Asus ROG Chimera G703 144Hz Gsync GTX 1080 Gaming Laptop Review

Can you really get desktop performance from a laptop?


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Ben says:

Wish they did a qhd version with high refresh rate and gsync. For some reason you can only ever get 1080p or 4k.

Aleksandrs Voronkovs says:

the first review came out on 30th August. I heared that it should be available to buy in the start – mid October. So tilted that after such a long time there is no even a release date, even approximate !

Joao Miguel Pedras says:

My favourite laptop since my still working and well preserved Qosmio G40

JimWarp93 says:

It’s so thick and heavy, u can even knock out ur mother in law with it!

Safin Kabir says:

When is it coming out

Stalewind Farto1078 says:

Too bad TTL that it goes on its’ merry way, cause she’s a real beauty.

kepeter97 says:

you sound so happy, tom. how you doing?

OldGamerGene says:

As far as I can tell – google search – this is not available in the US. And the UK price will not get a foothold in the US. There are other options…

Colton Larson says:


Raklödder says:

This laptop was clearly made for thirteen year olds.

David Newman says:

did you say how much and i mean much i think

r2stik says:

buy Clevo P870KM1-G gtx1080. add ddr4 and m.2. enjoy.

Zahir Uddin says:

t h i c c bezels need to die tbh

johnty fiveofive says:

If you have money to burn on a saucy laptop WAIT!!!!

1080ti round the corner ^^

Matthew Barnett says:

More gaming laptop reviews please. Ones that weigh less than my overweight cat.

Stalewind Farto1078 says:

Thoughts on the Rapid fire ad, yeah it was long.

Gamed4Geeks says:

What’s the point in thick gaming laptops now when we have Max-Q? The only reason I can see is that Max-Q isn’t as good as Nvidia and all the Youtubers are saying.

wuchengranschiiet says:

Is this a teaser ? Just 8min

Chris Ecob says:

Is the PSU 22v? 16.9A works out about 370W. P=IV.

Captain_ Cole says:

No noise or battery information Tom, whats going on?

crhodes0302 says:

Thats weak that wont let you keep the computer after you review it! Why take your time and effort if they are not going to give you the laptop. Anyways, nice review.

Șerban says:

I said I wouldn’t buy laptops anymore, but 144hz man. In 2 years, 1080p144hz ips maxq shit and not that loud, I want one at a reasonable price. I don’t need, I want!

DarkKitarist says:

Well it’s also cheap only 3000£ xD

J Bob says:

Release date?

Equalizer says:




Paraipan says:

Useless piece of tech!

Vedran Markanovic says:

I had a GT73VR and its just a hassle to lug that thing around…over 5kg on your back just with the laptop and the power brick . Also if you are planing on using this as a desktop replacement,trust me,you will not enjoy gaming on 17″ screen,no matter how powerful your laptop is. You will always have it connected to an external monitor. Also your mouse hand will get extremely sweaty all the time because of the heat vents. Forget about this,buy a proper gaming desktop PC.

Michael Harries says:

Designed by a child?

vineuk says:

Whats the battery life like for gaming. Cant see with all that overclocking and the GPU, it lasting more than 2 to 3 hours. Thxs for the video great as normal.

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