit expensive for lower end graphics card.

GhettoBoxMan says:

I have the VD model. I wish I had $200 more to get the VE model so I could get the Blu ray. Also the RGB keyboard lighting is bad compared to MSI. The worst part of the Laptop in my opinion is the god awful speakers, I have to wear headphones most of the time just to hear stuff like videos on YT or Netflix. The laptop also has a yellowish tint on the rim of the screen on some parts due to the bezel pinching the screen but it is only noticeable when looking at a black or dark picture.

G K says:

Asus G753VS OC or this one
(price included)

Anthony Tosh says:

Thanks for review.

Leandro says:

great review as always, are you comparing this to the msi leopard?

Mesrop Hovhannisyan says:

I will wait few minutes for hd

Patrick Zieverink says:

Are you reviewing the P51?

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