Asus Pro B9440 laptop review

Read the CNET review here –
The Asus Pro B9440 is a lightweight 14-inch business laptop that costs $999.

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Ezekielo Tech Vlogs says:

a business laptop without a camera. holy smokes. what the hell was asus thinking.

Boby Brown says:

Ewww her hair

Daniel Duedu says:

it’s a touch screen!!!!!!

Jamiem Jabbar Harsad says:

Why does she have to whisper

Mr Random says:

OH MY GOD get a better commentator!

Lester John Antiller says:

It will look dated if has no front camera

Will Bar says:

I love this laptop to bad not having a camera is a killer for me, I spend a LOT of time on skype.

MyJohnrox says:

Business laptop without a webcam?… what about video conferences/virtual meetings?

John Smith says:

Can anyone tell me what’s the best laptop PC today, for gaming? I’d like a great processor, ram (16-32gb), and storage of at least 2TB (SSD/ or regular, I don’t know, pro’s/con’s?).

der Gerät says:

But does it run minecraft?

Steven James DeBlasi says:

I’m watching this video on my new Asuspro B9440 now! Ha! It’s a great laptop! Super thin and light with a great big, anti-glare screen and awesome performance! I’m very happy with it. 🙂

Personally, I’m willing to sacrifice the built-in webcam for the super-thin bezels (without having the camera awkwardly located below the screen looking up at your chin!) and also for better security. I always tape over my webcam anyway. Don’t you? So I prefer to keep my webcam separate now, and only carry it with my when I need it, (although I really only ever need to use it at home anyway.)

frozzbite says:

Bad reviewer, please change or improve

Reyco Reiswan says:

Whats about the coil whine ?

Hoerkelis says:

Did you just scroll by touching the screen? 1:04

Jar Jar Elon says:

What about the internals? Processor, Ram etc?

AL3KS S3RB says:

“bithness laptop”

geedee mk says:

Everything sealed no battery replacement or change Ram or repair hard drive great design. All copied from Apple mastermind behind use and throw electronic gadgets

BreeZy HD says:


Alessandro Filippi says:

A business laptop without a webcam?! WTF EPIC FAIL

BosleyBeats says:

Dope ass nails

Xyeno says:

Companies must think apple was genius when they got rid of USB Type A. I won’t but a laptop where I can’t even video call or put my camera in that is a USB A…

Sic Semper Beats says:

I don’t believe in trackpads that don’t have glass

Daniel Sorrell says:

Anything with the name Pro better have Pro features which to me means all of things and more. Sacrificing a webcam and normal ports for a slimmer profile to the point where it lacks basic functionality is ridiculous. F**k every company who does this.

gummystar45 says:

I’ll stick to my 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro 🙂

11cjjohn says:

No details on screen size, RAM, CPU, but hey, thanks for letting us know it has a fingerprint scanner.

TheSlicker83 says:

great review plus extra style points for the cool hair and nails.

Niklas Forslund says:

You REALLY need to include specs like CPU and RAM in these reviews!

Shikhar Kalsi says:

you can’t call it a business laptop if all it has for IO is 2 USB type C ports and no webcam.

Mingye Chen says:

Lol no camera for a business laptop???

ding lovecatgame says:

the nail is really disgusting!!!!

om jha says:

ugh those yellow nail paint that looks ugly.

Kshitij Kumar says:

1st one

Faisal Mahmud says:

why can’t laptop manufacturers get the backlight bleed away? probably one of those things that make a good laptop look extremely ugly

valent666 says:

need Dan for laptopz

Jay CHOI. says:

Too many S’s in one script

Lee Cason says:

xps 15 is better

dat boi says:

the business laptop that doesn’t have a front camera??? how do bussiness people do skype or streaming conference lol

Mr Random says:

Just buy a Macbook…

Angelo says:

when a camera on the smarthphone it is a good idea not to waste money to have it on laptop too.

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